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One thing about my place of work that makes me extremely proud is how well we feed needy people. This was a damned fine meal. Happy Easter!


Maaaaaan, I am looking forward to my days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am going to be such a trash person, all day. Eating taco bell, drinking soda, and playing games. I can't wait! One twelve hour shift and one eight hour shift to go!


Oh, that's a good sign... https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18411123/gamestop-trade-in-program-full-credit-refund-48-hours Edit: the funny part is that Days Gone is launching this full credit trade-in program.


Wolfenstein: The New Order is 60 fps on PS3. Ordered that more out of curiosity than anything else. I like weird ports, and I am pretty familiar with the game. Should be interesting. Also, have a great weekend, if you get one. Mine starts Tues morning.


Eric got his vaccines, so he is autistic now. Nah, just sad and annoyed at the pain. They are going to hang with my family in Md for 10 days or so while I keep working out here. I know they will have fun, but I will miss them. Jealous, to be honest.


@Wes does not really like Tacos. It's a front. A pointless front that accomplishes nothing, but a front. His taco farts are crisis actors.


Edit: The game requires an always-online connection so it can get fucked. Here's some MK11 Switch gameplay. Looks smoothe, and that is what counts. https://youtu.be/VpwHvWbRjpc


A new Star Wars only effects me in that the internet gets a lot dumberer for a few years.


When you definitely have one of those jobs where everyone smokes but you, so you are the only person that does not get breaks. I wish I could say "I am going outside to stand in place and be cynical about my life" and have that fly.


This is Eric saying "please do the thing where you hold me upside down and act like you are eating me."


Did I mention how good Nocturne is? Just...goddamn. What an incredible game. Having a blast.


SMT Nocturne is soooooo rad. I miss these kinds of SMT games...


Did you know that Chestnut Bennington (lead singer of Papa Roach) got a post-mortem tattoo of a period? Well played. I guess he meant it when he said "It's kind of hard when you ain't got no friends He put his life to an end They might remember him then."


Not sure why the post that I wrote about this earlier was expunged from the internet, but here: Kids don't need their games to be as easy as the Yoshi and Kirby games. Give them a little more credit. We grew up with hard games. They can take it.


Revisiting Demon's Souls. What a great game. The atmosphere is second to none. It ain't perfect, but I love it to bits.


Monlith Soft is hiring for a new Legend of Zelda. Let's hope they get weird. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/xenoblade-dev-hiring-for-new-legend-of-zelda-proje/1100-6465888/


Spiderverse is incredible. I am surprised because a lot of people that said it was great said the same thing about the Marvel and DC flicks that are so meh for me. Only issue I had was the licensed tracks. The og compositions outclass them by leagues.


Why in the ever loving fuck would the God of War PSP games be seven to nine gigs each (and download only...raggin fraggin...) in the PS3 GoW collection? Just wat. Anyway! Demon's Souls and two days off are just what I need. Hope everyone has a great Tues.


Nintendo is launching two new Switch models. One streamlined model for kids, and one "pro" style model... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/3/25/18280482/nintendo-switch-2-new-model-release-date-wsj


Strange that the only packages USPS did not deliver today were the ones that weighed over 50 lbs...and that they left a note saying that I was not home, even though everyone in my family has been home all day. Scrublords.


Holy shit I had no idea that Deception IV was on PS3. Ladyface is going to squee with glee. Her birthday is coming up, and that will do nicely.


I mostly skipped the PS3's library, so I am pretty excited to have one in my home. We decided that we are going to improve our gaming/movie space with surround sound, 4K, and a bunch of other improvements. Soooooo, PS4 and Sekiro will have to wait. Doh.


Ya'll should not sleep on Hypnospace Outlaw and Baba is You. I know everyone is playing Sekiro, but these two are going to be mentioned a lot during GOTY discussions. Really great games.


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