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Wouldn't it be funny if Bloodstained turned out as blah as MN9 and Konami released an amazing Castlevania after it flopped? I am not into Mega Man, but that whole situation is pretty hilarious.


I don't remember who turned me on to Cult Leader, but they are awesome. Converge is also great, and these guys remind me a but of them.


So I can'tt access my VA medical records. I need to for many reasons that are pretty urgent. Thanks.


Oh yeah. I forgot that Treasure made some Bleach fighters on DS that are a lot like their excellent Yu Yu fighter on Megadrive. Nice. Gotta find complete copies somewhere. Any source for covers and manuals would be appreciated. Man I miss Treasure.


GTA Chinatown Wars is definitely my favorite GTA. This shit is great!


Have you ever stopped a video or podcast because they were making fun of something you loved? I have done that 3 times now when someone made fun of the PSP. That thing is awesome!


I wanted to play Pilotwings 3DS, but then I saw that it was infested with Miis. I hate Miinions...


Playing Luigi's Mansion nowadays is such a treat. I played through it with my mom back in the GC days. Can't wait to go through Dark Moon and then 3. I sincerely doubt Nintendo will blow the series out like Odyssey or BotW, but I hope they do.


Merry Christmas, nerds. Love you people.


Y'all be safe and have a great holiday. Here is me getting Cosmic Carnage for 32X. Always had great taste. I am OG like that. The Giant Bomb GOTY deliberations Day One are up. I always appreciated these when I was lonely on the holidays, which is why they do it. Check it out!


New Shakedown Hawaii stuff! This game looks awesome.


All the fam in one shot. These guys rock my world. Hope y'all have a great Christmas, if you do tge thing. We will.


Eric will have the most metal room of any baby ever. Look at that ducking rug.


BlacKkKlansman is just not a great film. Spike Lee desperately needs an editor. Maybe more than even George Lucas. I don't know how to say "if you think this is biting social commentary, you are simple" without sounding like a real dickhead. Darn.


Lootboxes seem to have been datamined in 76. They also appear to be visible to other players when opened. Classy, Bethesda. Did anyone think this was not going to happen when the card-based progression was unvieled? Man. I really used to love that series.


Oh, good. After a fucking hour, SMT: Strange Journey Redux has the generosity to shut the fuck up and let me play the game part of the game.


What specific thing pisses you off most when you order food? I get irrationally angry when I order something that is advertised as spicy and it comes out sweet. Sometimes I even ask "Is it sweet? Like, even a little?" and motherfuckers lie.


I am off today! I am kind of obsessed with 3D Land. Also, I am applying for a different position with more responsibility already, after my boss asked me to do so. Guess I am doing alright as a phleb so far!


Dayum Super Mario 3D Land gets really good.


I hear Mario Kart DS is one of the best of the series. Anyone here in agreement? I picked up 7. It's aight.


Battle Princess Madelyn releases tomorrow. Really excited for this one.


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