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Curse of the Moon 2 is out tomorrow!!!


Tis my Friday, friends. Think I'm going to hit Project Warlock and Bloodstained hard tonight and watch a few horror films. Any suggestions? No torture porn.


Hope everyone is having a fun and safe day. There's not much to celebrate in America right now, but take solace in that someone somewhere is probably playing Ghost of Tsushima and/or Paper Mario for review. That's calming and neat, right?


Looks at gf eating off-brand Smores cereal at 11am: "Are you stoned?!?" Looks at bf, keeping straight face and eye contact as well as she could: "I may have woke and... boked?" She is stealth ninja.


So that Bloodstained series sure fucking rules, don't it? What a treat.


Oh good. Crash Bandicoot 4 will not have microtransactions. I'll be back to post when it does again.


Oh good. Crash 4 has microtransactions.


Dang, Ritual of the Night is legit great.


What do you think is scarier, a huge, imposing boss or one that is your size?


Have The Messenger on my XBONE now and all is well.


This would be a big reason why I push myself so hard. Cheat day. God bless it.


Project Warlock is just wonderful. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/34/9d/e3/349de332b8404b907d2a5258c1a1e39b.gif


This is where my commute home is. Pushed it to ten mile so now I am at 85 miles a week. Not a big deal, but that IS something I did...


I think the game I most wish I liked but do not is Darkest Dungeon. I have purchased it twice and keep thinking of getting it again for my Vita. Damnit. What about y'all?


Dusk hits Switch Halloween of this year. It's probably the best FPS campaign of all time, so you should pick that up.


Project Warlock downloading and playing some Huntdown in the meantime. Day off. Gonna run five miles in the sun later. Good day!


Man that PS5 aesthetic. Nice to see that the Pelican guys are still getting work.


I will be commuting home on my bike during the PS5 thing today. I will miss all of your smarmy quips.


Posted this before, but this is a great book about...well, the militarization of the American police forces. Maybe read it, if you want.


Running from Cops is a podcast that exposes the BS that goes on behind the scenes during production of the show COPS. It deserves a lot more recognition, and is pretty scary at points. https://www.topic.com/runningfromcops


I own a pc again. Just a shitty little thing that can run retro stuff and Doom mods. Mostly, the harddrive is full of kids' movies...and horror...and Secretary (2002).


From the best trans punk band, Give Violence a Chance.


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