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After the devastating loss of Kentaro Miura, I just found out that another person whose work I greatly admire, BenoƮt Sokal, the creator of Syberia among many other works, passed away yesterday... May he RIP.


Whenever I see something get hyped beyond belief, my reaction tends to be "Ok, calm down there.", to temper my expectations. And I'm glad VA-11 HALL-A did turn out to be really amazing.


I've been seeing such negativity surrounding Travis Strikes Again that I thought I'd chime in. Completed the game, took me around 18 hours, had a great time! Some actually brilliant parts in there. Will play it all again, gimme that DLC.


Looking back on my 2018 in Gaming

Now that a new year has begun and it’s (still) the season to check what everyone thought of the previous one, there’s a sentiment I’ve seen across many year-in-review lists and videos: that 2018 felt really long, for ...


I've just become aware of this OP for the Persona 5 anime and I'm in love.


Just replayed the main story of TWEWY in the Final Remix, and it's still great, but I so much prefer to play this on the DS. I had to buy a compatible stylus, which wasn't gameplay-ready, since I had to buy another one. Tried with the finger. Nope.


Unless he's pulling a Kojima, Suda just confirmed Travis isn't in Smash... Given all the content the game has and Joker's announcement, I have no right to feel disappointed, but I can't help feeling sad.


Welp, Smash still hasn't arrived... Something else did, though, so I can at least dance the night away.


That Order of Ecclesia is pretty good, y'all.


I want to get into the Dreamfall games, so I started with The Longest Journey. I played about 2 hours, but I'm not having a good time at all. Would I be missing much, if I jumped straight to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey?


So, I finished Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and wanted to share some quick thoughts on the experience (And spoiler warning)


It has arrived! That keychain is especially awesome.


PSA: Get on Steam right now and get this bad boy!


I'm thinking about buying a stylus for the Switch. Does anyone here use one? Any recommendations?


My boy is here too! (his spirit, anyway) One down, only that Travis DLC to go.


Well, well, a rather interesting assortment of games just turned up.


Motivated by Bass' latest blog about his trip to Japan and Hong Kong, here's a pic of me at Loch Ness, from my recent stay in Scotland (P.S. Nessie not included; P.P.S. Or is it?)


Let's get dangerous! (Awesome birthday gift my bro got me)


After over 91 hours, I just finished Yakuza 0! And since my pre-order of Octopath Traveler hasn't been dispatched yet, I'm thinking of turning that negative into a positive and play Yakuza Kiwami, all quick like.


I just came back from watching Incredible 2. They showed a short film at the beginning, Bao, and it's incredible. I was in tears by the end. I'd honestly have payed the price of admission just for it.


Help me out here, Yakuza fans: do you advise against playing Yakuza 6 before Zero?


After receiving Every.Single.Thing I could've wanted from previous Smash Bros. in this one - characters, stages, controllers - I almost feel bad asking for anything else. But could I have just this one thing? Pretty please? After that, I'm good, honest!


Wait a minute, with those sweet sounds, now you've got my attention.


Early 2019 is good by me! Now, I've got money burning a hole in my pocket, so announce those LEs in the meantime please (anyone else hoping for a physical Vita release, or only me?)


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Hello there, I hail from the mythical land of Portugal and video games are a passion of mine. It all began when I played the original Super Mario Bros. at a friend's house, got rekindled when my uncle got me a Saturn with a Golf game (which I never played) and has now blossomed into a very critical, but also very loving, view of this medium.

As a Translator with a background in Psychology, I love to share and reflect on my personal experience with games, be it the narrative, the mechanics or how they are perfectly in sync (love those).

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