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I am smiling...shut up. Hope everyone is doing alright in these trash fire times. I'm taking off to some hot springs for a few days with Lauren cause all work and no play makes Justin something something. But really, hope everyone is well.


Ys. Think I'm just going to play Ys games forever now, byeeeeee.


Tis my Friday, and I have empanadas. Tonight is Ys VIII and beer. Good shit.


I don't know if Ys going all horny waifu or the Shining series going all horny waifu is worse. Stahhhhhp....please stop.


A buddy of mine was willing to sell his PS5 to me for $450. I really, really wanted to do it...but I decided to be an adult and prioritize a new bed, pillows, and comforter. Honestly incredibly excited for it.


Guess I don't need to wonder anymore. https://www.npr.org/sections/congress-electoral-college-tally-live-updates/2021/01/07/954410419/how-the-u-s-capitol-mob-was-treated-differently-than-earlier-black-protesters


To everyone who predicted that Trump supporters would take his loss well, it was always obvious how this would go down. Maybe if Daren or Karen are "martyred" by our sloppy police, real change will happen?


Tonight I am having beer and New Vegas. Lauren brought me McDonald's breakfast. The life.


Damn. Some of this hits incredibly hard and with pinpoint accuracy. You ever see these things, RUN.


Seriously, would anyone here not buy a PS2 if they started producing the console and pressing discs again?


I just want to thank everyone that exploded things and who keep exploding things while your emergency dispatchers are working. We appreciate not being able to sleep. Also, as a combat soldier with ptsd, thanks.


Boy and me at a Botanic Gardens XMAS thing. Full diaper bag and stroller garb, ladies. Glad we got out for a bit. Definitely not enough of that this year.


This lady shows up for my lunch break w homemade guac, salsa, and taco salad. How fucking lucky am I?


Looks like I'll be skipping Ys IX. Those characters...those characters are not for me.


I'm replaying NV as soon as I finish The Outer Worlds. I have some thoughts, but really need to juxtapose them w NV.


I think a lot of folks who claim that we live in a "nanny state" have really short memories, cause back in myyyy day, films like Less Than Zero were condemned for "glamorizing drug use." Just look at this literal crime against humanity ..


Merry Christmas guys and gals. When I'm done at work I'm doing gifts w Lauren then going over to her mom's house for dinner. Pretty excited for it all. Hope you all are safe and well and with the loved ones you want to be with. 2020 is almost finished.


The Outer Worlds is a great surprise for me. It is not quite Old World Blues, and I miss real VATS, but it really pops visually and I love the characters. Weird that I'm hunkering down w DQXI and that at the same time.


Lest favorite baddie in a game? Always and forever, fuck the Archvile.


Panzer Paladin, Doom Eternal, DQXI, Project Warlock, Hotshot Racing. There. That is my thing. This year was pretty great for games if ya' knew where to look. I don't have a way to play Hades atm, but I can't wait.


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