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Any horror movie suggestions from the community? My favorites include House of the devil, You're Next, Starry Eyes, Sinister, Lights Out, and Nightmare on Elm Street. I also love schlock like The Gate, Trick or Treat, House, etc.


I get unreasonably angry when I spend $10 on ramen and it is fucking bland. That is a huge problem in Denver though, compared to the south. A lot of bland food. I left my bed in the rain while sick for styrofoam soup. Grrrrr....


Tower 57 and a cold today. Play this game! NOT procedurally generated. Chaos Engine meets Bioshock.


Feeling a bit under the weather. Going to get some pho or pozole. The good news is that I am totally bonkers in love with lady face. She is one in a billion, and I am a very lucky guy. She also makes porn boring.


This is an interesting story. The "EA employee" who received "death threats" for BF2's economy is a sock puppet account. That is low, EA. https://kotaku.com/the-curious-case-of-the-ea-game-dev-who-said-he-receive-1820474458


I get the idea that loot boxes are not gambling because the player always gets something. My retort would be that servers eventually shut down, and everything gained will be lost in the ether. Guess that us what EULAs are for...


Beer n Doom n Doom n Beer n Doom n Doom n Beer.


For all of you interested in Skyrim Switch, Brad and Jeff from Giant Bomb have a look.


Tfw someone that looks normal sits next to you on the bus... but then eats 3 Choco Tacos in a row and turns to you and says "If you don't like Bruce Willis, you are stupid."


Doom 2016 needs a sequel. The game is damn near perfect.


Another reason to love Wolfenstein 2? The alt-reich hates it.


Date two turned in to lots and lots of fun naked time. I am spent.


I m trying to follow more of the regular peeps on here. It keeps bringing me to a disqus page asking me to log on...when I do, it brings up an acct I do not use anymore. I am trying to not scream, because I am an adult. Lil help.


Date 2 at the zoo with lady face today. Bringing sushi and probably something hot like soup. Pretty excited. She is pretty great.


CoD fans are upset abt CoD MP because black chicks. The game's got Zombies mode, ya' rancid bag of nuts! Stop trying to act like you care. As a combat vet, it gets old. "Black women were not allowed to serve." Fuck off w that noise.


Honoring (and reburying a bit) the dead this Veteran's Day with the good stuff. Miss all of ya. Hooah, and all that.


George Takei accused of sexually assaulting a man in his sleep. Never has the term "no more heroes" been as applicable to my every day life as it has been recently.


A woman I know is at a Fallout Boy concert. Yeah, they are not for me either...but anyway, I asked who was opening and she said "WHO CARES FALLOUT BOY!!!" Turns out? It's Jaden Smith. Ha!!! ...though it makes sense, tbh.


Doom Switch is kinda my dream game. Lovin' it to bits. Or gibs.


Talking to a woman that seems kind of amazing. She plays videogames and likes to discuss secular theodicy. Meeting her tomorrow, and totally not going to tackle her when I see her.


Justin's Journies in Online Dating- So, this is a thing. Like a 90% of profiles thing. I don't think they know what a "furry" is. And I don't think that they would like to be mistaken for one if they don't. Sending Sonic Futa has so far been fruitless. :(


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