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Started my senior year of college today. Tis most excite. Also gonna wait for Sonic Mania until I get a switch in February. Gonna bust through Sonic Advanced in the meantime.


TMBG are like my favorites! I've seen them several times and I've met Marty the drummer on a few occasions. They're legit!


Bappy Hirthday to those celebrating thine Hirthdays.


The world is a scary place full of crazy shit. But when I'm weary of it I come here and know that there's love and kinship. Love one another. And thank you all <3


As an exercise in overcoming shyness I would like to share with y'all the record of music I've made. I'm going to C-blog about each song as they each carry inspiration from several video games. Lend your ears to the Hotline Miami inspired NIGHTY.


Mist'a Jay is best Puddin'.


Dig me... First site I visit on my new phone is Dtoid!


Poopular option: Matt Damon just made today the best!


Love this song more than I should. It's the best thing to start slapping undead around with in Dark Souls 3. Doing a deprived run as Dio!


Cj has been killing it with the DQ posts as of late. Kudos. But now I want all these games that either aren't put or I can't have...


Well, it's been a Tuesday for sure. Gonna end this one here with some Smashing Pumpkins. G'night, all.


Hope Saturday finds my fellow Dtoiders in good spirits. I feel like sharing another track with you all from the record I've been working on with my brother. We're super-proud of this one. Feedback and comments are welcome. Thank you all! <3


Hey all. Take a sec to stretch out and relax. If you have nice headphones I recommend popping on anything by David Wise and having a good night.


However unlikely, I often think to myself "wouldn't it be interesting if someone else broke into the console space". But then I think "but with what?" Anyone else ponder this?


Golly geewiz, I do so miss GamePro Magazine. I remember having such fun with it as a kid. Dtoid is kinda my GamePro away from GamePro, if that makes any sense.


HypnoBirthday Happycoffin !


A bit ago I said the album my brother & I had been working on was done. Because I love y'all here so much you guys are the first one's to hear the 1st single. It's our tribute to David Wise. Enjoy!


My apartment management effectively refuses to fix a leaky air handler in my apartment. Got sick of it this afternoon and fixed it myself. I am equal parts proud and frummpy.


So... I love interesting PC cases. However a lot of what's out there I find really tacky... I want to get me one of these SGI Fuel Workstation cases and modify if for my rig. It's glorious. Anybody want to share their rig and/or they're Dream case?


Can we take a step back and acknowledge that we have some of the very best community moderators ever here at Dtoid? Because we do. Ya'll are great. Thank you.


Is it vain to post one's own track for #musictoid? If not, then enjoy. This is a John Carpenter/Trent Reznor inspired number from the short film I directed.


#musictoid! I found these guys a while back. It's like Jazz-rock/hip-hop. One of my favs!


Yup, this is essentially the optimal use for the internet. Thank you Al Gore!


Love my lady. She wrote "Have fun. Play Doom" on the bottom of my To-Do list today. Gives me the happies! Why, I think I will play Doom then!


Made this for class last year. Just, yeah.


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