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Happy Hanukkah to all those that are celebrating this year (my partner included).


The full sized Lucario plush has the best promotional images.


Just finished Arcane. An absolute blast from start to finish, with FAR better writing than I would have thought before watching. The characters, acting, animation, directing, cinematography... Stupendous. It may be a 9.5/10 only due to music choices.


Rule 236 of DToid: You spoil Endwalker. You die.


I have no attachment to the game it's based on, but Arcane is just really bloody good television I have to say.


Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a fun old time and I'm so happy it's as good as it is. It's nothing particularly original, but is very much the sci-fi Uncharted game I've always wanted a Guardians game to be.


Played a couple of hours of Back 4 Blood. Initial thoughts? Man, I love Left 4 Dead so much


My sister messaged me that she couldn't sleep and asked me for a chill, laid back, light hearted experience, so I gifted her this bad boy on Steam.


Next you'll be saying that Cruel Angel's Thesis is "mid."


I finished the live-action Cowboy Bebop the other day. It is not terrible. I did not hate it. It is easily the best live-action anime Netflix show.


I absolutely adore this edit.


Not gaming related, but found out that one of the best professional wrestlers, Kenny Omega, has been wrestling whilst suffering from vertigo for years. My admiration for his ability has grown even further. That's fucking absurd.


I hope when the trailer drops for Spider-Man on Tuesday, that Marvel reveal they've hired Jake & Logan Paul to play Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Just to watch the world burn.


Big fan of Mario Galaxy; I'm excited to get to other older games I haven't played before.


So I've only played Galaxy for a few hours, but so far, I need it in my veins and stayed up later than I anticipated because I just got hooked on it. Damn good stuff and I can't wait to play more.


Nice "one of my favourite games of all time" a lot of you have there. Be a shame if I were to... Play it for the first time.


I really want the end of the next Spider-Man movie to feature everyone dying except for Harry Osborn. As he stares at Peter's grave, he says: "I'm Harry... Harry Parker." And walks away, taking the Spider-Man mantle for his own.


I have designed this post to specifically anger all six of the other remaining Titanfall fans on DToid.


Alan Wake so far: It's a lot funnier (unintentionally), messier, and poorly written than I remember when I played it at launch. The combat has aged like milk too. Looks real pretty though.


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