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I am surprised as hell by how much I am loving Sigil. Good weapon, enemy, and "puzzle" (let's be real, they're Doom puzzles) escalation...especially for a WAD set in hell. It has kept me on my toes, and made me curse Romero a few times. Great fun. Play it


Damn I am hyped for DOOM Eternal. Shit looks and sounds incredible.


Anthem is Destiny's white trash neighbor.


Think I'm going to buy a prefab home since there is so much competition in my area. And now I've realized that tiny homes and prefab/storage container homes are just churched-up trailers. Like, they're just trailers...but in their Sunday best.


So there's a Big Lebowski spinoff happening? I hope every character in this one isn't a total trash fire of a person. I don't get how much folks love that first film. It's full of assholes. (Cue "your opinion" meme)


My schedule is switching to days. Been looking at puppies. It's going to be fun to have one around, and they are great for my brain and for Boy. Can't wait!


Snow day. Boy is sick. Watching trash.


Not sure who my tax app is talking to, but I don't know any of my peers who earn 13K more than me and who have 720 credit scores. Maybe that's it...it's all THEIR fault.


Just ordered JSRF, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Crimson Skies. Having a 360 in the house means I am amassing a pretty decent OG XBOX collection. Need to find Orta for a reasonable price.


So, with ActiBlizzard owning all mods made to Warcraft 3: Regurgitated, people understand that this lazy shit pile was put out there because ActiBlizzard wants to steal and sell modders' content...I mean, people get that, right?


Hey! My buddy met Chuck Palahnuik and he got me this neato signed book! Rad! (my friend is playwright/writer Damien Roos, holla)


Started my new job, and people have been talking shit about owning each other in Smash. So far so good.


Excited for Doom, even more so for Prodeus.


Doom Eternal will have no microtransactions.


He runs around with this box on his head like it is the most fun thing ever. You can't see it here, but I drew monster faces on the front and back.


Find you a partner what drinks the French dip broth...


Hot take: Doom 3 was okay before the Duct tape mod (ie shoulder-mounted flashlight), and ruined completely by BFG Edition.


Dying Light 2 delayed indefinitely. Welp, at least Doom Eternal is still on track???


Anyone out there know if I can play the OG XBOX version of San Andreas on 360 with an OG XBOX San Andreas disc, or will it just install the awful 360 mobile port like the digital OG XBOX version does?


Great interview with Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Dude is really down to earth and open...and he has a Last Dragon poster in his office, so he's alright by me.


I am loving that so much of Doom Eternal's OST reminds me of Jesper Kyd's early work. Particularly the Batman and Robin Genesis soundtrack. Great, great stuff.


Hey, sorry to post so soon after my last, but anyone know how to make dat BC work on an XBONE? It keeps telling me it does not recognize the disc, but it is Halo Anniversary, and you know that shit is compatible. XBONE is updated, fyi.


I am a garbage man. Eating Taco Bell, drinking a Rockstar, and playing Far Cry Primal. Never trust my opinion on anything ever.


Gotta love it when you order a new game directly from the publisher and the bonus materials promised on the box and the listing are nowhere to be found. Guess it's off to ebay...


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