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WonderBoy is absurdly beautiful. That's all.


And so, out of nowhere, Brave Dungeon has consumed my gaming time. I dug the Legend of Dark Witch games, but this somehow got me even more hooked. Probably the simplicity and straightforwardness.

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My favorite places in video games

[For some folks, playing a game means more than taking in the gameplay or the characters. For people like JPF720, the scenery can be just as big a part of the experience as actually playing. Join him as he revisits some of his favorite plac...


More info on the Switch SMT game on October 23. While the best outcome would be SMTV, a IV/Apocalypse remaster would be fine by me.


Holy crap! I thought one of my blogs went missing, but it seems to have resurfaced on the frontpage! I'm so glad, thank you!


Here's a cool-ass Crobat to help you get through your day and ready for the weekend.


After finally going through all the crap to change accounts on my Vita, I started playing Persona 2 EP and... it hasn't clicked for me. It's the only Persona I was missing, so I'm sticking with it until the end, but I'm not feeling it (yet?)


I'm thinking of indulging in a little madness and buy this bad boy. The game would be just an extra, basically, since I can't play it anyway.


Just wanted to quickly gauge the interest level on something: would anyone be interested in reading about game-related artbooks? I have a bunch, you can see many of them in the pic, and it's something I really dig and would like to share with you all.


[UPDATED//Answer in the comments]2 truths, 1 lie: A) I said my first swear word when I was 12; B) For the longest time, me and my brother called Wolverine "Knives"; C) I spent the entire summer of 2003 with a cast on my arm due to being run over by a car.


My last blog post was over seven months ago, but now I managed to get the time and motivation to finish one of my many drafts! Why don't you check it out? It features videogame ATMs, horses and... car brushes? (http://bit.ly/2gKb1aT)


Appreciating the Mundane

One of the basic selling points of practically any video game ever is giving the players the opportunity to do/be/experience something they probably wouldn’t be able to in their everyday life. They let you travel unknown lands, m...


Windjammers should be an e-sport. Get to it.


Here's my #Poketoid! Didn't expect Electric to be the hardest.


I'm dead


A Hokuto no Ken game made by the Yakuza team? WUT!?!


Peeps, I'm thinking about embarking on a journey thorough Rex Stout's bibliography. Suggestions where to begin?


I'm not sure when it'll be available, but, despite its odd name, I recommend you watch FFXIV: Dad of light on Netflix. I've been working on the PT subs, and I can say it's a really heart-warming, fun little series.


Shadow of the Colossus and Superstar Saga are some of the very few examples where they just need to say "It's the *exact* same game, it just looks better".


TFW that SMT knowledge makes you better at your job.


As I'm nearing the 100 hour mark in Persona5, and maybe the endgame, how about a little #Communitoid exercise ? Which historical figure would be your persona, your Arcana and elemental affinity?


Hey peeps, long time no see! With my time split between all the work, travels and Persona 5, I haven't had much time to come around here. But I just got my Syberia 3 CE and decided to hop on here to share how this Kate ain't much of a walker.


While it's more dynamic than having the MC thinking to himself, Morgana telling me I can't do shit at night because I scratched my ass too hard just makes me want to throw him out the window for obstructing my nocturne social life.




Last year's DOOM is *pretty* good.


About JPF720one of us since 3:45 PM on 04.08.2015

Hello there, I hail from the mythical land of Portugal and video games are a passion of mine. It all began when I played the original Super Mario Bros. at a friend's house, got rekindled when my uncle got me a Saturn with a Golf game (which I never played) and has now blossomed into a very critical, but also very loving, view of this medium.

As a Translator with a background in Psychology, I love to share and reflect on my personal experience with games, be it the narrative, the mechanics or how they are perfectly in sync (love those). I also have a blog, shared with a couple of friends called, The Man in the Garage, where my personal weekly column - Turbine Philosophy - can be about anything I feel like pondering over.

My favorite games?
Dark Chronicle,
Hotel Dusk: Room 215,
No More Heroes,
Persona 4,
Shadow of the Colossus,
Tales of Symphonia,
Virtue's Last Reward.

And some other ones that get the shaft way more than they deserve:
Digital Devil Saga,
Flower, Sun and Rain,
Mario&Luigi: Superstar Saga,
Shin Megami Tensei IV,
The Talos Principle,
The World Ends With You,
Valkyria Chronicles,
Yakuza 4.