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Took care of fussy Boy all night, so no sleep. Lauren worked two doubles in a row so she needed it more. Then I spent all day vetting info for my clearance w Boy in tow. Got fingerprints done, and I come home to a 12 pack sampler from my favorite Brewery.


Check out my new whip. It has third row seating!


Remember, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Unless there are several highly trained good guys with guns. Then it's like a too many chiefs situation or something, cause these bad guys were not stopped. Weird.


My first transition lenses. Love em. Lauren has worked doubles for a few days now, but we get a few days together this week and I can't wait. We are trying to do the adult thing and date a year before moving in together. Not easy. It's my weekend!


It's kind of ridiculous that it's taken me so long to realize that I prefer portables roughly 99% of the time.


Holy shit, The Intern is mad street. MC Gallows! Wickee wickee...oh. M G...carry on.


Well Damn, Premium Edition games. Looks like I will be coming back.


Hmm. I have shrink-wrapped copies of Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown for my Vita. Guess I'll be holding on to those.


Ordered a fancy new rg351v w woodgrain to pat myself on the back for landing the gig. Sexy, ain't it?


When you succumb to clickbait that promises "Willem Dafoe as Joker in new Robert Pattinson Batman!!!" I would ask how someone can fuck that up, but this is how someone can fuck that up. Also the artist clarifies: "Done in Photoshop," case you didn't know.


I love these small games getting physical releases on Switch. One of the kids had their hockey tournament cancelled today, so I ordered this. Looks rad!


Oh, sorry I didn't see you there. I was just thinking how I smashed that interview.


Got an interview with Homeland Security for dispatch on Thursday. It would be a hell of a pay raise (around $12,000). I have to do a criticall, but I'm good at those and good at my job in general. Wish me luck.


It's my Friday. I look good. Hope all of you are doing well.


Finally got my bike and assembled it. It's a great ride, though some adjustments to gear and whatnot might need to be made for comfort. He was yelling WOOOHOOOO the whole ride last night. Commuted into work this morning a lot faster. Pretty happy with it.


Either MH is incredibly dense or I am. I am really enjoying it, but some stuff makes no sense to me so far. I have a feeling it's one of those that will click and I'll fall in love though.


Damnit. So I gotta buy this dumb thing.


Saw this and had to grab it. It came w a manual and keychain. It's dumb, but I'm excited about that last bit cause I'm buying a new car. My brain is weird.


No yeah that's all legit for sure. Balan Wonderland. Universal Acclaim!


Fine. Ordered that there MH Rise. It just looks too good. Should be in on the 30th, so I will be bothering some of you to play then. I'm always in for Doom co-op, also (Switch or XBONE).


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