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Trust me, this goes places. Apparently, we defer people here for acting like a gay. See comments. I don't even...


3:45am and off to work. Hope ya'llh have a good one. Started my day with a burrito. So far, so good.


I have two real days off! Gonna' check out how the patches have treated Death's Gambit and do some studying. Starting Wednesday, I work eight days in a row, so I am happy about the rest. Hope everyone has a good week.


Ha. After the acquisitions of Obsidian and Inexile, I decided to look up Wasteland 3. It's funny to me that I backed 2 at $150 and am just completely uninterested in 3. I don't like the cold, and really, really dislike snow environments in my games. Darn.


First day was death by powerpoint, which I expected. Luckily! My team is great, and I can tell that my mgmt did their best to get me 40+ hours. Good shit!


Happy birthday to Flanx. Here is a cat picture that you can peep after leg day (ie an excuse to post more Spatz pics).


Try this hot sauce if you can find it. It's really unique and tasty.


Happy birthday to all, but especially to my evil doppleganger Kevin.


Can we go vote these treasonous asshats out now?


The mystery of who broke this dish may forever remain unsolved. Too many suSpatz, I mean suspects...


Happy birthday, Chris. Your Neo Geo posts always brighten my day. That console was a dream for me for a very long time, so playing the games today is radical! Hope you have a good one.


Dusk is a really special game. It plays like a dream and is pretty damned polished.


Project Warlock deserves to be reviewed by more legit outlets. It's great.


Okay! So, I start at the plasma clinic next Thursday. The plan is to start rad tech training after I have been doing phlebotomy for a year or so and eventually move into nuclear medicine. Been a crazy year.


Deadbolt is a great stealth/infiltration game from the developers of Risk of Rain, and it is now on Switch. Check it out!


Spatz says "Happy Halloween." Mine was good. Watched Hack-o-lantern amd I am just as confused as ever as to who the protagonist is. Then we watched The Nun because we hate ourselves. Its like The exorcist but terrible garbage. Its The New Mummy bad.


Interviewed for a phlebotomy gig. It does not pay all that well, but I will stick to it for a year and get in to the VA (which does pay well). Here's hoping for the bestm


Stars like Shaquille Oneal have gone on SWAT raids and acted as officers. They paid for the thrill like tourists. Cause cops' jobs are so dangerous (less so than just living in Baltimore, someone knight me). Obviously, they need military grade equipment.


I imagine that Our Illustrious Leader will propose military intervention when Brazil is having it's LGBTQ, poor, and black population executed? Maybe the teachers and doctors? Right?


I am starting meds that mean I can't drink alcohol. Life is stupid.


The pattern of my nationalist, racist president's supporters commiting acts of domestic terrorism is becoming a straight line.


Watching The Wizard. This movie is not very good...


This book is great. Friggin scary, how rabies works to get into a brain and spread itself through the host's bites.


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