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Hope everyone's having a good Friday today with a nice weekend to follow and if it's not too great atm I hope things turn around soon.


Hope everyone's doing fine this Friday, have a great day and a great weekend!


Was shown this earlier today, I know there are a few Warhammer fans around here who might appreciate it too. I also hope everyone's having a great start into the weekend!


Hope everyone's having a good start into the week!


I think this picture sums up my political position pretty well.


Nekro said I should post some power metal as all Germans like it as he said, I find it hard to disprove that assumption personally. #ArbitraryMetalToid


Hope everyone has a good day today and a nice weekend ahead of them!


Seems fitting to use QP 100 for #CommunityShoutOut, all other places online didn't keep me around for 100 regular posts so you folks are doing something right, keep being awesome. One special mention for Hypno Coffin though who is like a brother to me now


#OccamsToid Occams is one of the most unique people I've ever met, his contributions were a big factor why I originally made an account here. So, thank you for getting me out of lurking and making me take part in this great community.


Last CatgirlFriday for the year, hope everyone's having a good day and starts the new year in a good way this weekend, try to blow yourselves up as little as possible!


Panda got me Spelunky for Christmas, no other Community Manager got me anything, so Panda is objectively the best of the lot. She's also a great person I really enjoy talking to, so that helps too I guess. Keep up the good work! #PandaToid


One of the first people I ever much interacted with in an online community offsite. Great times were had in various games and just with talking about whatever. Hope we get some opportunities for that again, love ya buddy #Juic3Toid


Hope everyone's having a good day and a great weekend ahead of them!


The photography feature of FF XV is all over the place and I love it. Sometimes you get great combat or scenery shots, sometimes you get this.


Not been feeling too hot these past few days, hope you all are doing fine though, have a great weekend and of course a great #CatgirlFriday.


Got my copy of Trails of Cold Steel 2 in the mail today, so far it shapes up to be at least just as good as part one, looks like a great weekend will be had with it, hope you all have a good weekend too. Have a ToCS related pic for #CatAndGirlFriday.


Hope everyone's having a good #CatgirlFriday and a good weekend as well in a while^^


Maybe someone around here's qualified for the position, Platinum Games is currently hiring for their localization department.


Hope everyone's having a great day today and that a great weekend follows for you, here's a seasonal entry for #CatgirlFriday.


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Lookie what finally arrived in the mail today! Cant wait to


If a portal to another world suddenly appeared before you, would you step through it?


No customers today :( I played a few games but kinda hard to start anything w/ Outer Worlds a couple days Rewatching last 2 seasons of Breaking Bad, only seen them Saw the first three seasons 3 times, but somewhat forget the


Current Status:


Linktober 22 prompt was Ok I drew koroks earlier but I really wanted to draw Saria today and shes kinda a Korok


Ring-Fit Adventure is a huge step up over Fitness Feels nice to get fuller feeling workouts from it, but man this mightve challenged me even back in my Track Its tough but rewarding honestly


Before the hunt!!

able to think

I just ate an entire medium I am immensely disappointed with


Its getting close to Halloween and Im on a Ghostbusters Its the perfect time to review Ghostbusters: The Video Game


Well my dads mother is on her death bed been given at most 24-48 hours left to Its going to be really hard on my Losing his dog of 18 years other stuff and now She has dementia so she really isnt fully there we all have been expectingit



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