NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online
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Subnautica is coming to PlayStation 4 sometime later this year, thanks to Panic Button (guys behind Warframe Switch Port and Doom Switch Port). If you haven't managed to grab it make sure you do so, easily one of the best survival games on the market.


Been making my way through my "Games as Service" until I get sick of them, in order to justify deleting them. Warframe and The Division were easy, boredom set in after a few hours. Siege proved more difficult but today was finally the day that broke me.


I could totally see Bethesda doing this to be perfectly honest.


I'm currently getting absolutely fucking blathered because my football team appears to not be total shit for once.


Representation of most of my opinions.


I'm not aboard this hype train thank you.


Playing team-oriented multiplayer games on your own is a special form of hell.


We played like shit. We're completely devoid of ideas and certain players don't deserve to be on the pitch in the next round. But we just won on penalties which is almost as good as the 6-1 Panama game.


One of the better uses of this particular meme.


So PUBG has added a Season Pass on top of loot boxes and it still runs in a poorly optimised state despite them shelling out money to sue Epic... Honestly this game winning PC Game of the Year gets more and more disgusting by the month.


And that's God of War done and dusted. A few issues here or there, a rather easy-to-guess story and poor characterisation in certain parts but overall a damn fine game with a lot to love; a solid 8 out of 10 at least.


Watching England play football should be a special form of torture. The relentless chest beating from deluded pundits is just as bad. The team is so disappointingly average.


My personal games that I cannot wait to play within the next few years... Thanks E3 you've killed me.


Today is an awful day. Lost my job, lost my new flat due to losing my job and one of my close friends has now moved to another country. One of those days where life takes without giving. Hope all of you are having a better day!


Dangus is excluded from this as his ability to play through his back-log is stronger than all of us.


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