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It is SO fucking awesome that I have to go online to launch Shakedown Hawaii or it just doesn't work. "I can't possibly live with having to click another icon on my desktop lol." Not when it doesn't fucking work, no. At this point it is bloatware.


I am off in 4 hours. I will sleep like Babyface. Spatz is really protective of him. She will bite my leg if I let him cry for more than a minute or so. It is sweet how mothering she is with him.


Finally replaced the couch after bed bugs. It has a chaise and a sleeper and I can not wait to be off and laze about on it all day.


I think the square footage of my shitty apartment qualifies as a tiny home so why isn't anyone eating out my asshole about how considerate I am about my footprint? I own a bicycle. I am not Captain Planet, I am just poor.


Man, I hope they put Splatterhouse 2 and 3 on that there Genesis Mini. I am already ordering the 2010 game so that I can have all of the games in one place, but that would be friggin' sweet.


Sony and MS teaming up to figure out streaming. Gross. https://www.pcgamer.com/sony-and-microsoft-team-up-to-develop-new-gaming-technology/


I am extremely proud to have Babyface's room largely finished. Reasons in the comments.


Watching Slaughter High and playing Shakedown Hawaii with a nice Tripel!


Gotta' get my physical tomorrow and then it is weekend time! Gonna' finish Shakedown: Hawaii and who knows what else. Hope everyone is having a good evening. Spatz loves you!!!


This game looks awesome. Can't wait.


Holy fuck I am fairly certain this is a hate crime, hahaha. I am not full of internet outrage or anything, I am just surprised Soul Man is being gender flipped. At least in the 80s they were honest enough to go straight black face.


There is absolutely nothing better than laying in bed with the whole family on a rainy day after a great meal. I got to do that today, and it was heavenly.


Shakedown: Hawaii is a damn fine game. Also, I made badass carnitas!


Code Vein looks like Dark Souls except with talking. Talking in games is not for me.


Pfft. People say I live in the shitty part of town. Do you have a fucking moat? No, you do not.


Ending my work week by breaking up a fist fight at work and getting two doses of incredibly baaaaad news about people I love. I need sleep and strong beer.


Why are there so many immortals in Mortal Kombat 11?


Ended up at the Nature and Science Meuseum instead of the zoo. Had a great picnic and embarrassed myself with Boy. It was nice.


This is a damned good album. If you dig noisy industrial, give er a listen.


Reel this guy in. Stop letting him get on stage, and maybe even stop letting him get online. I mean...this is cocaine, right? Sure seems like cocaine to me.


Made some badass food for guests. I've had the best days off in years this week. Tomorrow, we are taking Bayface to the zoo. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Eat good food. Go to zoos. Drink awesome beers.


Got American Mcgee's Alice on my PS3. Ladyface has never heard of it, so this should be an interesting night. Hope y'all are having a good one!


Sam Sho 2 is my favorite fighter, and playing it proper (my bestie has an MVS) recently made me wonder...imagine if 90s fighters get a renaissance like 90s first person shooters are. A new CPS3 title would murder me like seeing Ion Maiden did.


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