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My copy of Sonic Mania came in yesterday(!), but I'm going to wait with my PC brethren until August 29th to play it.


Sweet music, sharp graphics... the dream is nearly upon us.

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Now that Sonic Mania is out (as well as spoilers) and my Collector's Edition isn't in, I'll be checking out from the gaming world online with my PC brethren. See you all in a few weeks to a month!


*Sees people being positive about Sonic for once thanks to the great Sonic Mania reviews "Yes! Non-fans, jaded fans and current fans alike are happy about Sonic again! Is this real?"


I've posted my most personal blog so far today. Hopefully you guys can take a look. I want to briefly explain how this one came about.


Over time, that idea became led into my issues with gaming as a whole and it's really surprised me how emotional the final product became. Anyway, I hope you guys see where I'm coming from. Thanks as always and have a great day.


I've been planning my latest blog since mid to late 2016. It started out as a blog about lighter games (ex. Animal Crossing) and darker games (ex. Dark Souls) and my interest in the former over the latter.


Gaming Adrift

I've considered myself a fan of video games for most of my life. However, I've felt a serious disconnection from games over the last few years. I've been out of the loop when it comes to the titles most players seem to be engaged with ...


Happy Birthday DanteKinkade and triggerpigking! Have a fantastic day, you two! :D


Happy Birthday Hypno! Thanks for the great editor's note before my 3DS front-paged blog. I appreciated you because we were kind of new here at the same time. I'm being a bit mushy so have a great day!

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My gaming future without the 3DS

[The 3DS was a handheld that I never quite grew as attached to as the Game Boy or the DS, despite its great library of games. For NinjaSpped, though, it's a whole different story. - HypnoCoffin] I love the Nintendo 3DS. I distinctly remembe...


For the people that write blogs, I'm curious. Do you write and post them in one or two days or work on them over a few days/weeks/months? I'm the latter and I was wondering if anyone is in the former group.


Kingdom Hearts III in 2018? Avengers: Infinity War footage details?


So sad to hear Joan Lee, Stan Lee's wife, has passed away. Without her, he won't have co-created the Fantastic Four and many of Marvel's greatest heroes afterwards.


#Musictoid? Perfect! I heard this song on the radio today and I'm hooked.


Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Even these two Canadians are getting along!


I told myself if Nintendo announced an SNES Classic, I'd get it, but the price and availability make me think I won't be getting it. I'm a little sad, but hopeful for an N64 Classic.


Happy Birthday to the game series that made me love playing games in the first place! I was in awe of the spin dash when I played Sonic 2. High five to Ever Oasis launching today as well!


YES! YES! My dream of a 2D Metroid on 3DS FINALLY happened! YESSSSS! Thank-you God! Bless you!


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