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'What the hell kind of name is "Soap" anyway?' Platinum done. Did Mile High Club on my third try (amazing). Achieved 14.8 seconds on the obstacle course (great). Took three days to complete 'Heat' (awful). Hardest game I've platinumed in some time.


What's that? Taika Waititi is a gift to humanity? I wasn't aware.


Endgame's trailer was dope. I really hope they include this badass Captain America scene though.


Definitely happy for all those Halo fans out there


Praise be to our patron saint Junji Ito Waluigi.


Soulbow but when someone new wants to play Siege.


Birthday swag (Perfect Blue just arrived). Didn't get much this year since I didn't ask for much in the way of material items (saving for an apartment is expensive yo, need as much cash as possible). DMC V, Sekiro and Division 2 still to come.


Beats the slapping of the car roof that's for sure


Tonight on Siege: I managed to annoy an enemy team so much all five of them quit the game. Proudest moment of my life.


Certain types I'm just straight up not a huge lover of (Rock, Bug, Fighting) so this proved to be rather difficult


Metro: Exodus is fun and immersive, but having Artyom as a silent protagonist is an absolutely sure decision given how stilted and awkward his silence makes the dialogue at points. Quite a few mechanics feel pretty dated to be honest.


Birthday is going super well. This is my fourth year as a DToid member and I continue to love you all. Thank you for loving me in return. Hope your day is going as well as mine (drinks, food and Metro Exodus/Kingdom Hearts 3).


Are you really that desperate? Did you hear me talking shit? I'm sorry okay I'll just take it back just stop sending me promo codes


Got to see Alita despite being sick as all hell. Not great but somehow found it to be enjoyable.


The best thing to come from the Anthem scenario is the article from Schreier in a year or two about its troubled development and Raycevick's "Anthem... X Years Later" video when he gets round to it.


Just watched Office Space for the first time. Annoyed I've waited this long.


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2010 - Nier

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2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree

2017 - Persona 5