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People that hate BotW's weapon break system: 1) You can mark where you find each weapon, on the map. Do that... 2) You can hold your favorite weapons in your home. 3) Those weapons you find that are rad...respawn at each Blood Moon. C'mon.


Just skimmed through a Game Informer. What a bunch of soft horse shit. They gave NBA 2K18 a fucking 9/10 and did not mention the micro-transactions once. They also praised the facial capture app. Here is Alex Navarro, in game. Actual Alex in comments.


The Lost Woods in BotW may be one of my favorite Lost Woods yet. Such a subtle little puzzle to work out. Got my Master Sword too. I am glad that I have stayed away from Let's Plays and video reviews.


Second Divine Beast defeated, first Lynel killed, home purchased and furnished. I am about 65-70 hours in, and I still look forward to playing BotW. Edit: Also, fuck EA, always and forever.


Thinking of the Pokken controller for fighters instead of a stick. Thoughts?


"Nerd" culture could use more of this, because it is just pop culture now. I didn't realize that The Last Jedi trailer ran during an NFL game. That is...too perfect.


I fucking love that all these Neo Geo games are coming to Switch. Can't wait to get a proper fighting pad. Now give me Samurai Showdown II. I forgot how much I loved this series. I just adore the pacing.


Oh, and any suggestions on a good arcade stick for Switch? Sam Sho derserves the best.


Ha. Apparently, this is a management position. Score.


I love it when YouTube forgets that it holds back features from normal, non-Red users that it used to offer for free. It happens pretty often for me. Currently, it is playing the Co-optional podcast audio in a separate tab.


My Switch"Friend Code" (shudder) is SW-4685-7066-6797.


It is weird that 5 years ago I was in charge of 180 Army soldiers, four White House Communications links, and some times got shot at and now I am nervous to start work at an organic grocer. I blame the getting shot at part.


Eventide Island was a blast. It is a brilliantly designed challenge, and it shows how confident the developers were in BOTW's systems.


Landed a full-time job. I meet the team on friday. This is part of what I hope to be a significant and healthy life change.


When yer significant other can polish one of these off, you are doing something right.


Watching Manborg tonight. Looks fun. Maybe Wolfcop too! Rooooar! Boo! Boarrr!


How did I not know that Samurai SHODOWN (teehee) IV was on Switch??? Maaaan, that game is dope.


Snowing in Denver. You know. Cause it is OCTOBER 9th? Fucking done with this place. I miss fall.


Whether you like the guy or not...holy shit.


Zora's Domain is pretty underwhelming in BOTW so far. Edit: Oh wait, the rain stopped...


Early reviews for Shadow of War seem to mostly characterize the micro-transactions as more pointless than predatory, but I would wait to see if that system is skewed against the consumer. MK X did it, Forza does it, etc. Rebalancing should mean re-review.


Wowed again by noclip. If you are interested in the stories behind great games, give a look.


Just realized that Mario is this month. Huh... (Head asplodes from excitement)


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