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@abletothink ask and you shall receive. This is my Vita collection (finally with shelves). Not pictured is Final fantasy X and World of Final Fantasy, as those are in my FF collection. Pic in comments


I would have bought everything with this title


Just finished AI: The Somnium Files. Absolutely incredible game. I havent laughed that hard at a game in a while. And then it 180s to dark and crazy rabbit holes. Possibly my GOTY


Its only taken 10 months but it is finally on its way


Happy birthday Chris. I always look forward to your weekend motivations.


Happy birthday Chris. I always look forward to your weekend motivations.


Thanks Wes for Bear with Me. After I finish up Spyro, I'll start this up


Guys, I found Jesus and he is cheap


One of my facorite metroidvanias is getting a physical release this week. 2 wrek preorder


Got up at 6 to start smoking this chunk of meat. Cant wait for my dinner tonight


Collection of mana is up. $40. Also, physical up for preorder https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en%20/product/562426/collection-of-mana-switch


This might be my favorite alignment grid


I just got my Code Vein network test code. Check you emails. Downloading now


#drinktoid not sure I feel about this one. Definitely a wierd one. Day drinking is great though


Took the day off to take the little guy to see Detective Pikachu


I finished Danganronpa V3 yesterday and I still dont know if the ending is the biggest piece of shit or absolutly brilliant


For metal Wednesday, I flew thousands of miles to Finland to see Black Dahlia Murder with friends of ours. Should be fun


As one who wants a really shotty game to next to Night Trap, I wish this were real


Yay. Thanks to Wes, Chris and Kevin for getting my account password (finally) reset. We do have the best mods around here


I second a lot of the views on Astral Chain. I need that in my Switch right now


Happy birthday Xeo. You are good people. May your metal tits be pillowy


Has anyone ever played the Final Fantasy TCG? I bought some packs for a couple bucks for the art and dint know if it was fun or not


From the hit game Super Mario Rros.


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