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Is it disingenuous to ask"what about music and film" when we are talking about videogames allegedly causing violent behavior or maladjustment? Interactivity is what distinguishes games, and also what causes most to slight games as an art form.


I have been having chronic pain in my left arm for almost a year now. At the end of the day, it is so bad that I have problems sleeping and even standing or sitting. Next week I am beginning physical therapy. It makes working/exercise hella fun.


Took the gym job. Starting my paperwork in 15 mins.


Since I have seen a lot of people talking here about missing arcade racers... Part arcade racing, part Splatoon, and with co-op. Count me in. Looks cool.


My gym just offered me a job. That's neat.


Here are the patch notes for Doom Switch 1.1.1. Playing the game with gyro aiming is great.


21 degrees and snowing. Perfect weather for a run to the gym!


Ha. Shooting for under 50 mins! Win! Anyway, kinda crazy that I was running 10 miles in under 90 mins just two years ago.


Woke up today not sore from the fym at all...which means it is time to start lifting heavier. Nice.


Heretic fans! Here is a rad mod with RPG elements! Also, Celeste is the shit.


Amid Evil is a Hexen-like fps by the guys behind Dusk. It looks incredible and I can't wait to explore it's worlds.


#worstValentinesDay Taking R&R from a deployment over V Day and getting a divorce. Rockstar and awesome guy Nobunny made a V Day video for wifeykins at my request. When she saw it, she said "That is a very nice thing for a friend to do." Now I want booze.


I have never watched this channel, so he might be a total dick (was looking up Ivy the Kiwi? videos...for some reason)...but, man. He sure looks like the lovechild of Jeff Gerstmann and Ben Pack from Giant Bomb. Freaky.


Proud of myself for getting out to the gym in the cold and snowy/icy conditions. It was actually you guys that got me up and moving. Thanks for that.


Trying get the energy to run to the gym in 18 degree weather. I will find it...but damn if it ain't a pain. I hate the cold.


Awful visuals! Horrendous ai! Butt rock! Cutscenes with dynamic action the game could not possibly be fucked to attempt! Lu Bu! Yellow turbans! It's Dynasty Warriors 9!!!! Enjoy, suckers!


I switched to a new gym that does not have a scale.... Cause, you know, THOSE aren't important. At a gym. Seriously annoyed.


Looooks like I might have to get Ladyface her own Switch.


Sorry to post again so soon, but here is an hour of Yakuza 6 with the best crew out there.


Never been more proud of Ladyface. She made her own way around this area, instead of capturing the Football Guy or jumping each boulder.


Ate pho. Best food. Introducing Ladyface to Orphan Black tonight too!


Not a huge stoner but God bless Denver. Nothing helps me sleep better.


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