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I woke up and thought today was Monday... So turned around its hilarious.


Have a question/discussion in the comments for anyone using a DS4 on PC. Thanks much.


Can't quite shake the sad feels as of late. Which sucks because I find myself becoming more sad about being sad around Christmas... Oy.


I know exactly what people mean about the save system in MM Zero... Oy! Other than that its rad. Controls like a friggin dream!


(One of) My band(s), Maid, is doing a cover of Genesis' "Mama". This is the single art. Any thoughts?


Anyone else have a problem 'over-gifting' during the holidays? I get such a high from it, lol!


I have proper internet access again! Yaaaaaay!


Anybody notice Droid eating more mobile data recently than normal when browsing on a phone?


Everyone, go read iam16bit's Panzer Dragoon C-Blog. It's right spiffy! I'm really looking forward to subsequent installments.


Budget finished. And, given the new apartment, Christmas, and school, I am set to grab a Switch in March! I'm excited!


My Glob! Deadmoon! Flanx! Happy Birthaversariy! You both are lovely!


There's lots to be said about how Sonic 4 dropped the ball. However I maintain that Sonic Advanced is the true Sonic 4. Its so damn good! I highly recommend.


Is there some huge circulating corperate memo that insists on firing talented people who make quality things for sleezbags that make gambling sims? Is that just where we're headed now? Because I'd hate for the industry to legitimize Konami's stance...


Alright Lass' and lads question: Do y'all have a favorite MTV V-Jay from back-when? Mine is Kennedy 😍


CHURROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Have a radical birthday, my dude.


My peeps, have a great night and stay safe! Also, I'm so stoked to see so many c-blogs on the front page. Makes my heart smile.


Dtooooooooid! I'd like to share with you a thing I've done. A cover. Hope Monday chugs along nicely for y'all. (Bumping post for the late comers. Plus I'm really proud of the piece)




FYI for Quake fans PC Gamer has a nifty article about what they're calling "The Most Ambitious Quake Map". It's really quite rad. Link in the comments.


So I LOVE Super Mario Land 2. It's my jam. This gives me the happies. AAAAAAAND... you can play as Luigi!!!!


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