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I watched Geostorm and laughed so hard that I cried. I was buck sober. There is a scene where Gerard Butler skids on some solar panels with his face for like 10 feet and I just died. Please watch it. I can't delete it. It has brought me so much joy.


For those interested in Harebrain Scheme's new Battletech game, this is a pretty good breakdown on the systems. He says the tutorial provided in their demo was not so hot, and we know you know lots about Battletech, so chill and enjoy.


Manticore seems to be to Colony Wars what Gear Club is to Gran Turismo, if ya' catch my...drift. Anyway! Not enough of these games out there.


Happy Birthday to Occams, from his best bae.


The Color Purple is hilariously awful. I am sure you may remember it as poignant or something, but no no no noooo. Watch it again. It's like the Nickelodeon take on abuse and racism. Roots by way of The Three Stooges.


Unless the required download is DLC (and all DLC better be included), I am out. Also, good on ya' for ruining that rad cover, Bethesda.


Building a soldering-free arcade stick out of a metal suitcase!


Jorja (Ladyface) is pregnant.


Haha, GameInformer gave Metal Gear Survive a 6 and Kirby Switch a 6.25. Man that magazine is awful.


Soooo...this is a pic from The Howling. I can't find any documentation on it, and I am pretty sure Ladyface is the first person to notice it. Pic in comments because hate speech. Do not look if you are sensitive to that sort of thing...


I think BLOPS4 is going to be CoD going live service. The VR stuff in 3 saw MP levels in different timelines, so BLOPS4 could be used each year as the MP portion of the annual campaign. This year's SP is MW2 (and it has no MP to cannibalize BLOPS4). C?


The Ritual is pretty great so far. Thanks to whoever suggested it.


We got rid of Online Passes and we here your concerns! EA 2013 We got rid of Season Passes in Battlefront because we are totes listening! EA 2016 We are getting rid of Lootboxes because we hear our fans! EA 2017 We won't make the same mistake again! EA 20


Is there an extended cut of Rogue One that adds character arcs? I keep watching it, and I can't ever seem to remember any of their names.


Just being white people and posting food pics. Homemade criminy and cheese ravioli with sauteed mushrooms, chard, my pesto, goat cheese, pine nuts, and olives. Very good.


I need to learn how to say "shut up before I murder you" in as nice a fashion as possible to people when I am not in the mood to talk. Think I should go running or something.


This is a real character in Solo, the upcoming Star Wars blockbuster? Therm Scissorpunch. It's literally a Photoshopped lobster. SJWs and their need for "representation" have gone too far. I bet the character is a total Calamari Sue!!!


Hey ya'all, watcha' playin? Mopping up the last few secrets in Doom meself! It's been awhile since I have hated the idea of a game ending.


Color me stupid. I have been making fun of the Shenmue re-releases, but I am pretty surprised at the fandom surrounding the announcement. The games have not aged well for me, but I like seeing people hyped about weird shit.


A spam-bot hath latched on to me. She seems nice and her avatar is pretty. Lil help from the community... How do I ask her out, for she is an advanced algorithm, and I be but a humble flesh-sack?


Had a double-date tonight that almost turned into an actual physical altercation. The guy refused to order anything from one of my favorite places because the staff did not speak English. He started conflating that with them being "sneaky," and "dirty."


Sooooo was Sega's "big announcement" just Shenmue and the Genesis Mini, damnit?


Watching Batman and Robin with Red Letter Media commentary was a lot of fun. Highly suggested.


Watching Predator 2 wit fam.


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