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Finally I decide to post game-related art, lol :P I know he's off model but this is just kinda a fun interpretation. I maintain that there should be a game where you go around as him and tie princesses to railroads...


We're absolutely spoiled here when it comes to community and ESPECIALLY community managers and mods. So when there's trouble, IMO, the best course of action is to rally. #Pandatoid because we appreciate you here Lass! So very much.


Lost control of my car on the freeway today on the way home from work. I kid you not, I saved the thing by remembering the Skip Barber portions of Gran Turismo 3 on how to save a fish tail. It just may have kept me alive today 👍.


All streaming games and no proper consoles, huh? Yeah, count me out. That'll just mean I can get through my backlog of games from the early 2000'S. Oy.


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