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Wow I am currently ranked 7 in the global survival board on Tesla vs Lovecraft.


I really hope to see the next RE game be about the new Umbrella and Chris. Also people in that world need to stop valuing insanity over scientific knowledge when putting people in charge of projects, even more so when they start murdering your own team.


Holly crap I need this game in my life. Tesla vs Lovecraft, twin stick shooter by 10 tons where you play as Nikola Tesla (aka one of the coolest and smartest people ever) against the evil Lovecraft and his eldritch abominations.


I wish I had more cash and all with handful of games that came out in the past month or so that I would rather not wait on. Namely the inpatient with how much I love the world and how great it looks. I want it even more after watching Hollie playing it.


I'm playing the second chapter of the second season of the Telltale Batman series and I'm thinking how great 'John' is and now I'm thinking I really need to stop having a thing for crazies.


Still need to loose lots of weight but I seem to have gained a little extra arm muscle then I did when I was trying for that, not a ton, but still.


The best part about the vr playroom is collecting all the figures and just watching them. It's a mix of cute and pretty cool, also kind of makes me want a bunch of tiny robots.


A bit over two weeks and I still feel sad, ended up getting a second Fallout Bobble Head on Amazon (want them all but that would be pricey as hell) Also got some Jaffa Cakes that will take forever to get here. I do love British sweets.


After playing vr for several hours really makes one nose more noticeable.


I got the platinum for Knack, will post a pic sooner or latter. :3 yay for getting really rare plats.


I did it, I beat Knack on very hard, now to go for the platinum trophy.


Oh yes Charlotte is releasing something soon, I can't wait.


Thanks for everything Chris and sorry about all your great shows like the Lone Gunmen, MillenniuM and Harsh Realms that got canned far before their time.


According to my PS4 I am now 60% done Knack on very hard mode, I just need to remember to save up enough sun crystal energy for the last boss to use the tornado move on it near the end parts even though I know Im going to die a bunch in the first half.


*Beats the second boss in very hard mode without getting hit* Oh yeah I'm just that damn good. *dies several times in a row in the next stage to bugs*...shut up! >_>


Finally onto the very hard mode of Knack with Diamond Knack....yeah this game isn't for kids with how damn hard it is, even with the best form on Viktor's challenge I get one hit killed from time to time. But my aim is to platinum this. 0.5% platinum.


So many pictures to post, too lazy to go through them all right now and put the other pictures I put in another folder though.


*sigh* of course someone as cool as NightMind has a boyfriend. But seriously he has one of the cooler things on Youtube about creepy crap. he is the reason why I know about things like DOn't Hug Me I'm Scared and Poppy and various other things.


I made sure to be waiting today and got my second fallout package. Some really cool stuff like the sunglasses with perception +1 I also got the rare pin this time. :3 I was waiting at the door for the guy with the package. Next one will have m shirt size.


Listening to stuff on Youtube and going through Knack levels and resetting now, I got 4 diamonds on my own, but I do not want to do a third hard play through so I keep exiting out over and over to get the last ones I need, lots of running through levels.


One day I'll be happy, but not today.


Things I wonder. is Poppy.Church going to be the next album? what message do you get if you are one of the lucky few that join that site. And most of all (other then where is Mars Argo) is this an ARG as well? it kind of feels like it might be part arg.


My second playthrough on Knack on hard and finally found my first diamond in it, damn these things are very hard to find.


I'm getting ahead of myself but I started to worry when I do loose more weight and hopefully get down to a M again, lots of my clothing would be too big for me, minus wearing around the house so I changed my lootcrate orders to M size. still at 195though.


Finally slowly working off some of the weight I put on at least, 4 pounds in around a week. 16 more to go for my first main goal then 10 more, and then possibly another 10 more depending on how I feel. 160-170 pounds would be nice to be at again.


About Dante Kinkadeone of us since 7:34 AM on 02.01.2015

My name is Dante Kinkade and I'm a gay furry nerdy freaky strange weird pervy ass gamer. Nice to meet you. :3 Wait don't run.... they always run D:
But seriously over all I am a nice guy/wolf, I mostly was into JRPG games when they where good, now I am into well anything I find fun or that has a good story and well done characters.

Various things I fan boy over LOST, Final Fantasy games for the most part, Night in the Woods, LOST, House of Leaves, Old school rpgs, Canadian tv shows, movies and cartoons, Twin Peaks, Assassin's Creed series, SaW series, Fringe. Well lots of other things too.