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https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2017/dec/10/street-fighter-30th-anniversary-collection-announced-may-2018/ Day one! Looks like a Switch Hori stick is in my future. All Alphas on Switch is a big deal for me. I love those games.


I was hoping the Zelda DLC would put in proper fishing. I'd never stop playing if it had fishing. Crafting lures out of bugs to catch specific fish, hiding rare ones in out of the way places, etc. I am getting the pass anyway, but that would be awesome.


Sure this will be popular... Getting rid of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I tried.


I was underwhelmed by PSX. I would have rather just re-read the Bayo 3 hype here. I did not do that. I watched all 3 hours. Please watch the last two minutes or so, in which you can hear an audience member yell "c'moon!" as the show wraps.


The Next Penelope is coming to Switch. I loved this game to bits on PC. Futuristic, arcade racing with shmup elements.


Bayo 3 announcement reactions from the Game Awards last night. Love seeing this type of stuff.


So, I know it has been said, but it is sure going to be swell having all 3 Bayonetta games on Switch. Rock on Nintendo and Sega! Also, it was great to see the reaction from fellow Dtoiders! Hype!


Let's say you order some shrimp, octopus, and crab ceviche/poke, and when you get home, you realize that they used fake crab. Do you (a) return for a refund, (b) suck it up and eat, or (c) blame your self for ordering seafood in a land-locked state?


Thinking new Devil May Cry, BotW DLC date announcement and trailer, Dark Souls Collection/Switch, and Death Stranding gameplay (duh)at the Game Awards tonight. Longshots: some Prime 4 footage and maybe show what Retro has been up to?


Riptide GP on Switch is really good. If you like Splashdown/Waverace/etc, you should check it out. A lot of fun, and a silly amount of content for $10. Also, cross-play, local, and online MP!


Brain: We should smoke a bowl and watch Timecop in bed. Me: Timecop? It's 4 AM. Brain: You're right, it's Timecop...make it two bowls.


Slain! is coming to Switch in two days!!!


Tacos for lunch. Had pho 3 times this week, so I had to mix it up. Tacos rule.


I was going to use this space to suggest that you try Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter, but instead...WHY THE FUCK IS THIS FUCKING POSTING UPSIDE DOWN??? Argh. How is this still an issue?


I am awaiting the Game Awards for announcements...or, more specifically, fan reactions to the reveals. Devil May Cry will be announced, look incredible, and fans will say "this should be a Bayonetta crossover! Same old shit! Capcom will ruin this."


As someone that has mainly played crpgs for decades...let's just say it is interesting to play a modern jrpg. Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Man. This is difficult. And boring. And annoying. I wonder if jrpg fans feel the opposite? With Divinity 2 and such?


This Tora idiot in XC 2 is exactly why I skip a lot of cutscenes. Wish I could kill it. Twice.


Reminds me of the Fukien Gourmet. "Fuuck. And Boba!" Won't post right-side up.


Axiom Verge is the shit. I am getting an aux cable just so I can jam that game's sounds into my brain when I am out and about with my Switch.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is great so far. Only a few hours in, but the game definitely has my attention. Also, damn is it pretty!


I was dead wrong about the Luncheon Kingdom. It is much cooler than I thought.


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