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Spineless. The idea here is that choosing to play as the female character will communicate solidarity with victims of the systemic abuse that has festered at Ubisoft for ages. That way, you can still buy the game!


Please fix this somehow. These chick's follow me around the site and I can't close the ad. Starting back at my old place tonight. I love it there, so I'm really happy for that. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Repost for the day crew because it was cool: When BFG Division kicks in...at the circus. This happened tonight. Lost it. Great date.


When BFG Division kicks in...at the circus. This happened tonight. Lost it. Great date.


Wow. Fuck you too, sound of Metal. Gotta love it when a movie just stops instead of ending.


Damn I love Link Between Worlds.


Seymour is an alright dude, I guess. Thanks bud. I got Bangaio and LbW at my local, he sent the rest.


I'm going back to my old job in hospital dispatch. I love this work and I am good at it...but I can't work with these Blue Lives Matter Karen ass motherfuckers.


Today I heard "You can tell Nintendo is ashamed of Skyward Sword because Nintendo kept nothing from it in BotW." So that's not true. I just said "Nah, there's some stuff. Also maybe watch the 2021 e3 BotW2 trailer." SS ain't the best, but that was silly.


Got tbe night all planned out. God, I can't wait to get lost in this.


Ar the arcade tonight. Good shit. I miss these places. 1up in Denver is pretty legit.


Did you know that Mortal Kombat is based on an old Scandinavian folk song? A Finnish hymn...


I know it's not the best in the series, but I'm always happy to play Zelda. C'mon Friday. I only played SS for about three hours, and I'm pretty much unspoiled at this point.


I think it's probably weird, but I prefer to play almost every game ever on my Vita before any other system. OLED and great feeling controls, sure beats the Switch imo. Still buying that OLED Switch though. I imagine I'll have to move on eventually.


Am playing YS IX. And I have booze. And I found the best wing place out by my lady's place. Good day.


The idea that fans of Assassin's Creed are clutching their pearls cause it's going to be a GaaS is just weird. Like, even from the outside I saw that they were grooming players with color-coded loot tiers and progression modifiers and all that. C'mon.


I would like Chinatown Wars or a sequel to Chinatown Wars on my Switch pls. That is all.


The kids ate playing Asphalt 9. It looks fucking great, but what's up w the monetization? Can I just throw some money at it up front and ignore it from then on?


Rumor is that id is rebooting Quake...w help from Machinegames. Ugh.


I'm sick. So I'm binging Civvie11 and playing games while the family has Holiday fun. Could be worse. I don't usually do this, but check out his channel. Guy is pretty hilarious. Also here is Eric chugging Doritos.


This made me squee. Death's Gambit on Switch! Looks rad af.



My pozole and Lauren's chili rellano nachos. Local IPA. Good shit. Going to karaoke and then going home to play a game.


Oh also, get Necromunda: Hired Gun. It's fucking dumb in the best possible way.


id is helping Arkane with Redfall, so the shooting will be there. I'm happy for that. The line is it's both single and multi-player. Arkane plus id means I'm interested. Quakecon is Aug 19, and Quake is 25 this year. Quake 1 reboot pleeeease...


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