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Hmmmm do I buy Nex Machina, Crash Bandicoot or Wipeout at the end of the month. These truly are first world problems. I shall solve the problem by buying all three and wallowing in my backlog for eternity.


Also, this is a note to all the newbies: Never spill a drop of weird into the QPosts...


Question for a blog: What is your all time favourite game and why? (Maximum of three answers allowed so choose carefully. Anything over three is a bit excessive). Gonna have to try and bump this to get more responses.


Finally decided on my favourite games from E3, can't wait to get my hands on them.


So it's June now, halfway done with 2017. Game of the Year so far for everyone?


I don't think I'll ever beat Persona 5. The Pyramid Dungeon really burnt me out and now that I've got back into the game I can't remember what I was doing and am aimlessly wandering a boring dungeon. It's honestly stressful enough to make me insane.


Title screens can be a work of art in its own right. A combination of interesting visuals and beautiful music can only make you more interested in the game itself. Case in point.


That was a damn fine E3 showing all round tbh, one or two things from each company really overshadowed their respective​ conferences but enough good to make each one passable to good.


Caught up on the Nintendo stream. Will Nintendo get called out for having no footage of two of its massive announcements ? Probably not. Regardless it's nice to know they'll exist in some form eventually for those who want them. Decent showing Nintendo.


Something I didn't pick up on about Beyond Good and Evil 2: Ancel stated that one of the main features will be "an online playground." Oh dear god.


I think a lot of people underestimate how excited I am for the new Dragon Ball Z fighting game. I've ran out of things to explode into (the autocorrect changed "onto" to "into" and I think it works just as well because I'm that happy).


Starting new anime shows, namely: My Hero Academia, HunterXHunter, Haikyuu! and (apparently this is a must) Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure. Hopefully they're all enjoyable since I'm not even looking up their plots.


Almost time for EA's conference, I wonder what will be shown. (Probably sports).


Dragon Ball Fighters... A 2.5D fighting game utilising the characters of Dragon Ball and being made by Arc System Works (creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue). I honestly think I'm in heaven.


Politics giving me a sliver of hope tonight. Looks like I'm going on an anime binge to pass the time to see if we get Obi-Wan Kenobi or Skeletor in charge of the country. Watching Howls Moving Castle for the first time, it's very damn good.


About TheLimoMakerone of us since 6:59 AM on 03.25.2015

Hello there. I'm insane. From England.
I love what you've done to your carpets.

The horror genre means a great deal to me (mainly as they give me excellent ideas on how best to dispose of my ex-girlfriend) and I have expressed my love for the genre in countless blogs which must be especially grating for the other members of Destructoid to read but, eh, f*** it.

I mainly game on the Playstation 4 and you are more than welcome to connect with me on there if you want but, if you're new here, interact with me a bit first because, believe me, I'm an acquired taste.
Well, acquired taste... Wanker.
Tomato, tomato.

As for some of my favourite games, they range from Silent Hill 2, Okami, Deadly Premonition, To the Moon, Undertale, Bloodborne, Bioshock... I will play anything as I find joy in the strangest of places.

I may also be a slight sociopath with a long history of violence against anyone who crosses me. Plus I have a German bodyguard. I call him Hans.

I made one part of that up, have fun guessing which.

Anyhow, if you actually read this (which nobody does anymore), don't ever feel afraid to start a conversation with me in the comments or on discord. I will give anyone the time of day.
So long as you aren't French of course.

Also decided to add my Games of the Year from years past, just because I can't really place my thoughts elsewhere:

2005 - Shadow of the Colossus

2006 - Okami

2007 - BioShock

2008 - Call of Duty World at War

2009 - Batman Arkham Asylum

2010 - Amnesia The Dark Descent

2011 - To the Moon

2012 - Far Cry 3

2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree