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Can I just point out how bloody fantastic the main theme to Mass Effect: Andromeda is?


If you're wondering where I've been recently, the answer is a combination of uni work and this place:


Some thoughts about 12h into ME: Andromeda. It's the best 6.5 game I've ever played, but I agree with the score. There are many missed opportunities, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel like a proper Mass Effect game. Combat is really good.


uuuugh. Sod it. I'm buying ME:Andromeda. It looks like I will enjoy it, shit animation aside.


Great Old One solutions connect 885/999/1085 tech support Cuthulu day. Please connect us for any type of Od Won sort problem.


What are your favourite theme songs to films or TV? Mine is this, obviously. The intro to Johnny English:


The hottest takes on ME:A are... interesting. Some love it, saying it fulfills the potential of ME 1. Some say it is awful, that there is atrocious writing and MMO fetch quests. If you thought Zelda provoked argument, brace yourselves.


My work currently feels like being stuck in a lift when someone has farted. You hate it, but know that it must be endured at least until you can give a glare on the way out that says 'I know what you did'.


If I ever have to do a modern history essay again it will be an eternity too soon. I don't know why, but the questions seem to be about as boring as humanly possible. Ancient history: How much of a dick was Nero? Modern: Consider the economic cons... zzz


The UK is out of lettuce. Repeat. The UK is out of lettuce. Do not be alarmed.


I feel like the writers of ME: Andromeda need to have watched this several times a week.


I should stop reading the comments sections of news, why I sometimes think that someone petty enough to flail madly in thinly veiled racism (which constitute a good 90% of news comments on some sites) have anything to contribute to humanity I don't know.


It's nice to see people come together for a change.


I watched Sherlock and some of Trump's address and somehow my review of each is the same gif:


You know what I'll miss most about Obama? He's an example of a good person. Regardless of his policies, his time was scandal free and he was almost everything society tends to deem 'good' - he was measured, intelligent, compassionate. Things Trump is not.


Am I the only one who does not care at all about Switch? It is competing for the same space as the 3DS, its games are far too expensive, its hardware is meh, its storefront is meh. Why are people so excited?


Well, if you were hoping to laugh at Trump rather than despair, urine luck. I bet he's now Russian to get pissy on Twitter. I can't think of any more puns, contributions are welcome.


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