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He's not even out of line. He's right.


If you fancy watching a "murder by words", this was just brutal (and brilliant) to watch


My Siege crew told me to post this, I can only apologise


Godd Noward. Imagine all the mountains you can climb that'll never get a third entry.


Unemployment had bored me senseless that I genuinely enjoy dumb shit like this.


Damn, the new episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier pretty much did exactly what I wanted it to do. Good stuff, solid 9/10 episode.


They're like fucking buses mate. Wait ages for one, and two come one after the other.


Gonna pour one out to my man Paul Ritter. Brilliant in Chernobyl, and felt like that role was the start of a dramatic renaissance of some sort for his career. Bloody shame, and taken too soon. Take me to the infirmary, I'm sad now.


They just rediscovered the supposedly lost USSR Lord of the Rings TV show. Amazing. And horrible. But also amazing.


Life sucks right now personally for sure. But at least I'm not one of the trees that got turned into an Onision book. Gotta take what I can.


Reached the Day 3 area of the Disco Elysium, and this is where I've hit the wall of quest-breaking bugs that have been reported on their Reddit and Twitter page. Seems I'm going to wait until the 1.2 patch in the next couple of days.


The void gets us all eventually.


Popped this in our Siege chat, but thought it was too DToid not to share: My friend gave the Moon emoji teeth.


Modern Warfare writers try to be "apolitical" and Ubisoft doesn't like having politics on their games. Disco Elysium though...


Jumped into Hardcore Mode, where the world hates you even more, and your chance of succeeding is reliant on luck. And your luck is shit. I've fallen in love all over again.


Give me my communist manifesto spreading, "sorry cop" simulating, existential questioning, murder mystery game you bastards. It's 2am. I want to disco.


Damn straight. I need a new entry to this franchise yesterday.


Decided to do the DLC on Control and maybe wrap up the platinum trophy. Load the game up and... Frame rate drops to single digits, collision debris popping in and out of existence, and two crashes during load screens. Jesus Christ man.


All three available episodes done. Oh yeah. Invincible is my jam.


Hope everyone enjoys Rise this weekend, I do wish I could share in the adulation and the pupper-petting. I'll just be here, waiting for my beautiful baby to release on Monday,


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