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Comments of the Week team need a new regular team member since one of us is stepping aside for a while for a myriad of reasons. Rest assured this will be a permanent thing for you, you aren't just a temporary replacement. Apply in the comments. Or don'


Have to hype myself up to finally finish Nioh.


What obscure games, that come out in the next few months, are you guys looking forward to? Could be niche, could be under-the-radar of could just have been forgotten about completely. For me it's Finding Paradise, the sequel to To The Moon; December 19th


What is your favourite "So Bad it's Good" game? Mine is Clock Tower 3. Because it's fucking amazing. Starts off as a serious survival horror game and then devolves into... Madness. Not the good kind of madness. But the madness of how this got made.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Mild; Persona 5/10; Nier-ly Good Automata; Horizon: Zero Yawn; Super Mario Boredyssey; Ni-oh oh oh god it's bad; Yakuza 0 Fresh Ideas; Resident Evil 7. What a shit year for games e


Valley of the Gods, new FromSoftware IP, Bayonetta 3, Death Stranding all stood out because of course they did. Giving Zelda a wide berth for a while and hoping the break lets me enjoy it more when I play it again; I hate being an outlier on that game.


So, which of you fools is going to step up to me in Dragon Ball Fighter Z next month? (This excludes Bass and anyone with a passing knowledge of fighting games or people with opposable thumbs... Because you will beat me)


Can't read Cblogs on my mobile still. Now I have no way to quell my boredom besides talking to people sitting in my class.


So, the QPosts reached 2000 Faps. Now having hit the final stretch goal, GM will now have to watch (on top of those mentioned previously) the entire Adam Sandler Film Library and TBBT spin-off 'Young Sheldon.' Thank you all for making this possible


GameManiac refuses to watch The Emoji Movie with me. I'd like to pose this: If this QPost gets over 400 Faps, he will watch it and I will record his reaction (edited of course), for our amusement. Help me torture this germ-lover. You know he deserves


Stretch Goals: If we reach 800 guys, GM will have to watch Pixels immediately afterwards. If we reach 1000... He will have to watch The Big Bang Theory from beginning to end. Have fun deciding his fate.


GameManiac keeps pushing the number of Faps required up. Punish him for this; the dirty cheater.


My reaction to the Avengers Infinity War trailer was what I expected...


While going through the painful editing process, I'm reminded of Bojack Horseman. Remember, it does get easier. Have a good week.


I'm in a sentimental kind of mood. What scene from a film/show/game really stuck with you, whether it made you happy or made you sad; what is the most profound moment from a piece of media for you? For me, it's always this:


Apologies for being a little sporadic. My parents are getting a divorce and it's a messy one, telling me that I don't get to see either of them at Christmas nor get any Christmas presents this year (boo!) But I am top of my class right now (yay!)


If anybody was me I deeply apologise. That burden is meant to be mine to bare.


Happy Thanksgiving you Americans. I'll make sure to get drunk. Not for you, just gotta drown my sorrows due to the fact that I'm not getting any turkey. England sucks.


Just had a neat podcast idea. A small group sits down and reviews/watches every episode of The Big Bang Theory, from beginning to end. Mocked up some test footage of the experience for those interested.


WaifuToid. The only person who can give me what I really need.


About TheLimoMakerone of us since 6:59 AM on 03.25.2015

Hello there. I'm insane. From England.
I love what you've done to your carpets.

The horror genre means a great deal to me (mainly as they give me excellent ideas on how best to dispose of my ex-girlfriend) and I have expressed my love for the genre in countless blogs which must be especially grating for the other members of Destructoid to read but, eh, f*** it.

I mainly game on the Playstation 4 and you are more than welcome to connect with me on there if you want but, if you're new here, interact with me a bit first because, believe me, I'm an acquired taste.
Well, acquired taste... Wanker.
Tomato, tomato.

As for some of my favourite games, they range from Silent Hill 2, Okami, Deadly Premonition, To the Moon, Undertale, Bloodborne, Bioshock... I will play anything as I find joy in the strangest of places.

I may also be a slight sociopath with a long history of violence against anyone who crosses me. Plus I have a German bodyguard. I call him Hans.

I made one part of that up, have fun guessing which.

Anyhow, if you actually read this (which nobody does anymore), don't ever feel afraid to start a conversation with me in the comments or on discord. I will give anyone the time of day.
So long as you aren't French of course.

Also decided to add my Games of the Year from years past, just because I can't really place my thoughts elsewhere:

2005 - Shadow of the Colossus

2006 - Okami

2007 - BioShock

2008 - Call of Duty: World at War

2009 - Batman Arkham Asylum

2010 - Deadly Premonition

2011 - Portal 2

2012 - Spec-Ops: The Line

2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree