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The offline version of Dtoid loads a 09/11/2018 build of the site. The Spiderman PS4 review is prominently featured on the page. The Twin Towers were removed from the 2001 Spiderman film. Occams was right. Spiderman was behind 9/11.


My biggest problem with Rage 2 is that "Parrrrrty, let's parrrrrty! Party at the party when it's time to party! Heeeeey you, let's parrrrrty! Party party party cause it's time to party now!!!" loops in my brain the entire time I am playing it.


The more I play Rage 2, the more I love it. It feels so awesome. I mean...look at this shit! https://youtu.be/Xgx9YRRWAGA


Got Guardian Heroes for my XBONE! It is a system worth owning now! Just need to pick up Radiabt Silvergun. Long story short: an ex sold my game collection while I was deployed. Not only my 1985 xmas NES, but what I accrued running a Gamecrazy for 7 yrs...


So, I just found out I can play Guardian Heroes on my XBONE. I am really unsure how to do so though. Anyone have experience with this? I am at work, so I can buy it off the Marketplace, but it does not present an option to download it on XBONE, just 360.


Attention, nerds! Attention, nerds! RLM has their newest Star Wars prediction video up. I look forward to these much more than the actual moopies.



I like Rage 2 quite a bit so far. I see the issues that others have pointed out and I have my own quibbles (I was going to put down $20 for an expansion, but it includes an XP Boost, so no), but it feels great. Playing that and Sam Sho. Good stuff.


Anyone ever decide to hit a big box store instead of their local because you can't be sure what parts of what games have already been redeemed?


He has wheels. He is more machine than man! GOD HELP US ALLLLL!!!


Two days until Blazing Chrome.


Thoughts on the Unbreakable trilogy: at least we got Split out of it, I guess.


Black Fast, Power Trip, and Nails are making the best modern thrash out there. And if you are a metalhead who is drooling right now at the prospect of correcting me about genres/subgenres...please spare me. This shit is amazing.



How many people are going to flip out when ES6 and FO5 have timer-based city/shelter building? FO4/Shelter did the tip drills for Blades' full on hate-fuck, and Bethesda aren't shying away from mobile BS. The home market might be groomed for it by then.


Four 10 hr shifts and three days off is friggin' nice. I will probably get called in some times, but so far so good. Having a few days to play with Boy is badass.


The game is great, the controller is, ehhhhh... Feels like Fisher Price made a Saturn controller. Kinda had the same problem with the Pokken controller. Needs more heft.


Working a 12 hour shift. I left my place right after opening my Amazon order with Sam Sho, Duke Nukem 20th Anniversary, and Dying Light: The Following. Longest. Shift. Ever. I can't wait.


My kid loves this lamp. It is a moon that turns colors.


Samurai Shodown on the way and Hori Fighting Commander delivered. Dying Light: The Following is on the way as well. I played about 10 hours of it previously and loved it to bits. This will be a rad weekend!


Gonna have to flip a coin on payday. There are too many badass games. It's a good problem to have. No way I can miss out on Sam Sho...but man, Sekiro and Divinity....


My job agreed to certify me as a Red Cross trainer. That is rad.


Yo, just a warning: you may want to avoid news outlets for a couple of days. Apparently, it is totally okay to front page a picture of a drowned child and her father. Stay classy, asshats. I guess they only understand the Twitter version of a trigger.


Anyone ever played with one of these dealies? Was eyeing em for Sam Sho. If all else fails, I can grab the Retro-bit Saturn pads and use the XBOX app on Win...I would just rather not add any more hurdles to the already annoying modern console BS.


I like this question (heard on the Bombcast): What are some extraneous elements in a game that, if not implemented, the game has failed for you? Mine would be visible armor changes in an RPG. During gameplay definitely and during cutscenes preferably.


Samurai Shodown releases in 2 days! Sam Sho 2 is my favorite fighter of all time, and I am hyped! I won't be picking it up until next Friday, but still...never expected a 90s FPS renaissance and I definitely did not expect an SNK comeback. Hope it rocks.


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