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Waiting in line to vote in the US is fucking insane. Man with very loud n proud gun on his hip heckling the entire line. Cool so that's legal. He jumps into a car with Arizona plates. I really thought I fought for better than that. It's all such a joke.


Wait. That Astro's Playroom is a Playstation skinned Mario Sunshine style platformer? This...looks kind of amazing.


We are preparing our hospitals to respond to active shooters and other crazy post-election violence. Cool.


Decided to go ahead and get one of these lovely rg350ms instead of hacking my Vita. It's just in such amazing condition I don't want to mess with it at all. A coworker showed me his rg350m, and I fell in love. I can play Playstation Doom on it!!!


Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods is great. I understand that it is endgame content, but it has an issue with enemy escalation so far. Same problem in poorly thought out Doom mods. Don't throw an Arch Vile at me so soon. We'll get there, but ramp it up first.


So, when Trump loses this election, there will be violence. I'm interested in seeing how the pigs treat those people versus how they treated the BLM protesters. Maybe if Karen gets maced and beaten w batons plural, something will actually change.


Rudy Giulliani got busted by Borat. He was fondling his genitals in front of who he thought was a journalist (???), but who was actually an actress in the sequel. You know what this means? Giuliani for President 2024.


Doom Eternal's first expansion is out today. Pretty hyped for that. Also, getting new glasses on Thursday.


Watchdogs 2 is like a lot of Ubisoft games. It looks good and has some cool shit to do but it feels pretty bad to actually play.


Eh, someone sent me Watchdogs 2?


Man, I am legit impressed with just how much better Darksiders 2 is on 360 vs the current "Deathinitive Edition." I know I have said it elsewhere on here, but it's just night and day. Wish I could get a refund. The game deserved better.


Had a date tonight and that lady had orgasms. Am good boy (Pat's self on head). Also, we go to her place and she had Spyro PS1 on pause? I...did I die? The point is she deserved the orgasms! Lots of fun.


Our President is denying g a second stimulus until he is reelected, when he says he will pass the most embiggenested stimulus ever. He is trying to literally buy votes.


Automatically began erasing messages from a coworker because I'm used to having my phone gone through. Realized that I was doing it and stopped. Then I realized that I have been using fake names on this thing for eons, and changed that too. Freeing.


My son noticing that his nurse is a pretty lady. Terrible flirt. Not based on performance. He always wins their affection. He just can't stop himself with the ladies. It's a family curse, all the groupies. Something serious in the comments.


Damn. That there Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition (#Darksiders2) sure runs like assssssss. What a shame. I really like that game.


Trump got The Rona. Boy just over an ear infection. Pretty good day.


Flinthook and Tribute games are such a treasure. Also, she came up to me and said "Dammmmn bro. You into cutting? Cause you've been leaving tiny, superficial scars on my mind alllll day.." and showed me the screen while she took the pic. The best.


Focus Home Interactive publishes those mid-tier games we don't get much of anymore. Give em a shot...


Starts to post. Can't stop staring at fingers cause on lsd. You're right, fingers, I will stop there.


What does Your Favorite Series: Nuts 'N Bolts look like?


I know Naughty Dog kind of fancies themselves as, you know, auteurs or something, but playing Jak 1 makes me wish they'd come back down to Earth for a bit.


I got Skyrim again just for the novelty of playing with mods on a console. Rhat's probably weird. I always play through a few quests, finish the mage college, and lose steam. Gonna try something else this time.


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