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Lootboxes seem to have been datamined in 76. They also appear to be visible to other players when opened. Classy, Bethesda. Did anyone think this was not going to happen when the card-based progression was unvieled? Man. I really used to love that series.


Oh, good. After a fucking hour, SMT: Strange Journey Redux has the generosity to shut the fuck up and let me play the game part of the game.


What specific thing pisses you off most when you order food? I get irrationally angry when I order something that is advertised as spicy and it comes out sweet. Sometimes I even ask "Is it sweet? Like, even a little?" and motherfuckers lie.


I am off today! I am kind of obsessed with 3D Land. Also, I am applying for a different position with more responsibility already, after my boss asked me to do so. Guess I am doing alright as a phleb so far!


Dayum Super Mario 3D Land gets really good.


I hear Mario Kart DS is one of the best of the series. Anyone here in agreement? I picked up 7. It's aight.


Battle Princess Madelyn releases tomorrow. Really excited for this one.


Anyone have any idea if you can turn off the VA in SMT IV: Apocalypse?


My mom sent me a Ocarina 2DS, the Game, and Chinatown Wars DS. Rad lady.


Haha. Behesda did give canvas bags to some. "Influencers" got canvas duffle bags for free. Shitty nylon ones were given to lowly normal folks like us. Well...lowly normal folks that bought in to '76, anyway. Awesome.


Here is abetter picture of Eric. He is 4 pounds and 15 ounces.


I hope that Star Fox racer thing is a thing and that Metroid Prime 4 is shown at The Game Awards. It wil be fun to see the reactions here, as usual. Besides acting like you are too good to be watching and snarking off, what are you all looking forward to?


We are inducing labor in an hr and a half. Hope it all goes smoothly.


Beginning a long week tomorrow. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones and that you do not get trampled to death in a toy aisle on Friday. Here is a cat.


I want an open-world vampire game in which your goal is to spread the disease. You would sneak out at night and infect towns around you. Maybe heroes would attack your upgradeable stronghold and it turned into a Deception-style and/or tower defense game.


Be as a Spatz, warmly set in her pickle blanket against any stupid snow...


Question for the mods... So, my ex is stalking me using this account. She showed up at my work today. I am not sure how to make it so that she can't see this. She does not use the site, but can access my posts through google. Help.


Trump is sending troops to the border to "defend" against people seeking asylum. They will probably miss Thanksgiving. They also don't get paid without an act of congress if the govt shuts down...something he wants to happen cause his wall was not funded.


Shakedown Hawaii (Retro City Rampage pseudo-sequel) livestream!!! Edit: welp, that disappeared fast...


Ending a 6 day work week for an 8 day work "week," but I am very happy about that. Eric (my bebeh) is not gaining weight, so they are inducing labor on the 29th. Very excited for that.


From what impressions I have heard, I was dead wrong about Spyro Reignited. I always thought PS1 Spyro was pretty middling, but that was also when I was an edgy dude who was bored with most mascot platformers. Nowadays I want colorful, fantastical worlds.


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