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FYI for Quake fans PC Gamer has a nifty article about what they're calling "The Most Ambitious Quake Map". It's really quite rad. Link in the comments.


So I LOVE Super Mario Land 2. It's my jam. This gives me the happies. AAAAAAAND... you can play as Luigi!!!!


Just looking to pick brains here. Which is more aesthetically pleasing to you, the model 1 or the model 2 Genesis?


#B-b-b-b-b-b-beeeeeetoid! Have a beautiful buzzing Thursday you lovely-lovely mother f*ckers!!!


Ever have those moments where you pull your head outta your ass and see things clearly for the first time in a while? I did. And I got scared of the world for a sec. But then my mind wandered and thought about here at Dtoid... (More In comments)


Silly question: Might anyone know where one might find reprinted or reproduction boxes for (old) consoles? Its for a Christmas present.


Watched "Aliens" to try and get over my slump. I think it worked. There's just something about a six foot tall woman with a flame thrower that works for me.


Feeling a bit... Down today. Popped in Panzer Dragoon. Its helping but not a lot.


I hope the company currently known as Atari is paying attention to all the sass getting shot in its direction regarding the AtariBox. They REALLY need to do something impressive to keep this piece afloat.


I missed a few B-Day's... Best wishes to all, you lovely-lovely bunch!


DB Fighter Z looks rad. Though, I hope they keep some of the characters a secret. Like, I long for the days of getting a game and freaking out about a secret character that I didn't know was in it.


In a small burst of vanity allow me to spawn a #selfietoid... I got a haircut today and don't know how to feel about being able to see my ears again. #selfconcioustoid? Edit: image in the comments because reasons.


Its official, today is Scully Saturday! Happy Scully Saturday, all!


I hope Mario... Will finally notice me...


So, like, when people say "Nintendooooomed" now are they actually saying "Rip and Tear!"?


The GF discovered Kirby's Epic Yarn and is now hooked. Golly the music in that game is fantastic.


Its been 10 years and I JUST NOW finally understand the Wii. Like, I get IT. I get what they were doing in a "past surface level" way. Also, there are some wonderful games for it. Absolutely wonderful.


Kids... Kids... Lets be real here. The BEST Pokemon *ahem*


Finished reading William Gibson's "Neuromancer". I cannot describe how rad it was.


So many people want to link violent games to violent behavior. But what about the link between said games and non-aggressive behavior. Like, I know know plenty of gentle souls who's outlet for aggression/frustration ARE games like DOOM etc. (see comments)


Everyone seems to be on a GBA thing as of late. Got me in the mood to bust out my SP for the school semester's bus rides. Mega Man & Bass here I come!


So, I hate to do the fanboy thing but the new Metroid looks like everything I've wanted in a Metroid game since Fusion. I am so stoked.


I am in the University library when the lady in the study area next to me decides to plug in an electric kettle and boil water to make tea... THEN she proceeds SLURP so loud it echoes. It's ECHOING!!! On a scale from 1-to-even I just can't right now...


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