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It takes a lot for me to clench up at horror films, but rewatching The Descent reminds just how bloody well done it's claustrophobic set pieces are. Caving never appealed to me to start with, but the film just hammers home how horrifying it is to me.


Rain has to returned to England. Normality has resumed, so it's actually cool enough to play some bloody video games. Hope y'all are having a fine weekend.


He's out of line but he's right.


Daddy Denis is going to ravage me with this film.


Every damn time I think they'll get it right they screw it up.


Sold a lot of games and used the cash to buy some bits that will actually be used. As such, look at the haul.


Doom: BFG (Bezos' Fucking Guns) Edition.


There was one singular thing I wanted from the finale of Loki and it gave me it in spades. Very interested to see whee the MCU goes from here considering... Events.


We had a good run but Italy are going to dismantle us. However, the memes are too good to pass up.


Man that new Switch model is certainly pretty, but it just doesn't really do anything better than the original model where it counts. This would have worked better as an upgrade for the Switch Lite to be honest.


Need some older film recommendations as I'm in the mood for some older stuff (I'm talking 70s backwards), so slap some of your favourites below. The more obscure the better.


What a horrible day to have eyes.


If you had to play one, which would you choose: Sonic Boom or Sonic 06?


It'd be funnier if this wasn't the sort of shit I could seem them pulling.


How's ya week going my fellow gamerz?


New graphics card has been installed and I'm amazed at the difference it makes. Running things on ultra is a joy. Means I can play smoothly with friends, so if anyone wants to co-op or do something multiplayer hit me up. If not just send nudes instead.


Who wants to see the Disney+ Remake of Friends?


Schreier mentioning on Twitter how Breath of the Wild 2 is more likely to be a 2023 release since it's release date right now is "aiming for 2022" with nothing set in stone at all. So basically I got nothing from the Direct which is a shame.


I only got one game out of that presentation, but knowing Breath of the Wild 2 comes out next year is wonderful.


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