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I know there are Humans out there Zorlax, I'm sure they are real, it's a cover-up!


I ended up shoveling the drive way around 5 times today because it kept snowing and I didn't want to have to shovel up a bunch of packed down snow. Final time when it stopped snowing I got to do it in my t-shirt at least.


Random fact: I wouldn't think twice about yiffing Bubsy, playing his new game on the other hand...


Finnnnnallly got around to playing Contrast, good game and from the looks of the credits also Canadian made. :3


I reached one of my random goals. 5000 silver trophies. I am a super nerd, with no social life what so ever! Be in awe of my greatness, that or pity the fuck out of me, or both. Your call. >_> Also Resi 7 dlc was great, kind of sad jacks 55th had no vr.


Things I want to do just because people keep telling everyone not to. Give Black Panther the lowest score possible. I haven't seen it and it is probably a good movie, but with how much everyone is saying not to, it really makes me want to.


Ahhh RE:B I knew that jump scare was going to happen because it was obvious..... but in VR well you just made me scream at my tv. Also having a crazy guy ramble in my face causes me to swear at him and tell him off.


Dancelike no one is watching, Ignore the camera, Ignore the camera, I SAID DANCE! Dance for me!


Can you feel that olympic spirit? Or is that just more cocks?


Welp I did it beat the up vr horror, Resi in vr yup.... I'm not stalling, you're staling! what that too makes sense! ummmmmm I'm not a chicken *cries*


The new Amazon Echo: Poppy Edition, It's not creepy at all and has many uses like...... being creepy and possibly not murdering you as you sleep.


Are you in a relationship with a horse? Here are some important signs to look for!


My camera sucks, so here is what it says on the Poppy shirt for what it is made of, ect.99% MAD 1% DECENT. Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry cold. do not bleach. Potato. Do not dry clean.


Random strange fact/shame: When I was just a cub I had a mullet, yup business up front and a party in the back. To be fair I only had it till I was like 11 or so.


I currently have three RE Umbrella shirts because I am a giant nerd and want to have back ups for when the first one goes through wear and tear. I wish I bought a few in medium as well because still trying to loose weight, key word trying.


I just watched the third? Cloverfield movie on netflix, Paradox. And it's what you would think of an average movie in a series that feels more like a tie in movie or origin story then anything. not bad, but not good. pretty much weird stuff in space.


Hahahaha, wow just wow. There are Idiots and then there are Idiots.


Is it just me or do you find albinos to be really fucking sexy? .......just me then huh? *whistles and backs away slowly*


I'm playing Citizens of Earth again, for two reasons it is a fun little RPG. The second reason is putting off playing Biohazard with the PSVR. I love and hate horror so much at the same time.


Some random pics of neat stuff I have, more inside and all. Up top some crate pins, Fallout mouse pad and a wuff (wolf) cup I got from Yellowstone awhile back. Because wolves are the best <3


About Dante Kinkadeone of us since 7:34 AM on 02.01.2015

My name is Dante Kinkade and I'm a gay furry nerdy freaky strange weird pervy ass gamer. Nice to meet you. :3 Wait don't run.... they always run D:
But seriously over all I am a nice guy/wolf, I mostly was into JRPG games when they where good, now I am into well anything I find fun or that has a good story and well done characters.

Various things I fan boy over LOST, Final Fantasy games for the most part, Night in the Woods, LOST, House of Leaves, Old school rpgs, Canadian tv shows, movies and cartoons, Twin Peaks, Assassin's Creed series, SaW series, Fringe. Well lots of other things too.