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Song makes me want to break shit and I love it. Happy Friday, peeps ;)


Occams! Happy Womb Escape Anniversary!


Weird question for anyone who may know the answer... Nier Replicant physical pre-order says it comes "Game case" but doesn''t say disk. The special edition say "game disc". Does the normal physical not come with a disc?


The hell, Sony? đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸


I miss so much when I don't check Qtoid 😞... the counsel was grand, y'all are friggin beautiful, and have a happy... yeah, A Happy Man-Sized-Rabbit-Themed Zombie Celebration!


Holy cow... why are 3DS' so damn hard to find/expensive all of the sudden? Did I miss something?


I had asked y'all about music earlier and y'all were so very very helpful. Thank you for chiming in! 🤗👍


Can I pick y'alls brains for a sec and ask where is is y'all listen to music the most? Youtube? Spotify? Old Ipod? Etc?


Boot up the Switch NES app. Girlfriend: Double Dragon 2? Why didn't they call bthe first one "Single Dragon?". This girl! đŸ¤Ŗ😂â™Ĩī¸


Happy Toy Day, y'all! 🎄đŸĻŒđŸŽ…☃ī¸


Is it okay if my GotY this year is Shinobi for the PS2? That seems to be the thing I'm liking most out of anything, really. At least rn.


I love Star Wars... But holy shit, there's such thing as Too Much of a Good Thing, right? We might be living in Andy Warhol's hell 😂đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸đŸ¤”đŸ˜


It's mad bummer when projects fall through. Especially when it's like 60/70% done. I wanted to share some stuff with you guys but it looks like it's gonna be sometime next year. Stay tuned. -Forever lurking, Deadgar ;)


Anyone else watch the G4 reunion deal? It was splendid and lovely... But also made me feel sad and old. I... Feel sad and old 👴☹ī¸


Anyone else gonna intentionally hold off on Gen1 PS5 to see if they make a... "Less massive" disc-version down the road? My worry, though, is there won't be a revised disc version... 🤔☹ī¸


Hey. Just wanted to say y'all are good peeps. Just in case any y'all needed to hear it. â™Ĩī¸


Anyone else running into tons of input lag with the Mario Sunshine re-release?... :(


Maybe it's just me but the new console launches just seem like more "stuff". Inconsequential stuff. Nothing really new or different. Just... Stuff. Am I depressed or is this a thing?


Holy hell, Devolver rules 🤘😂


Show of hands for me; so we dig cyberpunk sci-fi, Lovecraft horror, and synthwave music here right? So who's down for a triforce powerhouse of all three? Again, show of hands 👍


Done finished me another game after MONTHS. Got the final-final ending of Nier: Automata. Damn good.


I'm an old man coming in late on this one but I FINALLY played through Journey this weekend. I know, I know, way late to the party here. Regardless, I adore the game and the experience. If you haven't, most certainly go play it 👍.


I know it's probably not in question here, but I feel like it's important to state one's stance with this rather than having it simply implied : #BlackLivesMatter ✊đŸŋ✊🏾✊đŸŊ


I wanna post something... But can't think of anything meaningful... This... is such an impressive community and the bonds and friendships shared are remarkable. Stick together and support one another. Y'all are amazing ❤ī¸.


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