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The new Call of Duty game: Terrible spawns, even worse hit detection and an awful map flow thanks to rampant camping. It's certainly a modern CoD game alright.


Afterparty is out 29th October. Yeah boi I be there day one.


Fantastic article on Kotaku about Sports Interactive (developers of the Football Manager PC games) using solely recyclable materials for all physical packing going forward; the case, shrink-wrap etc is all recycled and recyclable. More of this please.


Just got a blue screen crash on Control before I had even selected to start the game, it loaded up, I selected to change some controller options and it crashed. This ... This is going to be a long one.


Ya boy be streaming some Blasphemous. Come for the terrible plays. Stay for the salt. https://www.twitch.tv/thelimomaker


Today was supposed to be the day that I grabbed Borderlands 3, but given the review system and the worrisome technical issues I decided to buy Blasphemous and Control instead. I intend to stream Blasphemous later today so everyone can watch me suffer.


He's had plenty of great roles, but as The Chamberlain in Dark Crystal, Simon Pegg has shown people just how much bloody range he has as an actor. See also the scene in Shaun of the Dead between him and his mum.


Deadly Premonition 2? My emotions are so positive


I haven't played World of Warcraft but this is my experience with FFXIV


My interest in Yakuza 7 dissolved faster than my interest in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Hopefully the new direction isn't a massive hindrance and some people get enjoyment out of it


Vince Gilligan can do no wrong


Moon Knight hype keeps on making me smile


The Moon Knight TV show is something I can't wait for


It still hasn't been confirmed yet so whatevs


Considering getting the Platinum Trophy for The Council and do Patrick proud.


Finally got around to finishing Dark Season 2. Best thing I've seen all year on the small screen.


Playing Days Gone makes me wish I was replaying Troll and I


Dark Season 2 is a show so dense that looking up who plays which character accidentally spoils a major plot twist. It's incredible stuff and, if episodes 7/8 stick the landing, the best show I've seen all year tied with Chernobyl.


If there's anything that can challenge Chernobyl as my 'Show of the Year' ... It's this.


Bought all the DLC for FFXIV to get prepped to jump in... Only for my password to not be retrievable and I am now unable to login to the game at all due to Square Enix having an awful password recovery system. Fuck me right.


This type of heat is like putting the Bowser amiibo up my butt. In theory I thought I'd like it, but now it's just uncomfortable.


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Have a Ravenclawesome birthday!!!!!!!!!

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A lot of people talk a lot of shit about how open, supportive, all-accepting and caring they Theres a lot of performative motherfuckers out there, and theyre making out like bandits because of

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Part 7 is about to come out shortly, but t Parts 4-6 5: 6:


One of the first blogs I ever wrote here was an idea I had for a direct sequel to Links So here is my shameless plug for that blog! Full spoilers for LA contained


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Happy birthday to the unbelievably talented Ravenclaw!



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Happy Birthday to a great person, a dedicated community member and a brill Have a great day Ravenclaw!


Happy Birthday to Ravenclaw! Youve made some wonderful art comissions for me, including this avatar! Have a great day my man, and hope work doesnt stress you out!

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Anyone have any good game time with D:Original Sin 2 on Switch? In particular portable Impressions? I have it on PS4 but having it portable would get me to actually play it more as its a bit hard for me to read the text on my



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