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#depressingbutbeautiful Blues Funeral is a favorite album. I sing this to Boy when putting him down for the night. See also Boy Harsher, She Past Away, Black Marble, Xiu Xiu...


So Project Warlock is coming to consoles in June. If you haven't played it, check a look! It's wonderful.


Love the new shirt. Katey got it for me. Good shit.


Every time I see myself w this gaiter on I feel like an NPC that the devs didn't want to waste facial animation resources on. Corporal Super Important Character.


Back from the ranch. Dead tired. Boy got to chill w animal friends tho, so that's cool.


80 miles on the bike this week, and pretty stressful work. Wish I had time to relax with Huntdown and Ion Fury, but helping out on a ranch this weekend. It will be good for me and Boy. Hope y'all have a good weekend.


Ion Fury has been released on consoles.


My commute home today. Of course a lot of this is estimated. Still good to get exercise omw home, and nice to keep moving instead of waiting on the bus to serve other peoples' stupid needs. In 90 days imma' be carved outta' wood.


Had to help someone out that lost their job because of the virus. I know it's not classy to spread that around, but that really saw my family just barely squeaking by. This dude owns a game store in town, and he rewarded me handsomely.


Bike commuting for the next 6 months or so. Until CO gets dumb and snowy. It will be 16 miles a day at least. Pretty excited to see how that works out for my health. Busses are full of scofflaws, since Denver stopped charging fare.


#UnpopularOpinion A lot of JRPGs are made as ecapes for Japanese 14 year olds with dull, unfulfilling lives. They are as pandering as Twilight.


I won Cloudpunk but ain't got no way to play Cloudpunk. So here is the Steam Key. ZY6WX-2YIQ2-IBT7C


If you have never played The Red Star (PS2/PSP), ya really ought to. Great beat em up w shoot em up elements! Also playable on Vita.


Streets of Rage 4 is a blast, but kicks me out to the XBONE Home menu and resets the game when I finish a stage. It only does this when I am using my Hori Fight Commander (basically the Fisher Price version of a Saturn controller). Weird.


Was the WiiU or the Vita more disappointing? By that I mean, which had the most squandered potential? I got both at launch, but I have to go with the Vita. I sold one because of the memory prices, forgot, and sold the next one for the same reason.


Don't suppose anyone here is selling a Vita in good condition for a reasonable price?


Gotta get on this when I can. Looks like Oddysey 64 came together really well.

[youtube] https://youtu.be/pAFxi6nuD80[/youtube]


Nihilistic prediction for the Mario 3D All-stars rumors: it will be a port of Mario All-stars, but in the NSMB engine.


Maple syrup has wired my child. This pic is the best.


Got all the Slayer Gates done and made it through Nekroval, which was a fucking masterful level. I don't want the game to end.


I think I look much better now that I dropped the twink prostitute vibe.


So this may be unpopular, but so am I...RE4 doesn't hold up, and that is the RE I'd be most excited to see remade.


I hope people start appreciating those workers that this country often looks down upon. Our corporate office emptied real quick when this all went down, cause they are salary. A lot of folks I know are stressed from missing 08 to 40 hours of wages.


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