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Yoshi's Crafted World fixes a handful of my biggest issues with the series: no waste of time mini games at the end of levels, bosses are their own stages on the map, you don't have to press down to turn enemies to eggs, and aiming no longer auto moves.


I snapped into a Slim Jim yesterday for the first time in over a decade, and the shriveled condom filled with beach sand and mealy cow ankles has ravaged my insides. It was a joke birthday gift and certainly not edible. Never again Mr. Savage. Never again


Bloodborne Diary Day 2: Summoned some Henriette lady. Killed a lot of tall goth dudes. Ran from some other dudes with electric things. Killed a big girl beast in bandages named Amelia. Used all my Molotovs and throwing knives to do it.


Bloodborne Diary Day 1: Killed a thing on a bridge. Killed a dude in a graveyard. Killed an asshole with a machine gun on a cathedral tower (pushed him off!). Bought an expensive key. I'll see what's behind the door next time!


Decided to finally start Bloodborne. Here we go...


I think I've only ever played the first two Splinter Cell games.... so anyway I just bought them all on Steam whoops...


Should I buy Sekiro or play Bloodborne for the first time?


What's the subtlest way to let everyone know it's my birthday without making it obvious?


Don't put soldering irons near your phone kids. Shit.


So Yoshi's New Island is fine? And it's one of the nicer looking games to turn the 3D on for. Why do people hate this game? It's 100 times better than DS so far. Woolly World still da MVP of course. Wow... I've really done a serious 180 with this series.


Yoshi's Island DS, you started off well enough, but world 4 hit and you totally fell apart. World 5? Some of the worst 2D platforming I've ever seen. Ever. 'New' Island comes tomorrow, so we shall see. In the meantime, Woolly World be my light in the dark


Since I've come around to Yoshi's Island, I decided to take another spin with the YI DS and uh oh this one isn't as bad as I thought it was either... so I guess I'm playing that now. And I just ordered Yoshi's New Island... I guess it's Yoshi Month.


I just now finally finished SMW2: Yoshi's Island. I take back a lot of the bad things I've said about this game over the years... although I still have a lot of issues with it. Oddly enough, I needed to start it on GBA to find the drive to play it.


Which game that already own that Nintendo knows I already own should I use my 30% birthday month discount on?


Let's talk about the 4 different games I was playing today on my day off. Ace Combat 5. Death's Gambit. Dino Crisis 2. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.


Just finished Dino Crisis. I don't know... I wanted a long lost Resident Evil B-side sort of experience and it was definitely that, for better worse. The systems in place were ok, but it didn't have that special something. Should I play 2 now? Or move on?


I think I'm done with Rayman Legends. I beat the 8-bit granny rock stage and whoever designed that level is a sadist. I was a little frustrated with that world actually. Obscuring the players vision is never a good time on top of removing the checkpoints!


Took a left turn yesterday and decided to get back to finishing Silent Hill: Homecoming. It reminded me a lot of Metroid Other M - not a bad game, but a bad Silent Hill game. Also, I got the stupid UFO ending... so thanks YouTube for bailing me out.


I'm maybe halfway through Rayman Legends, but I think I can finally rank all the games in this series accurately: Rayman Origins > Rayman Legends > Rayman 2 > Rayman 3 > Rayman. Legends and Origins is the hard one... maybe they're equal? No... Origins.


2 missions left in Advance Wars and I can't decide if I hate the game or love it. Definitely hate the shitty fog of war though. No question there.


First world of Rayman Legends done. How is this game even better than the last one? (so far). That metal song level... oh my god.


So uh, I think I'm in love with Rayman Origins. Finished the first world... I get the feeling that the difficulty is going to ramp up though, and I might start getting frustrated.


Rayman 3 finished. Not bad. Not as memorable as 2, but not bad. The voice acting was a mistake. So now on to Origins and Legends. Questions about which version to buy in the comments for anyone who's played both.


That's Rayman 2: The Great Escape done! Instant personal classic! It had a few frustrating sections sure, but it was an otherwise joy to play through. Now on to 3!


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