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So if I have never played any Smash Bros. games and generally do not like fighting games would you say it is still worth me checking the game out?


Bloodstained has been delayed till 2019.... Should have seen it coming and I cannot lie I am a little disappointed... but if they get it right I will be OK with the delay (not that I have a choice XD).


Cannot wait for the release of Dead Cells I've had it on my radar for the longest time. Can anyone that's played it comment if it's as addictive as Binding of Isaac?


OK wow so that was really all from E3 this year yikes it was super disappointing. There were absolutely no bombshells...


mEh 3 Well so far not super impressed E3. Nothing made me super excited. Xbox had the better showing, but not enough to make me want to run out and buy one. PS4 had a boring show with the only surprises being Nioh 2 and control. Hope Nin brings the pai


Physical copy of Owlboy for Switch is finally out and on it's way to my house :D


Whelp just got notification that Bloodstained: CotM free codes will be delayed for all console backers... this just blows. Sorry but we should be top priority as backers (all backers)...


Tonight is retro game night at my place currently playing Super Castlevania


Ok so I'm playing Earthbound on the mini snes for the first time and I just got this new ability and the 12yr old in me could help but die laughing... Nothing like the power of pussy to destroy your enemies XD


SWEET BABY JESUS! I finally scored a SNES Classic... Gamestop has them for sell on their site right now. I seriously thought I would never get one.


I have been playing this gem all day long. Still one of the best action RPGs ever made. If for some reason you don't know of Alundra you're doing yourself a disservice.


Geez... these next few months are going to put a serious hurt on my wallet with all the games coming out. I want the Burnout remaster, DMC HD collection, & Darksouls remaster. I am also tempted by the Kirby game & Yakuza 6. This gen has been crazy.


Just won the Fall Flat contest thanks Dtoid!!! Super stoked to play the game!


Anyone plan on playing the upcoming MMO Tera for PS4? If so I would like to try and get a group of Dtoid users. If any one is interested PM me with your PSN ID so I know whom to add to my friends list. My PSN ID is Davsonamission....


Bayonetta 2 is so fucking good... I can't stop playing it!


Does anyone live stream on Twitch? If so I would love to know your channel so I can start following some good streams.


Considering doing a PSVR Twitch live stream for the first time tonight, but I have never made any YT videos or ever streamed anything in my life. Any tips... as if anyone will actually be there to watch it XD...


LMFAO! are you freaking serious?? There is a sucker born every minute... XD


Bored, alone, rocking out, and fucked up... Oh and drawing XD


Played the Octopath Traveler demo last night what a badass game. The break combat system is really interesting and surprisingly deep especially when you add in the second party member. I cannot wait for the full game to come out


Just saw Dragon's Dogma remaster is coming out on October 3rd I am soooo stoked I loved that game last gen


Dissecting my LG G4 because of a freaking bootloop not what I call fun >:(


Waifu Wednesday.... OK so I am a freak XD (Chaos Witch Quelaag DS1) this does count right?


FFXIV Update - Finally hit level 30 with my Marauder last night and now begins the cross class Pugilist to eventually get my Warrior.


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