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God I love Google justice.


I would be annoyed, but whatevs. RIP Halo. People are eating up BLOPS4's bullshit, so I'm sure this will be successful...well, as successful as any XBONE game can be.


When camping, always hang your stationary bike at least 18 inches off the ground, lest local, tiny bears want to trim up before the holidays.


Ladyface has never seen Henson's The Storyteller! She loves fables and Jim Henson too. Weird. Time to watch that again.


Sometimes I hate that I love to read non-fiction. Anywho, is there literally anyone out there who disagrees with police officers having higher standards AND higher salaries? Not running for office or anything, just seems pretty friggin' obvious.


That's The Messenger finished. Man, what a gem that is. Maybe the first game since Hotline Miami that I wanted to start again as soon as I finished. The twist was great for me, cause I noticed early on that each area was designed to be played backwards...


I am trying with Brawl in Cellblock 99. I don't like Vince Vaughan, so that has been the biggest hurdle so far.


I am trying with Brawl in Cellblock 99. I don't like Vince Vaughan, so that has been the biggest hurdle so far.


Mandy was nuts and you should watch it. For real. This fucking movie, man! It is a new favorite, and I think I might like it more than Evil Dead 2...


I have found my favorite wings in Denver. Took awhile, but it was worth it. Now for coffee and Mandy. Hope y'all have a great weekend. Finishing The Messenger tonight!


After a trying day, it is time to unwind, adult style. Time for Goldfish crackers, Mtn Dew, and a puppet talking about Nintendo.


At least the beat em up bundle was announced, I guess...


Y'all should watch Bone Tomahawk. That shit was gruesome.


After seeing Solo again, yeah...just not into it at all. Donal Glover was bad, y'all.


At around 1:17 in the newest Giant Bombcast, a former 38 Studios employee discusses how stoked some of his colleagues are that their MMO lore and art might get seen by us. It was pretty cool to hear, and that situation was fucked.



Making oxtails tonight. First time I have done them, so I opted for a pretty boring recipe. Hope it's good.


So, here is over 75 hours of game dev courses for what you want to pay. https://stacksocial.com/sales/game-developer-bundle-3d-and-unity


I really want to be excited about Samurai Shodown. 2 is my favorite fighter of all time. I just have my doubts that it won't be a DLC delivery platform, and that they won't go hyper-kinetic with it. Keep it slow and tense. 12-15 fighters. No MTX, ever.


Am I the only person that really, really hopes there are no Gorons Gerudo, or Zora in the next Zelda?


Had tacos tonight. I didn't take a photo cause I ate them motherfuckers up. They were the best. Watching Orphan Black with the fam.


Going to a party tonight, and I am officially old...cause I just want to stay in. I can fake the funk pretty good though, and I know Ladyface needs to get out, so Charm+100 for the next eight hours or so!


I am pretty excited for this one. A Ubisoft game that I am excited for. Weird. Hope the toys-to-life BS doesn't ruin it for me.


Ladyface woke me up with hot Taco Bell. That sounds like really bad prison slang for something unspeakable... Anyway! That was pretty great.


Sham Hatwitch, folks. The greatest JRPG fodder enemy ever.


I might be the only person excited about the Kingdoms of Amalur news. I really enjoyed the first game. The combat was great. It had a story too, I guess, but the draw for me was the gameplay. Playing the newer Ys games reminded me of it, actually.


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