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Finally saw one of my favorite bands last night: The Get Up Kids. Ive wanted to see them for 15 years but never got the chance. I cant hear shit today and I'm a-ok with that


I know its been a few months, but this song still gets to me. I love this game so so much


So this got stealth released


The Ys VIII limited edition is gorgeous


Happy birthday Dere. Your trip through Bloodborne was really enjoyable


Knack 2 is free on psn for aussies for some reason. Cant say if it will be taken away, but you can make an accoint to try it


I'm at the in-laws all day. Please send help, video games and/or booze


Ill throw my #poketoid up for the masses. Mine was also in Spanish, but I tried to get eEnglish


Finished The Tick this afternoon. It was pretty great, chum. Looking forward to the next 6 episodes


Wow, I suck at night trap.


This might be one of my favorite headlines from a real news source


I really like how LRG is doing the Ys Origins release this week: orders open for 24 hours and all made will ve fulfilled. CE will still be limited


In honor of today, I present one of my favorite covers


Ahh shit guys. Just got my confirmation that Night Trap is being shipped. I'm scaroused


I'm really sad that one of my favorite shows is ending tonight. If you have never watches it, do yourself a favor and give it a try


@titannel great blog. I took a look on eBay and shit like this gets me pissed off


aww yeah. After2 shitty weeks of it not working, I was able to pick up Night Trap. I'm excited for some terrible gameplay and Dana Plato running around in skimpy clothes. Looking forward to many beers with this game


Wal-Mart is shit. I preordered MMLC 2, and my order says it will be available in store tomorrow. They have copies on the shelf and won't honor my pickup. If I didnt save $6 on it for preordering I would have bought it then


Unpopular opinion: I think Persona 5 is one of the weakest in the series


Fucking PayPal glitched out so I wasn't able to get oceanhorn. little pissed about that


I was going to buy Oceanhorn on LRG, and it sold out by 10:01. That might be the fastest ive ever seen one go. Need to make sure I'm ready at 6 tonight


Going through some soundtrack playlist I really really want a Parasite Eve remaster on PS4


I won this pretty sweet statue. Just need to find out where to put it in my house


Sorry for the multiple posts. I'm testing things to see if I can figure out picture posting. So here is a picture of my crown jewel in my game collection


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