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Justice League tonight with Ladyface, a first for her. It is absolutely one of the worst films I have seen. The desperation to make Aquaman seem uber-cool, the SyFy channel cg, the eyesore green screen "sets..." We are preparing with a strong sativa.


Eatin' the pho, watchin' Ladybird and 3 Billboards, and hoping I won't be so sore tomorrow. Hope ya'all are having a good one.


Nintendo R&D. Rumor is that Miyamoto has basically lived here for the last six months. Seriously.


US peeps: Did you know that when there is a govt shutdown, soldiers do not get paid? True story. I remember getting counseled by my supervising NCO and Commander the last time we came this close. Pretty ballsy president we have...for a draft dodger.


Moana is...definitely a Disney Princess movie. Nothing about this is interesting or different.


Anyone interested in Contra Hard Corps style run n' gun shooters should check out Blazing Chrome. It is from Joymasher, who made the near perfect Odallus.


For anyone who is somehow interested in this...thing...here is 40 minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Survive. Looks about like what you might expect.


Dayum DUSK is amazing. Buy it! Between it and Amid Evil, these guys are doing the lord's work.


Just moved into a one bedroom 7 miles outside of downtown from a 250 sq ft studio that was in the heart of Denver. I can get internet installed here, and am probably doing so next month or in March. There is a bike trail from here to campus too!


...anyone else ever wonder if a disproportionate number of ventriloquists have a thing for fisting?


Specter of Torment finished. Think I am going to jump into Shovel's campaign next. Also, what an incredible game.


If Ubisoft would stop fucking around and give us Assassin's Creed: Fine! Here's Ninjas, I might give a damn about an AC game. You? I miss Tenchu...


Owlboy, Fe, Bayonetta 1-2, Darkest Dungeon, and DQ Builders next month for Switch. Awesome!!!


We took a break from moving and played some Odyssey. She is hooked!


Meow Master Hambone One (Hammurabi) and me. About to put on some Bob's Burgers.


Annnnd you have to be online to play a bot match in Doom for Switch. Congrats, Bethesda. You have been outclassed by Goldeneye.


Downloading Doom MP for Switch because bots. Also! I will have internet installed pretty soon! I am a real boy!


Moving out of downtown. I love Denver, but the pace of my apprenticeship, school, and work won't gel well with city living. Life needs to slow down, and I am tired of keeping my head on a swivel 24/7. Have not lived outside of a city since 1998 or so...


So, uh...good morning. Wtf Nintendo???


Went from disliking Bob's Burger to wanting a Bob's Burgers tattoo. Wtf???


In the next Legend of Zelda, I hope the Zoras, Gerudo, and Gorons are either absent or at least that Link visits different domains than theirs. I understand they were in BOTW to build a new type of game upon, but I want to visit new places. You?


Latest podquisition, regarding Peter Molyneux abandoning Milo: Laura- what is it like, being stuck in a computer, with no love or companionship, for years? Gav- Like being a Breitbart reader.


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