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Not sure how I missed this until now, but it looks incredible! Check it out if you dig 90s FPSs.


No, really. They totes hate eachother...


I like Timespinner. It's a gud game. Work and school is nuts, but I am good. I have not freaked out. I have not screamed at any vaping 21 year olds obstructing walk ways on their "hoverboards" while they text with Beats engulfing their stupid heads.


Made chicken parmesan tonight. I forgot how incredible a good cx parm is. Find one or make one. That was stupid good.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.slate.com/human-interest/2018/10/mormon-women-social-media-fast.html Urging women to fast from social media for ten days before the mid-term elections? Stay classy, Latter Day Saints.


Starlink is shipping with a 6 gig day one patch. They are referring to the content contained in the $80 digital Deluxe edition as "Wave One content." I don't play service games, so that's a pass.


What Nintendo franchise would you like to see blown out into a more modern style game? I would love to see Kirby in a huge sandbox. Dreamworld is just so cool. I want to explore that place bad.


When is the last time you watched The Sword in the Stone? Holy shit. The opening is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. "And that miracle appeared! In LONNNNNNNNDONNNN TOWWWWWWN! The Sword, Innnnn, the Stonnnnnne." My god. That was hilarious


I suppose I was the warmest thing in the room.


I had pizza. I hope you have pizza too.


Hope everyone effected by the recent storms stays safe and lands on their feet.


People that say GWAR can't play are crazies. It's arbitrary, the whole album.


Practicing singing around the house while cleaning because I do that, and the cats looked really, reeeeeally scared and concerned. Kept coming up to me to rub against my legs, meowing quizzically. Guess I do sound like a dying cat.


Bixler wrote this about Danny Masterson sexually assaulting his wife, and the harassment they have gotten from Scientology after she accused Masterson. Just fucking haunting. I hope justice is served...but rich white dude so flip a coin.


Anyone know how to unsubscribe from Ubisoft 's YouTube? Clicking on the channel icon, surprise surprise, gives me a server error every. Single. Time. If I click the video instead, it says I am not subscribed, even though their vids show up in my subs...


Brawl in Cell Block 99 was adorable. Holy shit. That was hilarious.


At The Drive In's 2017 album Interalia is phenomenal. Putting on my quality cans and reading along. It's...a lot to take in.


The Metro author's response to the Witcher author's CDPR suit is beautiful: "I think that he's totally wrong, and that he's an arrogant motherfucker...He would remain a local Eastern European phenomenon without this." Link in comments.


Hope y'all have a good weekend. Anyone reading something interesting? I ordered Mindhunter and The Indifferent Stars Above...sure to be mood lifting.


Had to go with Dark Souls Remastered for October. Just thinking of playing through it during Spooky Month was enough to sell me.


I had fried chicken and mac n cheese for dinner. Superior foods.


If you like horror and are in the mood for something truly terrifying...


This game looks really special.


Every time I am almost about to buy YS VIII, I see some screenshot like this and my skin crawls.


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