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Waiting for the 90s FPS renaissance games to hit consoles is painful. I need to replace my laptop, damnit.


I made new friends that invited me over and they are rich people. Like, stupid rich. I had them over to my place last week, and we ate lasagna on patio furniture. Currently in their bathroom, and am scared to fart. Someone help.


Playing Curse of the Moon. Damn, damn fine game. Not sure if it will surpass Odallus as my favorite old-school Castlevania like...but it's real good.


If Shenmue 3 had a Dreamcast graphics option, I would be so down. It's weird. Similar to how I feel about every Starfox after the original. Losing the old aesthetic makes the games less interesting.


Gotta' congratulate Civvie for 100k subs. He has one of the best retro fps channels out there, and this was a treat.


Guess who broke his television right after he got some games he is really excited about? This dirtbag right here. Broketober...


Man, friggin' Dragon Quest XI is making me consider spending money I should not be spending. Don't have the time either, really. The Switch is just unfair this year. Too many incredible games.


It's like Slain...with guns. And also really good. Early Valfaris reviews are positive. Pretty psyched for it.


Blasphemous time! Been looking forward to this one for quite some time. Also, don't punch Batman. Dick.


Tomorrow is Blasphemous. I can't wait to dig into it. Also, surprising my lady friend with an XBONE controller so we can co-op some Guardian Heroes and River City Girls. It's been a stressful week, so the days off are much needed. Hope y'all are well.


My favorite part of Link's Awakening is that when I press buttons, Link does stuff in the game!


Got Shakedown Hawaii on my 2DS! Looking forward to playing the hell out of it. This year has been crazy full of games that were made for me.


People that leave their yapping idiot dog on their porches while they work...


Working with that guy that only wants to talk when I am reading. Taps my shoulder and I'm like...


Crazy to have River City Girls, Blasphemous, and Creature in the Well just waiting for me to have a few days off. I can't wait to dig in on my weekend. RCG and Blasphemous look like the best Saturn games that never released, and I'm all about that.


Giant Bomb claimed on their recent Bombcast that 2K denied them a review copy of BL3 due to the tone of their E3 coverage. This, plus Randy, plus sending goons to Youtuber's homes, plus Epic exclusivity, plus dubious review builds? I'm good.


I LOVE my new place. Just found out they added a gym next to the library, and it is 0.8 miles away. $21 a month too, as it is a county dealy. Really really happy here.


Me: I dunno, all Dynasty Warriors games are too similar and what's there is too monotonous. A friend of mine that likes Dynasty Warriors: Yeah, but when you do the same thing over and over for hundreds of hrs, those small changes really add up. Me: ...


I don't know how to confess...but I think I just had a deep dish that I liked better than my favorite east coast slice. I was raised in Virginia, but was born in Illinois. So confused right now. She was very happy w me taking the pic...


Got my new place. Paid deposit plus rent here and last month's rent at my old place to ease the transition. Very thankful for my job and my family right now.


Yo, she plays videogames ya'll. And this was a conversation from earlier. This was a good night.


This is Katie. We are going to get some thai food tonight. Not nervous at all. Pic in the comments, apparently. This place is getting weirder with what it wants to post and what it does not want to post.


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