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TIL that my son dances to the Final Fantasy battle music. That is all the excuse I need to binge FF. I have never been so proud. Also holy shit FF music y'all. No matter what, it will always improve my day.


I really think Phil Spencer righted the XBONE ship...but the launch of the Series X versus the PS5 is almost comical. Astro as pack-in reminds me of Super Mario as pack-in. It's that good. Also, Demon's Souls has to be one of the best launch titles ever?


Still working the same dispatch gig, but I'm fucking donnnnne w this place as soon as I can find something else. They just majorly fucked over a bunch of their people and I just can't anymore. I will vent in the comments at some point I'm sure.


Eric took a little cat toy from outside someone's porch. Dude came out and said "Excuse me, that is my cat's toy." I said, "oh dude sorry he's two." He scoffed and said "You're trying to raise a thief?" I handed him back the toy and said "cat burglar."


I just ate empenadas. May you do the same asap.


Filling up the Pentagon with Trump loyalists points to something incredibly scary. Voicing this sentiment to my friends on Qtoid is not fear mongering, btw. Scaring your spporters to the point that they will also support a coup is fear mongering.


Devil Dice is so amazing. This game should be celebrated a lot more. It's addicting as hell and just brilliant.


A lady friend of mine told me that it was amazibg for her to tell her 13 year old daughter that we have a woman VP. It was touching.


So, again, WHEN Trump loses this election...oh, he did? By historically huge margins? WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED THAT???? Ahem.


The irony of "Don't mail in your ballots" and getting crushed by mail in ballots. OF COURSE he did not understand that a lot of people, you know, work for a living? So they have to do that? Hope ain't Teflon Don after this, but he's rich so yeah...


Methinks it's a FFIX kinda day. It's just soooooo good, guys. Like Ocarina charming.


I had no idea that I was into seeing elderly white realestate moguls getting stompfucked, but here we are. You are all invited to my coming out party.


Oh please Jeebus who art in Outer Heaven, Galford be my main...just pleeeeease let Trump win the popular vote and the lose the electoral vote. I would just, I might die ya'll.


I'm way too sober for whatever bullshit is going to go down with this election. Stay safe everyone.


Just picked up a few things from storage cause I requested the two days after the election off. I really wish my ps3 played PS2 games, cause that's a damn fine collection too.


Here is Spatz to make your day better.


Waiting in line to vote in the US is fucking insane. Man with very loud n proud gun on his hip heckling the entire line. Cool so that's legal. He jumps into a car with Arizona plates. I really thought I fought for better than that. It's all such a joke.


Wait. That Astro's Playroom is a Playstation skinned Mario Sunshine style platformer? This...looks kind of amazing.


We are preparing our hospitals to respond to active shooters and other crazy post-election violence. Cool.


Decided to go ahead and get one of these lovely rg350ms instead of hacking my Vita. It's just in such amazing condition I don't want to mess with it at all. A coworker showed me his rg350m, and I fell in love. I can play Playstation Doom on it!!!


Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods is great. I understand that it is endgame content, but it has an issue with enemy escalation so far. Same problem in poorly thought out Doom mods. Don't throw an Arch Vile at me so soon. We'll get there, but ramp it up first.


So, when Trump loses this election, there will be violence. I'm interested in seeing how the pigs treat those people versus how they treated the BLM protesters. Maybe if Karen gets maced and beaten w batons plural, something will actually change.


Rudy Giulliani got busted by Borat. He was fondling his genitals in front of who he thought was a journalist (???), but who was actually an actress in the sequel. You know what this means? Giuliani for President 2024.


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