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Happy birthday Wes of House Taco


The power is out in the half of my building that has the bathroom. Ill have to pull out the Spelunky hat to poop today


Can I ask: what the fuck is wrong with people??


My top five games of the year: 1. Nier: Automata. 2. Ys VIII. 3. Horizon: Zero Dawn. 4. Hatsune Miku: project Diva Future Tone. 5. Everybody's golf


Merry Christmas all you beautiful bastards. I love you all like the wierd uncles and aunts everyone has. I got a lawn mower from the wife for a gift. I'm pretty happy with that


Time to see Star Wars. Lets see if it lives up to the hype people are giving it


Come on everyone. Lets go make our own internet. With blackjack. And hookers.


Thanks @vxxy looking forward to diving into some mystery dungeons


I just woke up to find out that Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race. This means


Bob's Burgers just had a line that made me laugh way to hard: Architectural Turducken


Summon Night 6 might have some of the most emotionless voice acting, but the back of the Vita case made me chuckle. Gameplay is really fun though


I've decided my biggest pet peeve in gaming is when a game defaults to new game when you already have a save going


On Saturday, it was the anniversary of the death of one the best singer songwriters, Elliott Smith. Such a great talent and a big loss. Ive been listening to this album all weekend.


It only took a month and a half after ordering, but my Ys Vita collection is complete for now


Finished up Undertale for the first time. Did a pacifist run. Good game. Not the best game ever, but well done, especially for one guy.


The 8 year old in me is spooked out now


Made it to the waterfall in Undertale and my first impressions are... It's alright I guess. Nothing earth shattering. I'm hoping it has a moment where it gets really good, like Steins;Gate did for me


I got my copy of Undertale for the Vita in the mail yesterday. I guess we shall see if it lives up to the hype. I'm going in without ever playing and watching very little about it


Others were doing it, so here is my 4 for $40 haul from Gamestop


Mike Martin, because of you I watched a man shit while skateboarding. I hope you are proud of yourself And happy birthday


I finally tried MGS 5 due to PS plus, and.....


If you go to the instruction manual website for the SNES mini, it has the Earthbound players guide in PDF which is pretty awesome


Finally saw one of my favorite bands last night: The Get Up Kids. Ive wanted to see them for 15 years but never got the chance. I cant hear shit today and I'm a-ok with that


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