NE: Are we going to pretend Mario didnt just get murdered?
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HUH! Just beat Donkey Kong Country Returns on Mirror Mode after years of putting it off. Never doing that again, but I will be bragging about it as proof that I'm a DIEHARD GAMER #darksiders2


I'm obsessed with DKC right now. What's your favorite out of 1, 2, 3, Returns, and Tropical Freeze? Also, if you've never liked DKC, what's your reasoning behind it? I'm trying to deduce why I like them so much.


Love E3 and the Destructoid comments make it 10 times better. Looking forward to seeing what you comedy chefs cook up in the next week!


The final boss in Splatoon 2's single player was such a disappointment. Everything else was really fun though. I loved the campaign in the first one, but this time around it just felt even more refined and slick. Looking forward to Octo Expansion!


Polygon put out an awesome article about Retro Studios before and during Metroid Prime 1. I highly recommend it; pretty incredible that game even released. -


PSA, Snake Pass is exceptional. Had so much fun playing it.


NVGR. The 76ers v Celtics game was absolutely bonkers. Good lord. My heart goes out to those of you in Philly.


Showerthought. The world ends in 5 minutes. What song do you play?


I stumbled onto The Mummy Demastered's OST by accident and now I'm HOOKED. Sick beats


Question for Kingdom Hearts people. I want to play 2 (never have) but am I doing myself a huge disservice by skipping the original and the card game one? I've already played Re:coded and UX, both of which reuse worlds from KH1. Stupid Agrabah.


Smash should not be getting any new characters because we've already got Pac-Man. C'mon. The roster is complete. There's literally no reason to add anyone else WHEN YOU'VE GOT BLOODY PAC-MAN ALREADY. RESPECT THE CLASSICS YOU DOLTS


Found this the other day, made me happy.


have a great week all


To quote Blues Traveler, I like coffee and I like tea. I also like Mirror's Edge Catalyst and it's $5 again in PSN flash sale, so here I am recommending it again. also happy friday


NVGR. Shaun White just won gold again in halfpipe and it was completely absurd and incredible. Pulled a 97.75 score on his third and final run after falling on run 2. Silver and bronze medalists had awesome runs as well. Golly do I love winter olympics.


Hey random thought, does anyone remember playing Marble Saga Kororinpa on Wii? Had a neat atmosphere and a phenomenal use of motion controls. Recently remembered how much I liked it. Would love a new one.


Splatoon 2 came out in July 2017 and has sold 4.17 million copies. Splatoon 1 came out in May 2015 and has sold 4.17 million copies. That is bonkers.


Absolutely obsessed with vaporwave right now. Finding all this cool stuff.


I'm putting Mario Odyssey down to pursue the backlog after knocking out a solid chunk of postgame and revisiting New Donk City 10,000 times. Loved it. Don't think Nintendo has ever been so willing to just go nuts with Mario before. Final boss was insane.


Have a great night all, stay safe. Love and peace and asparagus men and all that.


Finally finished the first Dragon Quest Heroes and loved it, cor blimey! Slick, polished, and Dragon Quest-y.


Anybody got any recommendations for games with superb, interesting atmospheres and soundtracks to match? I would love a new world to get lost in around this time of year.


happy friday all, groove on


Yo I've never played a Mega Man. Where do I start?


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