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I drew a dog for new years. Happy new stuff, y'all!


Y'all are wonderful, lovely people. This place, this website, is just such a wonderful positive little pocket of humanity.


So, these won't be done in time for Christmas, BUT, they're going to be rad AF. Lookin' good with a base coat on.


Had to curb the project a bit. Friend I was doing the PRS-style guitar for doesn't like PRS guitars 😐. Opted for the Jazzmaster instead 🤘. Prep'ed and ready for paint... Just needs to stop raining...


Dunno if I ever posted her in her final form. But this is Lydia 😍. Had my old man, who's a photographer, take some shots of her. More in the comments.


I'm absolutely loving the Games that Defined a Decade series of articles here recently. Its so amazing to see what's been accomplished in the past 10 years and it makes me so excited to see what the years to come will bring.


I feel like y'all just been sitting on these #Cursedmas images all year... just waiting, lol. And for that, I 'm most appreciative :)


Making guitars for my two oldest and dearest friends for Christmas. Gonna spoil those schmucks rotten, lol 😊👍


Made a rad score today. Japanese Sega stuff makes me happy.


Sign across the street says "Bottomless Mimosas" but I'm so tired today I read it as "Butthole Minotaurs". Happy Monday 😐.


Theory: Super Mario games are made for kids who did their homework. Wario games are made for the kids who got detention constantly. Which are you?.... I spent A LOT of time in detention 😐


I should post more... I lurk damn near everyday. I just don't post enough. I'm also really really close to spilling the beans on a super secret surprise! So yeah, here's a post 😉


I guess it's been a known thing for a bit but I just discovered how to use a treasure chest as a boat motor in BotW and I'm freaking out!


For those that know, hot damn source control is the best ever! Github is lovely!


Getting my Thursday afternoon on 👍!


I love Destructoid. I love everyone on Destructoid. And because of this love I leave you with this. Enjoy 😘.


Sans some minor tweaks to pick up height, she's all done. More pics in the comments.


I'd like to introduce everyone to one of my secret projects: Meet Lydia. She's almost all together. I suppose that'll make me a luthier when she is.


Sketching during D&D. Happy Saturday, you beautiful bastards! ❤️❤️❤️




@RiffRaff said it a bit ago and I want to mirror his sentiments that the folks at Dtoid are most fab and are most appreciated! Plus I dig the way Dtoid covers E3 the best.


Is E3 just full of heartbreak for anyone else, lol?


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