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Oh right while it's pacman day or whatever


I like Pacman 99, but I don't love it. Maybe with time my opinion will improve, but I don't think I'll ever see it as an equal to Tetris 99.


Boom. 120 Stars in Mario Galaxy. I'm no completionist, but this was a good time.


As much as Mario 64 has aged, socking a goomba in his big dumb face never really gets old.


The Council's decision is final.


It's a birthday ammo stash.


Life Hax


Having finally got 3dAllstars, Im finally replaying Mario Sunshine. The world design is better than I remembered, the camera is worse than I remembered, and the Fludd stuff is slightly better than I remembered. I'm having fun but this game is f l a w e d.


Happy Birthday!




Man, Ace Combat 3 makes me sad.


Since we're still doing #Indietoid, I'll drop a couple more names. N++ and Football, Tactics, and Glory


Couple of older gems for #Indietoid: Westerado and Volgarr the Viking.


It's a birthday!


This is a pretty awesome story about Mario Kart speedrunners.


I enjoyed it. Stubbs and Ninja Gaiden were cool surprises. Octotactics looks neat. An improved Skyward Sword is good. Mario Golf could be fun. I'll probably never think about StarWarsNite or DC High School Girls again. Not a blowout direct, but was fine.


I restarted Yakuza Kiwami last night. First played it a couple years ago immediately after Zero, which was a mistake and I burned out halfway through. Im reminded of what someone here said about it. "It's just as good as Zero, but not as good."


Don't run behind cars. You'll get exhausted.


Singalong time


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