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RIP Totalbiscuit. I never followed him & only knew about him through the whole "gamergate" kerfuffle that he seemed to jump back & forth on. Sad to hear he died so young.


Some BS. Bateman & Hale apologize to Walters personally & online & talk about where they messed up but social media drags em like they can't have to have a mistake pointed out b4 apology & it's up to internet to accept apology FOR Walters. Mob rules.


Oof. The public at large are not happy with Jason Bateman after that NYT Arrested Development interview. That's gonna be a hard one to damage control.


Although it's not the biggest one, some ppl are taking over r/thedonald on reddit, turning it from a page about Trump to 1 about Donald Glover. That reddit has ~18k. Ppl need to band together & get r/the(underscore)donald which is ~600k. Troll the trolls


Haven't even bothered with the last few boss fight challenges for SFV. They should be free to attempt & only give rewards 1x. Even on S3 char 3 losses means 10k exp reward is net loss on FM if at lvl15(trials/story/ez survival gets you there). It's a scam


Someone made a gofundme and hired a mariachi band, taco truck & got a pinata to send to the offices of that NY lawyer who went on a rant about immigrants & ppl speaking spanish. Dunno where they'll send it now that he got kicked out of his building tho.


Heard this for the first time yesterday and I immediately thought of Radiohead's Iron Lung. Given the titles and some of the topics discussed I can't help but wonder if it is or isn't a coincidence. (Iron Lung inside qpost for comparison)


This weekends Bob's Burgers was great (as usual). The end of this season marks 150eps. Bob's is amazingly consistent. EP 180 is considered when the Simpson's "Died"; the fake skinner episode. It still had a number of good eps for about the next 80 eps tho


Happy mothers day to all the fine mothers and the motherfuckers in here.


Was looking up a Strong bad Deleted gif to send to someone on twitter before I blocked em. I saw this and I realized I could actually hear it in my head. Man, Homestar Runner was/is great. Anything like this you can still hear just by looking at it?


Last Man on Earth cancelled. That's 2 of my 3 favorite shows on TV cancelled back to back. Man, and Forte was excited for S5 which also looked like the perfect way to wrap the series. But, we're getting another season of Last Man Standing! YAY! /sarcasm


For Occams. Admit it, you like at least 1/3rd of these songs.


Y'know, even 11 years later Crysis still actually looks pretty alright.


This is probably the best mashup I've heard outside of DJ Hero, Grey Album, or Girl Talk. There are SO many garbage lazy mashups out there. This is not one of em.


I thought the song was just alright, interesting but alright, when I heard it on SNL. Seeing this video tho? Whoa. Whole new opinion on it. Studio version w/video visuals is a way different emotion.


Was thinking about what big threats are out there in MCU post Infinity War arc and while I've seen a few ideas presented (most require getting rights to Fantastic Four); there is one idea I've not seen. (Inside due to infinity war spoiler).


Infinity War? Fantastic. In all fairness, there hasn't really been any BAD Marvel films, closest are probably Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 & Thor 2 and they are still solid & the most ones recent rank very high. Not feeling Venom, but I heard it's not MCU.


Even knowing that the riff being used was ripped from The Elastik Band - Spazz I still dig this a bunch. I'd have loved to have seen another collaboration between Timbaland & Hives. Their energy melds well for fun wild party music.


Watched the first 3 eps of the remixed Arrested Development. You can definitely tell it's a recut. They really had to piece together stuff via narrative exposition. It's an interesting experiment but a bit confusing at times. I think partly bc I know plot


Kanye ended up deleting that tweet. Probably cause of getting clowned on so hard. It's a beautiful piece of exploitable memeing


Arrested Development's S4 re-cut is actually getting released this week on netflix. Basically they took S4 & cut it to be more like previous seasons instead of each episode about 1 character at a time. Also added some new narrator stuff. Hope it's good.


I swear to god this is not photoshopped. I was curious what people thought about if the reality stone gave you the power to get/create the other stones & google autofilled this. Way to spoil infinity war for me, google.


There is going to be a new Prince album in September! Also, they just released the original version of Nothing Compares 2 U, made famous by Sinead O'Connor. P.S. Prince's youtube has a bunch of his music videos, previously purposely hard to find b4 death


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