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Of all the ideas to rip off, I never thought I would see Splatoon's ink mechanic pop up in so many games.


We are replacing our DM. With me. Pretty honored, honestly. Like, really honored. Feels good. And worried. I have only been playing for 9 months or so. Need to study.


Limbo and Inside are coming to Switch! Also, unrelated, but Crackdown 3 just lost the series creator AND Reagent games. Remember Scalebound? Or that card fighting game I cant6remember the name of right now? FFS MS...


Dear Satan, please make it so the "Eternal" in Doom Eternal means that we get source code and mods. Your puppet Hugo Martin hath said that id are giving us what we want. Make it so. (also it should be Eternal Doom)


Waluigi is lame and ruins the Wario/Mario joke. Not only does Wario work because of the inverted 'M' suggesting he is upside-down Mario, "warui" is Japanese for "bad." AND I DON'T BUY THE IJIWARU ANAGRAM EXCUSE! In other words, Waluigi was a mistake.


In order to get DLC in BLOPS4, you must purchase the season pass, which will only be sold with deluxe versions of the game...not separately. Also, thinking this is a "video game website?" #NotMyBattlefield


Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom. Looking pretty great!


I am a pretty great cook, and I know a bit about cuisine. Funny that I would rather make the spaghetti and meatballs what I grew up with than most anything else. Is this what getting old is?


Great interview with Phil Spencer by Jeff Gerstmann. Their e3 coverage is always great and as extensive as it gets.


Shaved my beard for final interview tomorrow. I look like fetal Mr Magoo.


Anyone have any historically accurate book suggestions about Samurais? I have a feeling Lone Wolf and Cub may have been romanticising a few elements.


MS needed a good year and they had the best presentation this year. Samurais and ninjas will see me buying a PS4 though, since most of what MS showed was not exclusive.


Well okay then, Sony. A lot of that was really dour and po-faced.


Oh, good, the soundtrack is fucking garbage too. Big pass.


My friend Pedro looks incredible.


Funkopop GEEEARS! Keep swingin' for the fences, Microsoft!


Time for wings, beer, and Black Panther.


E3 hype train current status...


Anthony Bourdain apparently killed himself this morning.


There is a physical version of Yoku's Island Express for Switch.


Three people told me that they bought Odallus yesterday after I suggested it. Doing God's work.


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