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Finished Partners In Time - yep, still better than Superstar Saga. Though the ending and final boss dragged on for way to long. Also finished The Messenger last night - what an amazing game! Seriously wonderful! Also, should I EZ Flash Omega? Thoughts?


12 hours into Partners In Time and I've just killed the Thwomp boss - I think it's fair time for a hot take: PiT is better than Superstar Saga. Boom.


I got another Switch dock so I can finally play games in two different rooms in my house. It is a really cool idea! Might run one of them through my table saw though to get rid of the front panel...


Well I wasn't gonna. But since everyone said such nice things about the game. Next up is ordering a copy of Downpour. And finishing Homecoming. Which definitely shows it's cracks as the combat ramps up. Woof. Still not terrible though. I love Silent Hill.


Superstar Saga was such a great game... to stop playing at the last boss and watch the ending on YouTube. So bad. What an awful way to end an honestly underwhelming game. But you know what? I'm a sucker and I'm gonna fire up Partners In Time anyway...


Just marathoned Silent Hill: Origins despite telling myself I was done with the series after 1-4 and P.T... It wasn't bad... definitely looked like, sounded like, played like, and felt like a SH game. Something was still off, but I enjoyed it.


Red Dead Revolver isn't half bad. It can get frustrating, but at the halfway point, I'm definitely enjoying the goofy wild west vibes. I don't think I'll be replaying Redemption, but maybe I'll dust off the PS3 and try the zombie DLC I never got around to


I played P.T. and triggered the trailer and now I'm sad. Wonderful experience! Glad I 'bought' it all those years ago and then jumped through hoops to force it to download to my Pro. Did I mention I'm sad? Oh well.


It only took 14 years, but I finally finished Silent Hill 4. Extremely interesting game, but I'm glad I'm done with the big 4. I don't think I'll be playing anything after 4 but P.T. just for curiosity's sake. Thoughts within...


Silent Hill 1-3 re-plays complete. Just configured 4 for PC (looks like it'll have to stay at 4:3 res, oh well), and I'm ready to finally dive into this one and finish it after 14 years and several failed attempts.


Silent Hill 3 is way more terrifying than I remember.


I'm working on a Powerpoint presentation about my video games because I have to give a talk to a college class tomorrow and it's making me want to write that blog here that I always talk about one day writing... but that I'll never get around to.


2 Octobers ago I did a series run of Castlevania, last year it was Metroid, this year I'm thinking Silent Hill. I've only ever finished 1-3. Started 4 plenty of times, and have no idea what horrors await me after that.


So Mandy is my new favorite movie ever.


Should I buy DQ XI right now on Steam in a drunken fit of stupidity? Or be a patient boy and wait for the Switch version? GO.


I'm here to set the mood for the evening.


Remember this thing? I built it about 2 years ago but I never use it. Which is sad. I just had the idea to put one of my extra Raspberry Pi 3b+ units in it and run RetroPie as well as add a Power/HDMI/USB passthrough. Maybe I'll use it more this way?


I think this is the first and last time I make a touch screen game. The Raspberry Pi couldn't handle it for some reason (runs at 14fps..), the touch screen required a hack to work, and now I have to hide a Windows laptop under a pedestal! Don't do art.


I'm so glad I 'bought' P.T. through the PSN website back before I ever had a PS4. Just did the trick to download it by setting up my PC as a proxy server. This should be fun!


Back in nasty New England. Ask me anything.


I'm in the dirty south. Ask me anything.


On that day. The day of the incident... Did anyone here see a black car?


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