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All the final fantasy games portable is nice. Oh wait, I already have all but 12 portable. I may triple dip on that one


Dere, you are good people. Have a great bday and may all your shits need no wiping


Fucked up day already. I work in Downtown Cincinnati where there was a shooting. Sorry for saying it here, but I needed someplace to get something out


I dont know which one I should start with tonight


Its a beautiful day/night for baseball


With all the series that are annualized, I wish the Hatsune Miku games had the same fortune. Id buy a new one with more songs every year


Totally forgot I ordered this almost a year ago. And it comes out tomorrow. Looking forward to ewading this tome


There is some really wierd shit on there PSN now and days


I didnt see this mentioned, but if you have Twitch Prime, which if you have Amazon prime you do, this gem of a game is free until tomorrow. Full free list of games in the comments


Excited I finally get to see what this is all about. There are still some left and another batch at 6 pm est today


This is the Call of Duty game we deserve


Nitrous oxide fucking rules. Wisdom teeth out, and now a weekend of relaxing and God of War


Happy roll of the assembly line day Torch.


Occams, I didn't know we are birthday bros. Happy birthday


Made it to Baltimore. Day drinking now. This is pretty damn good. Happy weekend everybody


I'm midway through a 9 hour road trip. Positives: I get to watch the Indians play the Orioles for my birthday. Negatives: I have God of War downloading at home and wont be there until Wednesday morning


Just finished Batman: Arkham Knight. Definatly the weakest of the main trilogy. Debating wheather or not to go for all the riddler trophies


My TV died this week after about 10 weeks of owning it. Protip for people: Element TV's are not great and their customer service is kind of shit too.


Guys, I did a thing. I picked up MK8, Bayonetta, Xenoblade and Mario and Rabbids. Only need Mario odyssey, Zelda and Fire emblem to be happy for a while


In Novemeber, one of my all-time favorite movies is going back to theatres for 3 days. I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.


I finally found a Secret of Mana rrmake song that I won't immediately change. Doesnt hurt that the original version is one of my favorite songs in the game


I like how everything has a generic download icon, except for Primm in her bikini. Had to make sure that had a thumbnail. Also, I am super excited to replay this game, one of my top 3 of all time


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