NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH
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Introducing Ladyface to FFT tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing her reaction.


One handle broke on 2 of my 3 grocery bags. I found a stray cart nearby and used it for the 20 blocks to the bus. A wheel fell off as I began pushing it. I pushed a wonky cart with busted bags through Denver today. Fucking Sisyphean effort. Spare change?


Anyone have any good recommendations for wired and fully-featured Switch Pro controllers?


Got the damned job. Huzzah. Starts on Sat.


That's the White Palace done. Yeesh.


I have another interview tomorrow for a less exciting but still pretty rad job. I am sure it will go well.


Battlechasers Switch is pretty damned good. I love this console to bits.


I ate pho. If you have never eaten pho, you should eat pho.


God Bless Colorado. Fifteen bucks for 4GRAMS of this.


I apparently get serotonin syndrome from my new brain pills. Super. Ladyface is here and they gave me Valium. Feeling better but that was really scary.


Yo, Pocket Rumble releases tomorrow. Sorry if this double posts, but it is not showing up on my feed.


Yo, Pocket Rumble releases tomorrow.


I did not get the job. I lost it to a person I admire though, and my volunteer position is becoming a paid position in a month. Ladyface got me Owlboy physical as a gift to celebrate.


The ads on here are making comments take way too long to load and post. Please find a different way.


Neato! Someone just tried to break into my Epic account! I have never played Fortnite, so that's extra weird. Can we get a count of how many of us this has happened to? I think I only have an Epic account for Shadow Complex...


Reeeeeally trying with Bladerunner 2049. Might need to watch this again, but so far nonplussed. I don't even...


Hollywood: let Rian Johnson write and direct the next Jurassic World. We have learned, so we create only herbivores. Still, they get loose. So our heros will have to kill them due to deforestation. I want "soy boy" manifest. So many brains would explode.


Any word on whether Wolfenstein 2 Switch has the DLC? it would take prohibitively long for me to download the game, but just curious.


I think Hollow Knight is becoming one of my favorite games. Reminds me of Castle in the Darkness but stupid pretty. It even does Celeste style platforming challenges well. Can't wait to see what the team does next.


I made some scratch biscuits and gravy and now I am exploring Hollow Knight. I find out about the position on Wednesday. Just gonna try and relax and not pay it too much mind. Hope ya'll are having a nice, lazy Sunday.


Anyone know if there are benefits to not reclaiming your soul in Hollow Knight?


Betraying my white trash youth, but find a girl that digs you 3 forties in. Helluva night.


Well sheeit. That Hollow Knight is damned good.


Started my day with a pretty great bfast burrito and extra spicy salsa. Awake. Hope everyone has such fortune. Have a good one.


Of all the ideas to rip off, I never thought I would see Splatoon's ink mechanic pop up in so many games.


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