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Bad mental health day. Scrapped all three of my planned blogs after two days or so writing them due to an inability to write anything interesting/engaging. Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


My girlfriend just got introduced to the idea of Yaoi through South Park. Bless her innocent little soul. As an aside, I think the episode in question, 'TweekXCraig' is actually one of the best ones they've done. I'm legitimately surprised I missed it.


Damn son, gotta watch all of The Crown just so I can see Gillian Anderson as Margaret "Voldemort" Thatcher. She will probably give me conflicting feelings of "Gillian is hot yo' but do I really want to bang Thatcher?" She'll crush the role though for sure


Midsommar (2019) directed by Ari Aster


One of the main things I'm worried about with Halo Infinite is the extent of its online GaaS elements. For instance, 343 have seemingly cribbed Destiny's shader Microtransactions for Halo Infinite's multiplayer.


It's 2020 and video games still bring you joy? Pretty cringe bro.


Two weeks of playing Hades, and I have yet to have my first clear. Definitely too hard for me I think, even if it's a lot of fun.


I'm only just now finding out about this and couldn't be happier.


Just call a booty call with a honey bee a "Honey, Nut, Cheerio."


Another minor gripe about Hades: Bullet hell enemies. The game isn't really built for that type of stuff, so when you have multiple enemies that turn the game into a bullet hell, the combat just breaks. Asphodel is the worst offender here.


Didn't get the job I went for the other day. At this rate, it'll probably be a year until I can find something. Just want a break to be honest.


Hadn't listened to any P5S music until now. How does one series have so many absolute bangers.


So I beat the third boss of Hades on my first try, and now can't get past 'em. I think my only hang up with the game is the need for luck to play a factor in your overall build. Went through my last run without a single Deflect upgrade... Yikes.


Just beat the Hydra in Hades on my first encounter. A lot easier than I thought it would be, just gotta cheese it like a Souls boss.


Oh yeah. Hades is real fucking good.


Kicked off my Gaming Spooktober month with a replay of Soma. I forgot just how empty that game makes me feel by the end. Existential horror to the nth degree.


Whilst job hunting, I have been reading/re-reading a tonne of books (a chapter or two per cover letter and application to give my brain a break) and, lately, I've really wanted a Silent Hill-type video game adaptation of "House of Leaves."


Also, instead of picking your favourite SuperGiant game, I'd like to know your favourite part about each one of their releases that you've played. For me it's Bastion's art style, Pyre's characters, and Transistor's music.


This year has been shit. But I've still got Carrion, Hades, The Mario Collection, Cyberpunk 2077, Miles Morales and 13 Sentinels ahead. Then Dune releases next year. 2020 wants me to stop enjoying things? Well fuck 2020. Can't wait for this cool shit.


Plastic skeletons are tacky anyway.


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