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No Graphics Card � Awesomenauts to the Rescue!

For the last six months I�ve had to suffer with a five year old Radeon graphics card that struggles to run even the most basic of software. Previously my old monster g-card had melted itself into a pile of slag and I�ve not replaced it du...


Words of Crom Episode 13 - A Video Game of Thrones

Returning to Destructoid after a brief absence, we present Episode 13 of our weekly (ish) podcast of games and geekery. This episode we go from Season 3 of GoT's to discussing that classic "we've taken your gear and captured you, bette...


Words of Crom Episode 2 - Toilet Habits

Had some good feedback from first episode. This episode features a discussion on favourite video game weapons going from Doom, through to Zork, all the way to Portal and COD. Also includes swearing and much argument. Please give it a list...


Words of Crom

Me and a couple of mates decided to record our ramblings. We talk about our favourite (and most hated) video game sequels, as well as debate the merits of murder, God and everything in between. And all in our cute English accents. Please g...


E is for Effort = Reward? A Cunning Blog presents...

In my last Monthly Musings blog I discussed how sex was used as an offensive and profitable tool in early online games. While the decreased cost of webcams and digital media has nullified some of the more opportunistic and shady online tr...

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Those About to Die: Dobkeratops

[It's time for another Monthly Musing -- the monthly community blog theme that provides readers with a chance to get their articles and discussions printed on the frontpage. -- CTZ]    Long ago, in the 80’s, videogames...


Resident Evil - The (un)Expanded Universe

Resident Evil burst on to the scene just over ten years ago and like the fictional T-Virus that initially zombified the Umbrella mansion-inhabitants, has continued to evolve and prosper. Devouring each new technology as it arrived, Capcom�s...


About Neeklusone of us since 2:56 PM on 03.23.2009

I am a UK based gamer and film-maker with a long history of gaming and Tom-foolery.

I currently co-host a Podcast about various mental topics called Words of Crom (available on Facebook and iTunes).

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