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How dere he? https://store.steampowered.com/app/871950/DERE%20/


Well this looks like some good stupid fun.


Happy WILFDay! Don't break anything important!


Birthday? Birthday! JCDentDay!


Can somebody convince me that the ending of Zeta Gundam wasn't... bad?


Nice try, but you're no Mario


Last night I went on a weird pro-wrestling nostalgia trip, and was reminded that Kurt Angle exists and genuinely won Olympic Gold. He sucks and I love him for it.


Stardew's multiplayer mode is pretty great you guys. A few niggling side-effects, but functional and fun.


I was bored and needed a laugh so have a laugh with me or something.


Haven't there been multiple occasions where this game was labeled "Done" and no more updates? Not that I have a problem with it.


I've kept an eye on this mod for years. It puts every HD re-release to shame, and while it's still not done, it's gearing up for a big mostly-done release in a month. http://www.re4hd.com/


I went and ate a doritos taco for LaTerry's birthday and it was exactly as goodbad as I thought it would be.


Smash Bros Ultimate, Devil May Cry 5, Metal Wolf Chaos, Kingdom Hearts 3, My Friend Pedro. #e3Top5


Fellow Smash people, now's the time to tune back into the Treehouse stream. Sadly, I cannot. But enjoy


I didn't look up Nekopara until now and suddenly I get all of those jokes.


There's been a lot at e3 I'm not interested in, but Fallout 76 is the only thing I've felt personal disappointment towards. I viewed Fallout as one of those bastions of traditional offline play, and that's no longer true. Still, Im sure it has an audience


Side effect of writers who don't actually follow games trying to keep up with e3: "Nero and Dante, the demon-hunting twin brothers..." https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/10/17446964/devil-may-cry-5-e3-2018-trailer-vergil-dante-capcom


The fact that they used political figures for this makes it real easy to see potential abuses. Yes Buster, I really think someone would do that.


Sonic Transformed did the fundamentals right. Cars handled well, items were balanced, track layouts were interesting. I'd want the next Sumo-developed kart racer even if the entire playable cast was differently-colored cardboard cutouts.


Shoutout to Adzuken, who didn't have to take time to help me out but did anyway. Thank you, kind soul.


Can I perhaps lean on someone here for tech support? I have an obscure .dll problem Ive been ignoring for a while and the Windows 10 update seems to have broken my firewall which I have to assume is related. Either that or my computer is literally haunted


We are all incomplete biscuits this day.


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Vicious Circle"Circle of Life"


Telling Lies"'Truth'"


Oninaki"Spirit guide"


Age of Wonders: Planetfall"Aiming for the moon, landing among the stars"


Witcheye"I spy with my little eye"


RAD"For once, truth in advertising"


Dicey Dungeons"Can Terry Cavanagh do no wrong?"


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Been saving up for a very, very long time but I finally took the Got my grail I can now die That is, until the next grail watch comes #AmericanPsychoDayDate


What is the best use of techno/dubstep in a games soundtrack?


*3Folks our boy Xeo is going through some His whole family If we can save one Dtoiders house this month we can save Lets band together and give this lovely family some damn After years of bs, and medical Deets in comments


When you paint a miniature for the third time and it still looks terrible:


So I apparently now work for the LARGEST leading company of insulation fabricators/distributors in Definitely lucked out

Cygnus Rush 961

Was messing around on Forza Horizon 4 and got a Cadillac limo via the Auction First thing I decided to do was fling it off the highest cliff to show my absolute disgust towards The Orange


This will be the best 2 1/2 minutes of your


is using

Riff Raff

Another one down! Just finished Baldurs Gate What a game and it makes me so sad what EA has done to Making great progress on my gamer vacation! 3 days of it Should be able to finish FE 3 Houses and Ultimate Alliance 3 by


Is anyone else finding it impossible to add comments to the QPosts right now? Edit: Of course a minute after I post this it starts working! XD



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