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Happy birthday Gundy. Nep Nep for life


I am retroactively adding Yakuza Like a Dragon to my GOTY list for last year. The management part has sucked me in hard. Spent 5 hours last night. Im rank 7 so almost there


I love when my old strategy guides become relevant again


Happy birthday to my Bday twin Occams. One of the best. Have a beer on me


I'm thinking of punishing myself and giving Avengers a shot as they added it to PlayStation now. We'll see if it is as bad as I have heard


Following @Derpunkel I checked and holy shit my anniversary for dtoid is today too. 12 years. That is a long time to be with you beautiful people


I would add a comment to wish dtoid a happy birthday, but I couldnt


Happy birthday Lily. You are very good people and a great part of this community


#womantoid one of the most badass from one of my favorite games of the last few years


Got a gaming laptop this week. Being able to jump into my steam collection and having Playstation Now running at full capacity is really nice. Playing Ace Combat 7 and it runs like a dream


#indietoid I have gotten back into this game hard the past couple of days


New NOFX album came out today. Pretty good and probably the best one in a long time. Listened to it twice already. Also love this video and song


Not gaming related, but a new Mars rover just landed a few hours ago. Here is its first picture


Ooh, I get to play what's in the box too


Now that yesterday's festivities are over, back to regular news stories


Dear rest of the world: I apologize that our reboot took 4 years. Hopefully we will be back to working order


The browns won a playoff game. He'll is getting quite frosty now


Walmart has a pretty nice e-deal going on. I ordered one and got it emailed about an hour later


I found this video while perusing some punk videos. I don't know what to think of it.


First game beaten of the new year: Ghost of Tsushima. Ending was alright but I loved the game play. Only need a couple for collectable things for the platinum


Happy new year dtoid. Heres to a hopefully better year than this past one


Everyone else is doing it so here is my top 5 in no order: Ghost of Tsushima, FF VII, 13 Sentinels, Maneater, & Tony Hawk 1+2. Honorable mentions: Streets of rage 4, trials of mana, immortals


watching smash reaction videos is how i will be spending my day. they are so wholesome


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