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American Truck Sim just recently added my home state of Idaho, and there's a surreal sort of fun in going places I actually know and recognize. Do recommend.


I really like y'all. That is all.


New claim page for Watch Dogs 2 after Ubisoft's servers flopped during the stream. Link in comments.


Not that it's really surprising that the URL they mentioned has an actual site: https://www.thebeansteam.com/


Ok so I've been on-and-off gushing about Mount and Blade the last couple weeks, but I think I've figured out why it works for me. There's a strange sweet spot that its pacing manages to hit.


Kinda bums me out that I've still never played a rail shooter better than Starfox 64.


I did a maymay


Mount and Blade: Warband is on sale for 5 bucks right now, so I'm finally playing it. I should have played it years ago, this game is great.


PSA: That DC fighter Injustice is currently being given away on Steam


I didn't know there were three Eye of the Beholder games, but they're currently free on GOG


Gotta shitpost fast


Pet peeve of mine: Reviewers and other writers overusing "you" to project their experiences. "This ending makes you feel blahblah whatever."


I grew up on Sonic Adventure 2 but never played the first, until now because I bought it on steam. Super jank. Super fun.


This is forever one of my favorite tweets.


Team Sonic Racing is actually good. It's a bad followup to Transformed, but on its own merits it's a pretty strong kart racer.


Happy Birthday Richard the Warlock!


Garlic. Jarlic.


Finally actually played The Bass Awards after downloading it months ago. It's good and you should play it.


Happy Birthday to not-this-Torchman!


Man, I hate this Monsoon guy. I came to chop dudes to pieces, I don't want the dude that's already in pieces. More importantly, though, I'm just real bad at parrying.


I'm finally playing Revengeance and the dial starts at 11. This is amazing.


Madlad's been freestyling for a whole damn day.


Join the future, cowards.


#Dogtoid? Dogtoid. This is Casper. He wears shoes so he won't slip in the kitchen.


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