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Things that Piss Me Off: No Cheats

Before the hate starts, hear me out(or read me out). I am big on proving myself skilled in games, I prestige, I whore for achievements on occasion, I even use underpowered or awkward weapons in my shooters, just to prove I can. But I miss ...


Achievements 2

The last post got fairly good response(for one of MY posts anyway). So heres a bit more to think about. Why is it considered a good thing to grind long hours on a cheap, horrible games or modes for the achievements? To stand on the words o...


On Rewards

I am a sucker for rewards, if I win I want to GET something, recognition isn't the same. I love to win something I can turn around and use, a costume, a map, a gun, even taunts and titles. My problem comes in the requirements for winning th...


Graphics, Art vs. Life

I realize that it's been just a little while since the Podtoid had this discussion, but I was struck with a thought recently. Yes, it's true that beautiful art holds up better and that you will always achieve what you had in your head with...


Ghost releases

Am I the only person on earth who tires of companies keeping quiet about details on their games? Bungie wont tell frickin' anything about ODST, and Infinity Ward has released a single video that shows basically nil. What is this? Last I ch...


About The Dr0w Rangerone of us since 10:29 AM on 03.27.2009

Ok, My real name is Josh, though my online friends remember my old tag, vote4drizzt.
I was born in the early 90s, and it was shortly after the N64 came out that I was actually able to get and play games regularly, so I missed some of the classics completely.
Then again, my affinity for games older than the SNES is nil. Either way, I am a colossal nerd, I am into Star Wars, Star Trek, every fantasy classic you can think of has passed before my eyes, if not made my fav list, and I play mostly shooters.

I have made forays into platforming, racing and other similar games but Shooters are my home, I like violence,and I have practice.
Top five games ever include Bioshock, KoToR, Half Life 2, CoD4 and AoE3

Movies are Star Wars, Riddick, Zombieland, Equilibrium and Hot Fuzz 911

I listen to All That Remains, Disturbed, Nailpoint Payment, Joe Satriani and Here Come The Mummies

I am a Christian by faith, but a lot of people don't like my way of going about this, they can get with the wind. I don't think Jesus cares about Gears of War, nor do I think hes going to strike me dead for listening to Disturbed, so I enjoy life.

College Student majoring in Computer Programming.
Xbox LIVE:The Dr0w Ranger
Steam ID:thedr0wranger


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