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This community is amazing and the Mods/Community Managers are absolute God-sends. The amount of moderating you do to keep this community as tight knit and close as it is now is not ever taken for granted. I love you all.


Found Soulbow's weapon in the apocalypse.


Sometimes I am good at video games. But it doesn't count because it's Siege.


If this sticks the landing, it will easily be one of the best series ever put to the small-screen. Yes. Attack on Titan is that good now.


Have left a link in the comments to a great story about a solo Argentinian developer and his hard work paying off by finally getting to release his game on platforms. Added to my wishlist.


Ever since I got back into exercise every day my depression has skyrocketed, my mood has crashed, my anxiety is through the roof and the whole day is ruined. Any DToid gym fanatics experience this post-exercise mood crash?


In line with my previous movie related post, here are eight TV series you can check out whilst being bored at home. I only included "concluded" series so I know they're finished at least and limited myself to eight with twenty honourable mentions.


Eight of my favourite films from last year.


Been trying to find interesting and engaging content on YouTube as of late (makes it easier to write to) and Folding Ideas has a brilliant discussion on the film Contagion.


Been taking a break from gaming for a few days (it's hitting 25 Celsius where I am, so I'm too sweaty to be playing). Been writing my GotY blog, reading and bingeing TV shows on my phone in the garden has been the go-to. Hope you're all staying safe.


Just started reading the Dresden Files. Detective Fantasy series. Pretty cool so far. I'm on book 3. Hopefully it gets a little better as it feels a little rough around the edges but Dresden himself is a really well realised character.


Basically all of this should have been a thing at launch. At this point I'm 99% sure the developers either had no idea how to implement these things or just don't care about evolving the series. Really wish these changes were real man.


For those looking to fill in their AC stuffs.


Cyberpunk's genitalia creator will be great.


And that's Final Fantasy 7 Remake done and dusted. Intrigued as to where they take it next because I loved that they aren't just doing the same story. Besides some awful padding of certain missions, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 9/10.


This is definitely how the pitch to Retro went down.


That last Clone Wars episode was great and the final scene is as close to perfect as scenes get. Filoni should totally do an animated Vader show; his ability to make him emotive in Rebels was brilliant and I'd kill for a whole show about him.


Sam Lloyd. You were a treasure of a human and I'll never forget meeting you at one of my first Conventions. Pleasant, humble and hilarious. Chatted to me for a solid twenty minutes when he didn't have to. Rest in peace. Absolutely gutted.


Watched another video of this gentleman regarding the Chalice Dungeons and it's made me reconsider them and want to explore them at my own pace without gunning for the Queen. Highly recommend.


Huge bug in Doom Eternal: "Content pending installation." My game is fully downloaded; halfway through a level I get booted out because of this bug. Turns out it's common with no patch. Absolutely gross oversight. Only fix is deletion and reinstallation.


Any help with Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be grand. Stuck on the first boss and have died three times already. Can't figure this combat system out and the AI keeps walking up to it to give it pats on the head. Any pointers?


I have a few blog ideas in the works. One is about Persona 5 Royal. Still in a post-game depression stage so am listening to it's soundtrack and it's just amazing how they managed to improve an already legendary soundtrack.


Persona 5 Royal beaten. Better than vanilla. One of the best JRPG's I've ever had the privilege to play. The final boss is fantastic. The ending itself is improved. Already missing those characters. I thought it'd never end... Now I wish it never ended.


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The horror genre means a great deal to me (mainly as they give me excellent ideas on how best to dispose of my ex-girlfriend) and I have expressed my love for the genre in countless blogs which must be especially grating for the other members of Destructoid to read but, eh, f*** it.

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Also decided to add my Games of the Year from years past, just because I can't really place my thoughts elsewhere:

2005 - Shadow of the Colossus

2006 - Okami

2007 - BioShock

2008 - Call of Duty: World at War

2009 - Batman Arkham Asylum

2010 - Nier

2011 - Portal 2

2012 - Spec-Ops: The Line

2013 - The Last of Us

2014 - Valiant Hearts

2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree

2017 - Persona 5