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Just in case anyone still thought about buying the Wonderful 101 OST, it will no longer be sold after December 31 this year, so maybe get on that if you're interested https://www.platinumgames.com/official-blog/article/9149


#MagicalGirlMonday Started watching Junketsu no Maria today on Hypno Coffin's recommendation, good stuff. It's about a witch that lives during the Hundred Year War and tries to stop battles when she can, pissing of Heaven in the process. Well worth a look


I shared this in the comments of another QP so far, but while the others are at it might give this track from Alphadeus some more exposure here as well, thanks a lot for doing this!


Catgirl Friday? Onigirl Friday? Why not both? Either way, hope everyone has a great day today and a nice weekend as well!


Was looking for some Halloween-themed magical girls, found Magical Berserker Girl, it's officially a great day now.


Hope everyone's doing well this Friday, enjoy your day and the upcoming weekend!


Consider me sufficiently peer pressured.


Hope everybody here has a great Friday and a better weekend!


A bit late, but for #MyDtoidCrush I have to give it to Hypno Coffin, he's just an attractive gentleman and paragon of virtue and all around swell guy. I say this completely voluntarily and without duress *whispers* Someone send help, please.


Happy (2)B-Day to Nathan as well!


Happy Birthday on this Friday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw, as he requested here's some catgirl Naoto (which I'm glad to provide ;D ) Hope he and everyone else here has a great Friday and a just as good weekend!


If she can't turn everything around her to ashes with a smile on her face, get your magical girl outta here as far as I'm concerned. #MagicalGirlMonday


Just like Fuzunga I have a few tracks to choose from for this, I'll choose the one that got me into listening to more of these remixes for #slamtoid.


Still as cringey as back then, the surprise credits rap from Modern Warfare 1, #BadMusictoid


Destructoid: Also, cats.


Happy Friday everybody!


Still one of my favourite tunes in gaming in general, Bossthemetoid number 2 (quite fittingly so ;D )


Bossthemetoid, eh?


Spent some more time with the Fate Stay/Night VN over the weekend, so have this for MagicalGirlMonday


Been watching a lot of Monogatari lately, so my this Catgirl Friday's entry is from there, have a great Friday and a greater weekend everybody!


Something cute while it's still Catgirl Friday somewhere in the world.


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Pokemon Cafe Mix"I've never wanted to eat a Pokémon more than I do right now"


Iron Man VR"I am...two Move controllers"


The Almost Gone"If these walls could talk"


Goosebumps Dead of Night"Buyer beware, you're in for a scare"


Early Access Among Trees"The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby"


Early Access Torchlight III"More of a side-step than a full sequel"


SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated"That looks like Squidward, in angry mob form"


West of Dead"Stuck in purgatory"


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I deleted Wargroove from my I wasted all afternoon on one level I couldnt beat, I forgot about dinner, and I wasnt even having any It was like chipping away at a


Hey Im unaware of whether or not this has been shared here yet, but Im going to do it Prins, being an excellent person started a recipe swap on the Ill link it in the


Finally beat Great Review blogs upcoming


TLoU 2 a mechanically and aesthetically impressive A shockingly poignant depiction of the ongoing trauma of grief, sadly hindered by clumsy attempts to manipulate the player and subvert Latest AAA victim of its own More to follow


This achieves a decade Back then I could only dream on playing Come 2020, I finally I am now decided to buy an used VITA for P4 Golden on the go, other exclusives, ports and especially:

Funkotrons Finest

Apparently a brain destroying amoeba has been found in That makes a lot of sense


Going to show my girlfriend Fargo from the very Cant wait to experience this fantastic show all over again, with Season 2 being my


Jesus fucking Christ I need something happy to play after beating


Assassins creed Valhalla gameplay has A half hour of And hey its gone as soona s I post it! Either way its out there Im sure, and people will talk about what they


At times, it feels like the best thing to do is lay down in bed and stare at the white (Video



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