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Among Us is a fun time, especially playing with a steady group. The communicord game is still going, at least for now.


Fun fact: 20 years ago was not the 80s.


Am I understanding correctly that y'all declared #warfu and not a single nobody didn't even not post the Bayo?


Birthday? Birthday!


Tetris games on Super Famicom are so much better than what they released in the west, it actually makes me a little mad.


Bass's quickpost made me realize something about console generations. If a game is outside the AAA space, it doesn't register in my head as part of the gen.


In other news, I am a corrupted husk of a man




Some days I think I'm pretty good at Tetris. Other days I see things like this.


Hey look, a large H. But only one, because three is too many.


I can't let Bass be the only one to plug the Flaming Hot Jam entries, which you should totally check out. It was a great experience participating, and it's awesome seeing what fellow Dtoiders made.


But where's the little wood thing you hold? And what's that thing called?


Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! Pictured: Not the toad I'll be playing with this weekend.


Jirard knows what's up. Sonic Adventure 2 is good, even great. Also something something gfuel I guess.


Microsoft, please stop making me want Flight Simulator.


Block puzzles for DAAAAAYYYYYS


I think people would be less mad about Control if the messaging was less "Buying PS4 Ultimate Edition gets you the PS5 version free eventually" and more "Preordering the PS5 Ultimate Edition gets you the PS4 version free now."


Warm take: Metal Gear Solid VR Missions is highly underrated. The stealth gameplay kind of gets overshadowed by everything else in the main game, but the bite-size challenges really explore the possibilities and are rewarding on mechanics alone.


Twitter is garbage, but occasionally there's moments like Shatner nostalgically explaining slashfic


You know what, Battletoads looks okay. I played the NES game as a kid, and this one comes out on my birthday, and fuck it. I'm in. Time to call Gamestop.


American Truck Sim just recently added my home state of Idaho, and there's a surreal sort of fun in going places I actually know and recognize. Do recommend.


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