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Feral cats are all over the complex adjacent to ours. This guy is handsome. I named him Ichabod.


It always seems to happen that once I land a job I am happy with, another opportunity presents itself. I may have to jump on this one, with the kid coming and all. It's a lot more secure.


Don't hate me, but Upgrade was pretty meh. While we are at it, Owlboy and Axiom Verge were okay. I am probably a monster.


Awwww damn. My buddy is throwing a midnight movies party, and Upgrade is first on the bill. Bringing carnitas and a few beer samplers. Haven't heard much about the film besides "Upgrade is awesome." This night took a quick turn for the better.


Addicted to Doom 1993...again. I am using PSXDOOM, a mod that makes the demons' eyes glow (becauuuuse--->), a fog mod, a flashlight mod, and a grenade mod. Hot take: Doom is gud.


Wouldn't it be neato if SE decided that they like money a lot and remade Super Mario RPG in Octopath's engine? I think that would be neato.


I hate to spread this, but I need to get it off my chest (comments, obvs)...


No VATS, no NPCs, always online, blind boxes...So, FO 76 has, what,the aesthetic? I ask because the integrity of its aesthetic will last only until they hit the Chief Leo of Fallout. At least the corpse of THIS online shooter will look hilarious.


I got this DOOM RPG running. Just need to tweak the screen size a bit! Pretty stoked.


Hahaha! Fallout 76's character progression is CARD BASED!


The Messenger looks so rad. I am a sucker for being able to switch graphics on the fly, a la the Halo remaster and Dragon's Trap.


He knows when I am sick. I need to train him to fetch pho.


Doom Eternal is getting rid of Snap Map for campaign DLC.


Woke up today with kidney, stomach, back, and chest pain something fierce. Feels like I inhaled a pack of Black and Milds after sparring for hours. Not sure what is up with this, but it makes me miss my dog. He was really comforting.


Yo, Doom Eternal is coming to Switch as well.


This new Simon Belmont is a fraud. There can only be one!


I am having pizza and wings and some 40s. I sincerely hope these things are in your near future. Brings me right back to being a teenager...cause I am a degenerate.


Dutch oven tortilla soup. It was pretty badass!


Going to watch Jurassic Park with RLM commentary. The Robocop track was just too good. Also, Robocop is the best. https://redlettermedia.bandcamp.com/audio


It's a ways out, and I had to sell some games to get it, but Ladyface has not played it. She loves 3D Zelda and mythology.


Watching The Snowman. Help.


Two people wearing "Yelp" shirts at the place I had lunch today. God, I wish I had to fart as I walked by them. Why in the world would you identify yourself as a whining little mutt?


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