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Called it!!! Very glad that Andrew Holschult is on board for Doom Eternal's future OST.


Anyone else 'member Sam Tramiel threatening to sue Sony if the PSone sold at $299? He was head of Atari during the Jaguar years, so every day probably ended with a Tums Festival.


3D Realms showing a whole bunch of great stuff. Graven looks right up my alley. Also Rise of the Triad Remaster coming to consoles.


I keep hearing this conspiracy about how protesters are being flown in to cities. It's true. Charlottesville killer killed a local. He is from Ohio. Kenosha killer was from Illinois. They killed locals protesting local issues.


I don't know why I'm not always playing an Ys game. I guess I need time to play Doom too? I don't know man. The Ys series is becoming a favorite. The games are so great.


Dayum this look gud! I gotta give it a shot. FFIX is my fave outside of (of course) VI and Tactics. Also, tho I appreciated the suggestions yesterday, I had to go w Deception IV: Nightmare Princess. I just love those ridiculous games too much.


So my ladyfriend is going out to her parents' place for a few days, I will be off, and Boy will be w his mom. Dragon's Crown, Ys VIII, or Deception IV: Nightmare Princess???


Hey. I've been hot spotting and ghosting for years, and I finally got big boy internet installed today. Pic buns-er...UNrelated.


Playing through the original Ratchet and Clank is making an example of how terribly overstuffed games are nowadays. It is so, so good.


Imagine that Trump IS actively suppressing the votes of working Americans by sabotaging mail-in voting. Imagine he expects that the virus will keep us at home as well. Oh wait...does the President WANT the virus to continue?


Whaddup. I had these and a beer. Pretty great date.


Man, I hope we get another Sly some time.


Downloading that there Ratchet and Clank Collection on Vita. After that will be Sly, then God of War. It's a real shame the Jak collection is so garbage. Ah well. Excited to play them again. Wipeout and all this is good shit.


Playing Wipeout 2048 with the two expansions. Man, that game is a blast. Forgot how much I love the series.


Hey quick question for you guys. Anyone know if Death Road to Canada can be played with a controller that lacks analogs, ie a Hori Fightpad? I want to play it w the Lady. Sounds fun.


About to start Hellpoint. Yo, it's only 2.8 gigs, btw.


Seems my older brother got a job at a halfway house. I am pretty proud of him for that. Also, did gud ber.


Cant watch the showcase w y'all cause at work, but hopefully it will be fun. Watching the stream on Giant Bomb when I can.


Carrion, Panzer Paladin, and Super Hot: MCD this weekend. Can't wait. Here is a happy picture of Boy.


Y'all inspire me. No potatoes allowed!


Man..I cant WAIT for Panzer Paladin. June 21st on Steam. Looks wonderful!


Have delicious pizza and CotM 2. Is the good life.


Curse of the Moon 2 is out tomorrow!!!


Tis my Friday, friends. Think I'm going to hit Project Warlock and Bloodstained hard tonight and watch a few horror films. Any suggestions? No torture porn.


Hope everyone is having a fun and safe day. There's not much to celebrate in America right now, but take solace in that someone somewhere is probably playing Ghost of Tsushima and/or Paper Mario for review. That's calming and neat, right?


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