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I won't be around for a few days. Had to say goodbye to my little one today. She was the best pup I could ask for and the closest thing to a friend pets can be. She is never going to be forgotten, even if I am a broken soul right now.


Just finished Bojack Horseman Season 5 and fuck that was rough. As someone who has suffered and seen others suffer from various forms of addiction, Jesus that hit close to home. Still one of the best (if not the best) shows around.


The PlayStation sale over here in old Blighty has Troll and I, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, The Surge, Shaq Fu, theHunter and The Technomancer clogging up space that other better games could inhabit.


Beat that there Spider-Man. Besides a couple of garbage boss fights, a lot of glitches in the movement system and a lack of meaningful side-missions, it was one hell of a ride and that final half an hour was straight up incredible.


Spider-Man. The more I play the more I love it. Finally getting to grips with the combat while the swinging and free-running is getting slicker. You have to play it to understand but it just feels special.


I've spent the better part of two hours playing Spider-Man and I just... I can't believe that it's this good. Two hours and a solid hour of that was definitely just swinging about New York.


Shit, I totally forgot I have a week off next week, Octopath and Spider-Man to play and Bojack Horseman season 5 (also known as one of the best shows in television) comes out next Friday. I really needed this win.


I'm at work and Spider-Man is sitting in my post box at home. It's literally torturing me mentally seeing how much fun everyone is having.


It hasn't rained in my part of England for a couple of days. Insomniac have definitely downgraded the quality of the puddles over here.


Had a rough few days. Decided to get Octopath and Spider-Man despite a lack of funds until next week. I hope I like them both otherwise I'll be stoned in the streets.


Shameless plug for the only good episode of our podcast and also the only one where I'm funny, witty or charming... In the comments!


Octopath or Spider-Man. The first world conundrum I am now facing. Also, I'm back from my trip, that was emotionally taxing I'll tell you that.


Had news about a death in the family and it's close to home (fuck cancer man). I may not be as active as normal, if only for a few days, though while travelling to and fro I may be about on discord. See you all soon. Much love <3


Half-animal anime girls are always so adorable for some reason... I wish I was sorry.


Got to talking about Oxenfree tonight, one of my favourite games of all time and the best game of 2016 (fuck you, fight me, but don't fight me for I am meek and cuddly).


Not to be a negative nancy, but how did Cyberpunk 2077 blow so many people away at E3? It looked almost exactly as I expected it to, that is, like a polished version of other FP-RPG's. It was good but not as good as everyone's reaction led me to believe.


So, now that we have seen Cyberpunk 2077, what game in 2019 is the one you're most looking forward to? Mine is Inmost, a game I only found out about two days ago and is now prioritised above every game coming out. A close second is definitely Afterparty.


Season 1 is done. Apparently it gets worse. Hard to believe yet kind of a shame as this season wasn't all bad.


Inmost comes out next year. This game looks absolutely fantastic and I'm really digging the Lovecraft-vania style they're going for.


I can now sing the intro by heart. I hate myself.


I am halfway through Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. Besides not being incredibly funny and the role of Penny is absolutely abysmal, it isn't as bad as I believed. Trying to stay optimistic.


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