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Just found out Paddington is on Netflix. That's my night sorted. I'm so excited for the third film.


There's no way Doc Ock is talking to Holland in that Spider-Man trailer; it's definitely Maguire. I can feel this sort of image being the money shot of the next trailer.


Games that have an underrated soundtrack? Final Fantasy 15 for me, but would love to have more recommendations.


Marvel and Sony seeing all these leaks.


The OnlyFans situation summed up.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. The new job has been treating me well, therapy has been exceptionally helpful, and I'm still writing/gaming in my free time. How's everyone's week been? And what is your Game of the Year so far?


Only main problem with Legends Arceus so far is how barren the world is with meaningful content (like is it Breath of the Wild levels of barren?) That look was a lot better than the initial trailer though. Please be good, Sinnoh is my favourite region.


Somehow an anime Star Wars show looks better than the last live action movie. Some of that animation is just gorgeous.


Man 'Abandoned' is gonna be a shit show if this development history is anything to go by.


Need a wacky sitcom called "Oh Jeff" immediately


Monster Hunter Rise > Monster Hunter World. It's nothing particularly groundbreaking, but Rise has ironed out a lot of my issues with the previous game.


Really great video for all you geographic/architecture nerds out there explaining why we Londoners complain about the heat so much. A large city retains heat, the underground traps heat, our homes trap heat... There is no escape.


Kind of want to give Skyward Sword another try with the recent remaster. I'm feeling forgiving and like games/franchises I dislike (Dead Space/MH/SS/Dragon Quest) deserve a second chance.


My friend gifted me Monster Hunter Rise. Current status.


Suicide Squad (2021) is a fucking blast. It's been a while (Endgame) since a superhero film has had me grinning ear to ear so frequently. I actually cared when characters died too... Amazing what happens when you make them likeable.


It takes a lot for me to clench up at horror films, but rewatching The Descent reminds just how bloody well done it's claustrophobic set pieces are. Caving never appealed to me to start with, but the film just hammers home how horrifying it is to me.


Rain has to returned to England. Normality has resumed, so it's actually cool enough to play some bloody video games. Hope y'all are having a fine weekend.


He's out of line but he's right.


Daddy Denis is going to ravage me with this film.


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