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I'm catching up on Riverdale and they have a great Twin Peaks, BOB climbing over the couch thing where they redo it but with the Blackhood. They do a nice job Twin Peak stuff in it.


When I see the previews for the movie downside, I wonder how much macro porn there must be in that world, but hey giant cock. Always a good thing.


Oh Murr, time to do some "milking".


Aaaand my bobble head out of the package with my desk and other nerdy things like the collectors boxed set of Alias.


Things I got at a Retro video game store. I also got a Nuka cola shirt but I forgot it at my BF's house, some Zelda socks, too small for me so I gave them away. Some Fallout socks and some Zelda pins. Also heart dice.


I need to stop slacking off and do more of my course stuff, but safety stuff is just so boooooring. That and I just keep getting nervous and thinking I'm not good enough even though the only thing that counts are the finals.


Also speaking of vinyl at one game store I went to there was a Fallout 4 limited edition vinyl pack going for $200, the package looked really cool and my guess it had 3-4 in it or so, but I have no idea. Too pricy, but I still wish I got it.


Yay I have both vinyls sets now, Flower and Uncharted collection. Uncharted Collection has a cool box to house them all in as well. Hopefully I can get Flow, Uncharted 4 and Rocket League down the line. Also any good non Iam8bit videogame vinyl to get?


Yay I just started PREY and of course the first thing I did because it felt like a fun thing to do was to jump into the helicopter blades killing myself. (got a trophy too, yay. :3) (I'm such a whore, and a trophy whore.)


An Ikea ad, an Ikea ad for furries. I also want to cuddle that lion.


Starting episode 9 of the Mist, average plot at best. But hey it is filled to the brim with flat out psychos, murder, body horror, killer insects, mind fucking and things like that and a few good plot twists. One show of a few with a bad first episode.


8 minutes into checking out the tv version of The Mist, and not super shocked at the fact lots of it is super cringe worthy. Namely the fact it feels the need to cram annoying sjw lines into it. But I'm willing to give it a try, even if the movie isbetter


Spongebob Squarepants opening done in the style of an anime.


Fun Fact: I have the hots for Chip, The Cookie Crisp Wolf. He's so cute <3


Society of Virtue. It's pretty fucking funny.


Funfact: When the eclipse was going I was in a sex store in the gay part of the city buying shock/electric based toys. That's the type of wolf I am.


What the fuck me, what the hell is wrong with you... umm me.


Mmmm I do love some big milky knots, yes I do. ;3


Random fact before I sleep. One of the many activities I did on my trip was get black out drunk, followed by telling lots of random strangers who my mate was, followed by puking so hard it came up my nose. So yuppers yay for moderation in drinking.


Looks like Google Translate can translate furry.


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But seriously over all I am a nice guy/wolf, I mostly was into JRPG games when they where good, now I am into well anything I find fun or that has a good story and well done characters.

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