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If I die because of this awful heatwave, just know I never strayed from the cause and remained hydrated until the very end.


Just finished the first season of the German show 'Dark.' Quite simply one of the most magnificent pieces of television ever devised. It's a sci-fi thriller show and it is absolutely advised to go in blind. Watch it.


Depressing. But hey, at least BoJack Horseman is finally gonna win an Emmy (seriously it better win an Emmy. Free Churro is one of the best pieces of television I've ever seen).


That Marvel slate looks interesting. Shan Chi (that casting is fantastic), Black Widow, Doctor Strange (At the Mountains of Madness reference will always get me hyped) and Blade (Mahershala Ali is the man) are definitely the standouts.


The Expanse (aka the best sci-fi show on TV) comes back in December and the book it's based on is just amazing. I cannot wait.


Finally finished Stranger Things 3. Not as good as the first, better than the second. The creators seem to have given up on subverting tropes and instead have made this season the most clichéd yet. Solid stuff overall even if it's as shallow as a puddle


Doom Eternal steel book art. It's so beautiful I may have to form a committed relationship with it


Halfway through Stranger Things 3. Meandering at points with a little too much relationship bullshit. Maize field level of corniness too (even by its own standards). Also when did Hopper become such an unlikable asshole? Steve is still best boy.


If I ever discover any of you beautiful people bought something this stupid, I'll personally create an intervention for you.


I can use my Game of the Year lists to validate myself as having good taste. Now, I want to take a moment of your time and talk about why Silent Hill 4 is better than 2


Wrote a thing. Judge my shit taste.


TheLimoMaker's Games of the Year - 2018

Better Late Than Never  It's... Damn it's July and I am only now getting to my game of the year list.Blame school, I certainly do. I've had my final list completed for about three months now but am only now getting around to writ...


A storm blew away 25% of my roof last night. Oof.


November can't come soon enough


I remember when the History Channel used to have halfway decent documentaries.


The bottom one is what I call my partner


Girlfriend commissioned some art of our two favourite Pokémon (mine being Turtwig, hers being Squirtle) to celebrate our graduation from university. It's adorable and I'm super grateful she cares for me as much as she does.


After 52 hours, I think I'm done with Monster Hunter World. I don't have the time necessary to truly understand what makes it tick, especially with nothing in the game to compel me to carry on trying. But nobody can say I didn't give it a fair chance.


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Automachef"A culinary brain teaser"


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite"Quite Dursley-ish"


The Council: Episode 5: Checkmate"This one is dedicated to you, Soulbow"


Super Mario Maker 2"I miss the stylus"


Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


Blazing Chrome"I ran to this Contra affair"


Dr. Mario World"Dr. Feelgood microtransactions"


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retrospect, its not THAT weird to have people look at me


I am actor and i like my profession because i feel happy and enjoy during some of my friends are doing acting work for games but i just like to play video games in my free Zelda is my favorite actor in the game of legend of


I am actor and i like my profession because i feel happy and enjoy during some of my friends are doing acting work for games but i just like to play video games in my free Zelda is my favorite actor in the game of legend of

Riff Raff

Very important post for everyone with Joycon drift problems and paid for a Nintendo will refund you and moving forward all drift problems will be fixed for free!!! Link in Pic

CaimDark Reloaded

A based company used to the anything goes legal system fails to enforce its predatory non-compete clause in Sweden

able to think

Amazon really dropped the Im painting a board of wood for my new TV to sit on so I ordered primer and sandpaper with same day shipping and black paint with next day Both orders are late a day so I have no TV until


For people who owns a Switch: do you still play with your 3DS? If so, why? Do you play it more or less than the Switch?


I just woke up from a sex dream with Valak from The Is that weird?


Keeps me motivated


I saw Avengers: Endgame The exciting parts didnt grab me as much as they did the first time (they seldom do), but I did pick up some of the more subtle That kind of made it more satisfying to watch, I think than even the first



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