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The Expanse (also known as "One of the five best TV shows still airing currently) might have finally gotten picked up by Amazon for their streaming service. There is a God after all.


It's the royal wedding bollocks over here today. I hope the groom turns to the cameras before the speeches, rips his shirt off, tears off a priest's head and holds it up while acting out the scene from Gladiator:


I'm sorry, what?! I'm there day one mate.


Flu is just the worst. States of lucidity and able to string sentences together, then states of headaches and blurry visions and a rising temperature. Germs suck.


Today is the day I watch Princess Bride for the first time. Hopefully I like it as much as most others do.


Today is the day I watch Princess Bride for the first time. Hopefully I like it as much as most others do.


A rule for everything in life, whether it be babysitting, making love or telling off a small child: If at first you don't succeed... Try again, but with weapons.


I regret agreeing to this arrangement.


My friend who works in film as a sound designer is amazed at how illiterate I am when it comes to music. Apparently never attempting to listen to Gorrilaz is a criminal offence for an Englishman.


Shade's blog really spoke to me and inspired me a little. Guess it's time to write that Mental Health and Video Games blog I keep putting off. After I finish my CotW Edition of course which will be up tonight


I'm at a loss for words... Kind of shell shocked. As a script writer the way they handled these characters boggles my mind, and making Thanos such a central character really paid off in the grand scheme of things. For now, I can say it is superb fun.


I gotta try the Detroit: Become Human demo. I'm hoping it's as awkwardly terrible as all of Cage's other games.


Halfway through bingeing 'Made in Abyss' while I recover from food poisoning. Really good show, one of the better anime I've seen in some time. The animation alone makes it worth watching.


I just reached THAT part of God of War. Best thing about this game is that there are several "THAT parts" dished out over the course of the narrative.


So the film "You Were Never Really Here" starring Joaquin Phoenix is balls to the wall insanity. It might just be one of the best films I've seen in the past few years. Might review it on here sometime in blog form.


So I'm nearing the six hour mark of God of War. Thoughts so far? Bloody masterful, specifically its use of pacing between puzzles, action and dialogue. Its the definition of a polished game.


My studies have finished for the year, have some free time over summer so I can finally be more active on DToid and in Discord! I've missed actually being able to chat with you crazy cats.


There's nothing worse than being halfway through the writing of a blog and realising you can't structure it properly nor do you have the literary nous to pull it off, meaning you have to abandon it.


I mock Polygon a lot but they sure know what a perfect game looks like.


Been wanting to do a film oriented podcast for a while now. On the one hand, I have a good idea for it and my voice is butter. On the other hand, GM and Dino will murder me for two-timing and also I'm bad enough at the podcast lark as it is.


Right, since personal issues have made GMana and Guerrilla take a back seat, Comments of the Week are in need of at least two new recruits. We have cookies and hookers. Also you get to insult GM. Bumped.


Watching One Punch Man on Netflix and it asks me if I want to skip the intro...


So DinoSir and I need a third person for our podcast to discuss Persona 5. GameManiac doesn't want to play it because he is a bitch. Therefore, we need a guest speaker to come on in his stead. You'd have to be okay with touching butts.


Afterparty just looks so damn good. I kind of wish it was being released this year, but whatever, I can wait. I just wish my boner would go down.


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