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After MUCH deliberation, I've settled on the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 in Demul. I was gonna do the 3DS version but had second thoughts. I'm really happy I played 1 for the context, and so far I'm loving the game a lot. It's super chill and pretty fun


Playing the original Rayman for the first time. This game is simultaneously amazing and terrible all at once. There are just as many brilliant levels as there are cruel and unfun ones. Just beat the saxophone boss. Probably not gonna go for all the cages.


Sick 4.5 day weekend. I decided to play a lot of games: Air Combat, Ace Combat 3, Pilotwings64, Aerofighters Assault, Chopper Attack. And I just got the AC 2 3DS remake in the mail, and I'm 5 mission in. Notice a trend? Lots of flying. AC7 (and 5) next?


How is Tales of The Abyss for 3DS? I'm thinking of mopping up some of the retail only 3DS games I still haven't played, but was only somewhat interested in, or hadn't considered. I've only played the GameCube one, btw.


Are we not talking about the elephant#80 in the room? Fine. Let's talk about Wes baby, let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all good things on his taco that I see. Let's talk about Wes.


Bird Box was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I hope it takes home all the Razzies. Woof.


Finishing Chrono Trigger has made me more interested in a handheld solution to my PS1 backlog. PSP GO? PSP 3000? PS Vita? Keep in mind, I would absolutely be hacking the thing to play PS1 games not available on PSN. Anyone have any opinions on this?


That's a wrap on my first full playthrough of Chrono Trigger! What a treat! One of my new all time favorites. The last run of 400 bosses near the end was a bit much, but thankfully not too hard. So glad to finally have finished this one.


<3 vxxy <3 Thanks for the game! I love this community. I've been here about 4 years now and it's the only reason I still have any faith in the internet.


Everything I played in 2018 in the comments plus my top... 5? Sure, 5.


I just got to the Ocean Palace in Chrono Trigger. I feel close to the end? This has been on my backlog for years, likely to be finished in a few days!


GBA Update: Got the new glass screen and button set. The glass screen is amazing. The buttons... not so much. Low quality plastic and bad molding left a lot to be desired. Thankfully it's hard to screw up the face buttons so I switched those to black.


The End of Time hub was as far as I had ever gotten in Chrono Trigger, and I just got there in my new playthrough in exactly 4 hours. I guess I hadn't gotten as far as I thought all those years ago? Anyway, here we go into uncharted territory!


I'm doing it. I'm playing Chrono Trigger and finishing it this time! This is without a doubt my biggest white whale next to FFVII (still unfinished). After buying it on PC, and stressing about the decision, I'm still gonna play it on my DS flashcart first


Surgery complete. Sorry brand new GBA... Not sorry. You weren't helping anyone inside that box. Sorry GBA SP that someone probably spilled acetone all over... Your screen lives on. Now I need a new screen protector (whoops, sratches) and a flash cart.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn... Done! What an utterly mediocre game! I can't say the puzzle style dungeons the series is known for were bad, but the RPG part was pretty lackluster. And as usual I'm reminded of why I hate random encounters. I'd still like a 4 tho


Just finished DUSK! What an amazing game (except for the second to last level... fuck that level). I thought it would be a tongue-in-cheek surface level pastiche sort of game... and it was somehow the most unsettling experience I've had in a while! Wow!


17 years new. I'm almost gonna feel bad about modding this thing. Almost.


Just spent $250 on an un-opened, brand new GBA AGB-001 Arctic White. What the fuck is wrong with me? Welp, I guess I'll be cutting this bad boy open and putting one of my AGS-101 backlit screens in it, and then getting an Everdrive. Handheld gaming!!!


Finished Gris: Loved it, recommend it. Bought DUSK. Halfway through: Love it, recommend it! Bought Below: Wish it would launch... wait on it. BallisticNG is finally out: If you love WipEout, it's amazing. Maybe I'll get Obra Dinn if Below is still broken.


Flight delayed one and a half hours? Drink bourbon. Once I gulp this down it's back to waiting at the gate with Golden Sun 3.


Taargus news: Katamari Reroll was, as always, a blast and the PC port is good. Finished it in 2 sittings but might go for 100%. 8 hours into Golden Sun 3 and it's fun when I'm allowed to play, but the dialog is a slog. And of course Smash! SMASH! SMASH!!!


Forget Smash! Katamari Reroll is live on Steam!


Ghost Trick done! Great game! My DS backlog is shrinking: Golden Sun 3 next, then I have the 2 Advance Wars games, the Mega Man Zero, and ZX games, Okamiden, and that Ninja Gaiden game. Unfortunately all but Golden Sun require other series games first...


About halfway through Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and I'm hooked. On chapter 7 of 18 I think, and this has definitely been an great experience so far. Highly recommend! Maybe after this I can finally get Golden Sun 3 off my backlog. In a DS mood lately


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