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Today is the 1 year anniversary of Sonic Mania! I'm so happy it reignited so many players' love of Sonic and the new Plus release only adds to that. Plus the music is heavenly...


Time to relive the rollercoaster ride of a movie. It's so epic and fun, yet so emotional and painful... Actually, do I really want to watch this again?


It was really hazy and hot this week in my city. Like sitting in a camping pit.


If you haven't already seen it, I HAVE to recommend Mission Impossible: Fallout. The surprise twists, the deadly action, the writing, its all wonderful. Henry Cavill is a beast and Tom Cruise is his usual heroic self. It's a must-see film this summer.


I'm planning to watch two movies in theatres on the same day for the 1st time tomorrow (Teen Titans/Mission Impossible), then work on a short film from Saturday night to Sunday morning.


Aww yeah! Comic-Con is already dropping awesome announcements! I'm more excited for Comic-Con than E3 nowadays.


I'm back! Finally, it's time to get back into the 3DS. (A few other birthday gifts made cameo appearances.)


RIP Steve Ditko. Your work has meant so much to so many people including myself. I'm so glad two of your greatest co-creations met on the big screen this year. It seems kind of fitting. Thank-you for being you.


I'm sorry for being a ghost here. I don't really know what cool or funny things to say here. In positive news, I can now confirm Yakuza 6 is indeed awesome!


It's nice to see how many of #post]my Nintendo Switch predictions from 2016 came true[/URL] following the full reveal of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Fire Emblem Three Houses were the two games I wanted the most from Nintendo so I'm glad I got both and they blew me away. It would've been nice to see a few more 1st party games, but I'm not complaining.


Sony's presentation was more average than last year's (which I liked), but Ghost of Tsushima was gorgeous and Spider-Man, once again, blew me away!


I'm surprised to actually be interested in a game from EA's conference but Sea of Solitude is just grabbing me and not letting go! Honorable mentions to Unravel Two and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (also surprised to be interested in a EA Star Wars game).


R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain. You had a great show that made me want to try making international food. Always sad to hear about these passings similar to Kate Spade recently.


New info on Mega Man 11 and Team Sonic Racing is what I wanted from E3 and they already happened! Now what do I get hyped about (besides Smash and Fire Emblem)? I'm already so excited and that's not even mentioning the Pokémon news.


Today marks ten years since Iron Man released and started the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It was such a phenomenal film when it released and still is. I really wish I could go back and re-experience it.


I played the Yakuza 6 demo and wow... as someone who's been drifting away from games, where has this series been in my life? I definitely want to check this out. Now to find the time and money.


Happy God of War day, everyone!


I went to Best Buy today and a customer asked me what the difference was between an Xbox One S and an Xbox One X even though he knew I didn't work there. For shame, Microsoft, with your confusing names.


Have a great Easter break, everyone. As usual, I'm offline on Good Friday as a sign of respect for the Lord's sacrifice.


Happy Birthday ooktar and FakePlasticTree! I hope your days have been wonderful (or at least pretty good).


Happy 7th anniversary Nintendo 3DS! I love you buddy!


Have a fantastic birthday OnAirFish!


Wow. Smash Bros for Switch announced, playable Octolings in Splatoon 2, WarioWare for 3DS (which I predicted!), etc. What a day, Nintendo.


Farewell to my favorite show currently on TV, Star Wars Rebels. Easily the best part of current Star Wars media and I say that as someone who likes Disney's movies so far.


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