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Its been a bit folks. Life got all busy and such. Lets chat anyways though: Any favorite games you have that have not been revisited,remastered, or rereleased that you feel should have? I'll plop mine in the comments.


My GF on Downwell: "Oh hey, its that game you play where you shoot things with your butt"


The debate: Get a PS2? Or!... Get a PS3 and mod it to play PS2 games? Any thoughts?


I've not played the original Wonder Boy games but I just got my physical Switch copy in the mail. I dig heartily. Playing it is familiar.. like coming home... I can't really explain. Its a blast!


Having a conversation with the Lass consisting solely of Twin Peaks gifs. My friends, this is what love is.


If ever there was an image that best fits the term "Euphoric state" this is it. I'm dying, lol.


Got into Twin Peaks recently... Why is everyone so gorgeous in that show?! Also, I friggin love David Lynch.


Life got busy. Been lurking mostly for a bit. Y'all are lovely. Bought a 55" 4k tv... First thing I do with it? Plug in the Dreamcast and play Soul Reaver. Judge me not.


Laaaaaa-aaaaarx! Weeeeehhh-ehhhhhsssss! Like, happy berthdey dudes. Like, stay radical and stiff, dudes.


Gonna try to convince the Lass to help paint the living room accent wall "Studio Ghibli Blue". Wish me luck ;)


Still sick. Got Thai food. How much chili sauce do I put in the soup? All the chili sauce. Clear sinuses, here I come!


I think I have the flu... Again. This is the second time since after Christmas... Had a fever-dream that my pillow was going to break like a sword in BotW. Had to save the good pillow until I got home.


So, I saw "The Last Jedi"... And I'm so very hesitant to share my thoughts on it... But I do want to discuss it. Hmmm....


When you're away from Dtoid for a few days and need to catch up on your share of comments that include the word "rad".


I woke up and thought today was Monday... So turned around its hilarious.


Have a question/discussion in the comments for anyone using a DS4 on PC. Thanks much.


Can't quite shake the sad feels as of late. Which sucks because I find myself becoming more sad about being sad around Christmas... Oy.


I know exactly what people mean about the save system in MM Zero... Oy! Other than that its rad. Controls like a friggin dream!


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