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Working 8:30am to 2:00pm the 9:30pm to 6:00am today. Why so much work lately? Because Sekiro is a $4-500 game for me. PS4 Pro and the game! My next break from work is going to be killer.


The only thing worth a damn from Stadia. New Doom Eternal footage. I worry that the game might lean too far in to power fantasy territory. Ultra Violence in Doom 2016 was perfect, so I hope the team remembers that Doom should not be 100% mow and go.


I don't have a thousand dollars to build a rig that can play AAA games at 4K 60, so I am going to pay $150 a month to play my games on Stadia! Yeah! Edit: sorry internet, this was #sarcasm.


This game needs more coverage, because it is going to blow up and at least be a sleeper hit. You play as an detective/moderator and investigate 1999 style Geocities pages to solve internet crimes. If you like your internets and art surreal, check it out.


Sometimes, he wakes up and just stares at his string lights until he doses off again.


Id Distancing themselve's from Doom Annihilation. Weird, I tells ya'!


I am writing songs for a goth/post-punk band, I guess. We shall see how it goes. Example in comments.


60 hours last week and this week. Now, finally, a few days off. Hope everyone has a great week! I will! Time for some much deserved family time, movies, and gaming.


So, is Square Enix all right? Did they recently hire or promote someone with a chaotic and dangerous drinking problem?


Bump because actual gameplay: Yo, that new 3D Realms Quake engine game looks like Clive Barker's Undying meets Turok 2! Here is 11 minutes of gameplay.


Man, I am really excited for the 3D Realms Quake engine reveal. Can't get enough of these 90s fps. Again...I am excited. For a 3D Realms game. On the Quake engine. In 2019. Wtf.


Snake Eater 3D is downloading and I also picked up Kirby's Dreamland 2, cause Kirby games used to be rad. Gonna' be a fun night.


Everyone working today: 'tis but another tuesday. Slaughter this day as you would any other.


60 hours last week, 50 hours this week. Tired. Anywho, we will be able to finish Eric's room and I am starting a new PC build. I guess I should mention that I got a job at the homeless shelter I have volunteered at forever. Pay and hours are great.


Gotta' love America. Insurance for my family will put me below a living wage, with a deductible, copay, and pretty basic coverage. Everything in me reacts against these kinds of unspoken threats. Methinks it is way past time to get out of this country.


That Pokemon looks like something I would play. I hope they are holding back to reveal some more interesting and novel gameplay elements though.


Say whaaaaaaa'? Cats eating dogs. Hotdogs becoming sammiches! Soulbow reading a BOOK!!! Ha. Looks like XBOX Gamepass is coming to Switch, along with Ori and some other stuff. Link in comments.


Kid's gettin by just on his looks. Lil shit.


Rumors going 'round that Nintendo is picking up Scalebound. Thaaaat would be a pretty smart move. Thoughts?


Just got done playing through Re2 Remake at my best friend's place and holy fucking shit. That was legendary. We were yelling and cheering for hours. Capcom, do not stop. Never stop with this streak. That was an all time favorite game night.


I hope R* starts making some damn remakes at some point. San Andreas needs help with everything. It's still fun, but that shooting is terrible. Also, the PS3 "HD" version is clearly a mobile port. Fucking why? Try harder. Do Vice City a la GTA V, damnit!


Cinema Snob is reviewing satanic panic/anti-rock music and it is exactly what I need tonight. Been sick all day and it is snowing out. Time to snuggle up with the fam.


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