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Happy birthday Flanx, have a great day, still got a question though: Singapore Cop 2099 when? Anyway, celebrate the day man!


Happy birthday to Chris and Scruff, hope you both have a great day!


Hope everyone's finishing this week off well and that there's a nice weekend ahead for you folks, also to quote a fellow community member: "F R I D A Y"


Forget Friendsposting, this is the true thing Torchman hates, time to bring out the big guns.


Torchman and Bass both were overjoyed when the Astros won, thinking the Friends were defeated, but suddenly from behind them... #HailFriends


Actual footage of me without a Switch while everyone's playing Mario. Still hope everyone's having a good time with it and have a great weekend everybody^^


Thought this 2B plush could be something a few Dtoiders might be interested in https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/461450/nier-automata-mini-plush-2b


As per agreement with Bass, in parallel to MakiMonday, MageMonday (I also really should continue Danganronpa).


While talking on Discord earlier, I realized I have already been on this site for over two years, time flies. This is a pretty special place for me full of great people, not to mention I met my best friend here. Here's to all you crazy bastards.


Happy Birthday Tohsaka, have a good one!


#OPtoid is sorely lacking in Monogatari so far, gonna fix that.


Happy Birthday GajKnight, may this day be filled with tea and crumpets aplenty for you.


Hope everyone's having a good Friday today and that you'll enjoy the coming weekend. I like RiffRaff's idea of another #Cutetoid, so here you go.


Happy Birthday to Hypno, have a great day! Never imagined I'd find my best friend on this website <3 Enjoy your day!


Seems there's been some going-ons while I was asleep that got people a bit fired up. No matter where you stay on the matter let's try to be civil and not drag this out. Anyway, enjoy your Friday and soon your weekend folks!


Hope everyone's having a good days so far and that you'll have a nice weekend. Have a gif of a duck feeding some fish for no particular reason.


Hope everyone's doing well today and has a relaxed weekend ahead of them. :)


Hopefully everyone's having a good day today and a nice weekend ahead of them!


Fanart Friday is something I can get behind.


Hope everyone's having a nice day today and tha there's a good weeking ahead of you!


Found the Occams Fortunetelling set.


Hope everyone's having a good Friday today with a nice weekend to follow and if it's not too great atm I hope things turn around soon.


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*3Folks our boy Xeo is going through some His whole family If we can save one Dtoiders house this month we can save Lets band together and give this lovely family some damn After years of bs, and medical Deets in comments


When you paint a miniature for the third time and it still looks terrible:


So I apparently now work for the LARGEST leading company of insulation fabricators/distributors in Definitely lucked out

Cygnus Rush 961

Was messing around on Forza Horizon 4 and got a Cadillac limo via the Auction First thing I decided to do was fling it off the highest cliff to show my absolute disgust towards The Orange


This will be the best 2 1/2 minutes of your


is using

Riff Raff

Another one down! Just finished Baldurs Gate What a game and it makes me so sad what EA has done to Making great progress on my gamer vacation! 3 days of it Should be able to finish FE 3 Houses and Ultimate Alliance 3 by


Is anyone else finding it impossible to add comments to the QPosts right now? Edit: Of course a minute after I post this it starts working! XD


I dont get

Anthony Marzano

New theme is the worst one theyve put out yet but it didnt stop me from stomping the top



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