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I have been playing some Rocket League and sometimes, just sometimes I don't flat out suck. Sometimes.


When I was a teen, my main trash talk was "I'll jig on your face" Because I am a giant nerdy dork. Only ever used it like 2 or 3 times though because I stayed out of trouble, because I'm a good boy. *wags*


I decided to grab the Wolfenstein II special. Comes with a BJ action figure, lots of toy guns and a few other things. It is pretty damn cool and with the fact I missed the AC Origins and the SoM Dragon one I thought this would be still nice to have.


I'm still waiting for a Night in the Woods vinyl. Because I really really really really really really want one.


My Obsessions TV - LOST. Videogames - Night In The Woods. Books - House of Leaves. Movies - Saw series (shut up) Cartoons - Lets just go with the 90's Bands - Depends on mood so Cake or Panic! At The Disco (shut up again) RL - My Boyfriend (I'm a dork)


I'm feeling like just reinstalling Lego Avengers at this point because each time I try to redownload half the dlc, it still never shows up in game for me. Namely Masters of Evil, New Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, so strange/annoying. Walk time first.


#FurryFriday part skunk and part wolf. All cute. Also I have a thing for skunks because my mate is a skunk :3


Hahaha oh God, turns out you can't please crazy people, turns out a well known crazy person is pissed off at the new doctor because they aren't trans or black and saying things like Doctor Who isn't inclusive. You know the most inclusive show ever made.


So this is how someone gets lots of jobs? right? ...right?? Oh crap...


New Doom update, ok that's fine, more DOOM trophies, that's ok I guess, annoying. The fact one makes you need to get all the multiplayer ruins is kind of annoying and tedious sound. But so unfair, need to reinstall a massive game for three trophies. TT%20


I just want to say that I can't wait until The Last Night comes out, it looks so pretty and amazing. Not to mention a very interesting sound plot. I just wish it came out on computers sooner then I could play it at my boyfriends with him. So cool/pretty.


Last night I reached a pretty good platinum amount over all, 300 platinum trophies in total. I'm looking at you next 699... or something like that. Now just to finish off the dlc and move onto Rocket League and a single player game.


The second best anime out there after King of the Hill, Golden Girls.


Welp even though I shouldn't be spending money on cool things, I have been. To show how much of a giant Assassin's Creed fanboy I am, I ended up buying one of the Apples of Eden. Now just need to test it out.


Funniest fucking thing I have seen in a long time, almost makes me want to find the article so I can laugh at them.


Finally started to watch Republic of Doyle, such a great series. Funny,some good cases and every episode has at least one big Canadian star in it. So if you like PI shows that aren't 100% serious should check it out boyos. Also Private Eyes is good.


Fun/strange fact if it wasn't for Destructoid I wouldn't have known that brushing someone elses teeth was a thing, and that would have been sad, because that is one of the things my boyfriend is looking forward to. Getting his teeth brushed by me. :3


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