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I'm so looking forward to this card for my coinflip deck. Works wonders with creatures like Crazed Firecat, Scionic Sliver, or Karplusan Minotaur.


It's 2019, where are the cars that can go 682mph? When will we catch up to Genesis technology?


Finally getting around to Fire Emblem Awakening. I'm fairly certain that hard mode would be impossible without the casual setting. By chapter 5 I'd be down to Chrom & Robin as my only characters.


Invasion of Privacy is a great album if you haven't heard it. It was one of my fav albums of 2018. Apparently Obama was a fan too.


A christmas themed Doom album is something I never expected to hear.


I still haven't seen the film (gonna try to go after the new year with some friends who're out of town for christmas) but this might be the first original film score I've bought in a long while. Licensed (like Baby Driver) sure, but not original.


Hellboy trailer looks better than I expected but not really blowing me away or nothing. Really would like to see del Toro finish his trilogy, even if it's just in comic form. CG in new movie looks... bad. Feels worse than in the now 10 year old Hellboy 2


So this is a thing. I dunno exactly what thing, but definitely A thing.


Googled "best christmas movies" & googles list has Christmas with the Kranks... and yet somehow felt they should leave off Ernest saves Christmas. Maybe that 1 guy at google who messes with specific search results hates it. How could you leave off Ernest?


So Capcom released the patch for SFV season 4 on PS4 before they got a chance to reveal that the character. Kage is just Evil Ryu under a new name and I could not be less excited, lol.


There is going to be an aggretsuko christmas special in 4 days and I'm just now finding out about it.


Watching Sigil stream reminded me of 1 big annoyance with Doom2016 that I doubt will be fixed; difficulty just being damage boosts. Doom 1&2 would change enemy layouts with only real change to dmg being easy mode having 75% damage. Made game interesting.


The King of all Cosmos as an assist trophy in Smash Brothers would be amazing. I dunno how well the prince would fit as a playable character but I'd be down with him as Namco's second 3rd party representative in Smash.


I don't know if I'll ever be able to play Chrono Trigger again after realizing that Robo's theme is basically Never Gonna Give You Up.


I can't decide which is worse. outright white supremacist hate speech being spread on social media or this being promoted into my timeline.


Like everyone at thanksgiving I bet spider-man will go back for seconds after he's done eating.


Someone needs to setup a Marvel vs Capcom tournament & run all of the capcom marvel fighting games. ALL of them.


"For many years we've been trying, in our own bumbling way, to illustrate that love is a far greater force, a far greater power than hate." - Stan Lee


Honestly can't believe I'm actually tearing up a little bit. I mean, we all knew it was gonna happen eventually, the man was 95, but we also all hoped he'd just live on forever. EXCELSIOR!


Made another SFV Cody combo vid. Probably my last 1 barring BIG changes(Bring back some old moves + turn around punch) in S4. I find new Cody too straightforward & boring. Hope SF6 Cody ditches all new SFV moves & just has FF moves + SFA3/SF4 moves.


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