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Thank you, InquisitiveRavenclaw, for such a great piece of art!


As I play Detective Pikachu on my new Pikachu 2DS, I Pikachu I was the Pikachu all Pikachu. Pikachu.


Just finished Chaos;Child yesterday. It doesn't really warrant a full blog, but I'd like to share some thoughts on it on the comments (which will have *Spoilers*)


That Super Mario Odyssey is pretty good, y'all.


When someone asks you to review an atrocious translation, you tell them it's so bad you'd rather translate it from scratch, and they retort with: "I knew there were some problems, but I didn't think it was that bad..."


Despite having a Switch for almost two weeks now, I haven't really had the time to enjoy it. Even so, who wants to be my friend? FC: SW-8284-9386-8987


Someone's at the door... Oh my, aren't you the cutest little thing? Please, make yourself at home.


TFW you schedule an internet installation for 03/01, but the dude wrote 01/03 and you have to call them because they don't understand how it was scheduled for two months ago.


The Emotional Games Awards sites ask us to "try as objectively as possible to define which games produced the most emotions in you". So, [game] produced 7 emotions in me; is that it?


Nowadays, I feel kinda bad when replaying older games because there are so many new ones sitting on my shelf. But I chose to replay killer7, so it's all good.


After escaping the clutches of addiction of Steamworld Heist by way of having finished it, I managed to finally finish and publish that "2017 was pretty good" blog. Why not check it out? (http://bit.ly/2n7iGjY)


Thank You, 2017, I Didn't See It Coming

Happy 2018, everybody! In preparation for this blog, I decided to go back and read how my 2016 year in review went. As it turns out, I decided to get straight to the point! Good decision, if I do say so myself, but this time I’d ...


Excuse me, Steamworld Heist? Could you please stop being so good for just a second? I have a 2017 year in review blog I'd like to finish writing. Thank you.


Sneak peak of my 2017 year in recap: [Best Husbando] Award


Merry Christmas, you crazy, lovable peeps!


After that whole mug fiasco, the rest of my order got stuck in customs and no one is able to give me any details for the package to be released so now it'll be sent back. What an absolute shitshow. Redbubble, definitely never again.


Welp, someone will be getting one less Christmas present, this year.


Windjammers is GET!


TFW you accept more work while already being overloaded with work and have just finished the first Nier's Ending A.


Did the Dualshock 3 always have such a great battery life or is it just the comparison with the DS4?


I finally began my adventure through the Broken Sword games, and just finished the first one. Such an hilarious game, with atrocious audio mixing (the Steam DC, at least) and the older visuals aged pretty badly. Onward to the Smoking Mirror!


WonderBoy is absurdly beautiful. That's all.


And so, out of nowhere, Brave Dungeon has consumed my gaming time. I dug the Legend of Dark Witch games, but this somehow got me even more hooked. Probably the simplicity and straightforwardness.

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My favorite places in video games

[For some folks, playing a game means more than taking in the gameplay or the characters. For people like JPF720, the scenery can be just as big a part of the experience as actually playing. Join him as he revisits some of his favorite plac...


About JPF720one of us since 3:45 PM on 04.08.2015

Hello there, I hail from the mythical land of Portugal and video games are a passion of mine. It all began when I played the original Super Mario Bros. at a friend's house, got rekindled when my uncle got me a Saturn with a Golf game (which I never played) and has now blossomed into a very critical, but also very loving, view of this medium.

As a Translator with a background in Psychology, I love to share and reflect on my personal experience with games, be it the narrative, the mechanics or how they are perfectly in sync (love those).

<Thanks to Dango for this compilation of may favorite games>

<Awesome Drawing by InquisitveRavenclaw>